Statehouse Headliners: House bills would set up gender-segregated school facilities for ‘transgender’ students, turn prisons into mental health clinics

By Guy Page

Bills that would ban the use of “eminent domain” seizure of land for natural gas pipelines, further decriminalize the consumption of mind-altering drugs, and allow transgender students to declare their identity for access to gender-separated school facilities were introduced into the Vermont House of Representatives earlier this month.

Not all these bills are destined to become law. After a bill is introduced into the Vermont House of Representatives, it is reviewed by at least one standing House committee. A bill becomes state law only if it is approved by that committee, and then is successfully passed through the House and Senate and is not successfully vetoed by the governor.

If the bills listed below become law, they would:

H.158 Set standards for care of domestic pets, ban euthanasia by gas. Rep. Walz.
H.173 Clarify State’s grant acceptance process. Rep. Ancel.
H.188 Amend law re: captive insurance companies, risk retention. Rep. Marcotte, others.
H.182 Study transition of Corrections into mental health rehabilition system. Rep. Cina, others.


H.194 Expand early childcare funding and service, incentivize early childhood education. Rep. Yacavone, others.
H.193 Fund education for Americorps members
H.186 State Board of Education may adjust supervisory union boundaries and discontinue supervisory unions. Rep. Till.
H.185 Give transgender students access to gender-segregated school programs, activities, and facilities consistent with individual’s gender identity. Rep. Cina, others.
H.172 Allow town boards in merging school districts to interview candidates for teaching and school principal positions, recommend hires
H.170  Require community service as high school graduation requirement by 2025-26. Rep. Masland.
H.164  Make Election Day a public school holiday. Rep. Grad, others.

Energy & Telecom-related:

H.191 Clarify Public Utility Commission, Dept. Public Service don’t have jurisdiction over companies just for having electric vehicle charging stations. Reps. Sullivan, McCarthy, White, Burke.
H.175  Prohibit utilities from using eminent domain for fossil fuel infrastructure. Rep. Cordes.
H.160 Support more broadband deployment. Rep. Sibilia.
H.157 Adopts minimum security standards for sale of internet-connected devices. Rep. Rachelson, others.
H.155  Lets only 100% renewable utilities keep Standard Offer (solar subsidies, etc.) exemption. Rep. Yantachka.


H.192 Governor, not legislature, appoints National Guard Adjutant General. Make military retirement pay tax-exempt. Rep. Canfield, others.
H.196 Tax and regulate cultivation and retail sale of marijuana. Rep. Young, others.
H.167 Require fireworks purchaser to show permit at POS, and prohibit fireworks after 10 pm. Rep. Shaw, others.
H.179 Deposit State funds into credit unions and conduct State financial activities with local financial institutions. Rep. Cina, others.
H.163 Require State agencies to have policy on consumer data storage. Rep. Fagan.

Health Care-related:

H.181  Provide State Auditor with accountable care organization records. Rep. Donahue
H.169  Prohibit managing mental health insurance benefits separate from other health insurance. Rep. Donahue
H.153  Ban preexisting condition exclusions in major health care plans. Rep. Cina.
H.152 Design income-sensitized health insurance premiums. Rep. Cina
H.195 Require restaurants to serve healthy kids’ meals, establishes legislative sugary drinks working group, appropriates $$ for bicycling, pedestrian initiatives. Reps. Wood, McFaun, Till.
H.189 Create Medicaid inflationary rate increases for home- and community-based service providers. Rep. Noyes.
H.187  Reimburse agencies for home-delivered meals under Medicaid. Rep. Noyes
H.183 Prohibit involuntary sterilization of individuals with intellectual disability, but permit voluntary decision
H.174 Set limit on prescription of opioids and create private right of lawsuit for excessive prescriptions. Rep. Browning.
H.161 Require hotels and restaurants to train employees to identify and report suspected human trafficking. Rep. L. Sullivan, others.

Drugs & Crime related:

H.184 Convert civil fines to community service in person can’t pay. Rep. Chesnut-Tangerman
H.162  Remove buprenorphine from misdemeanor crime of possession of narcotic. Rep Colburn, others.
H.159 Require 72-hour waiting period for all firearms sales. Rep. Lalonde, others.
H.154  Prohibit State from helping federal government collect electronic and metadata. Rep. Rachelson.
H.151 Limit judicial forfeiture of assets as part of plea bargain, place all proceeds in General Fund. Rep. Rachelson.

More Miscellaneous:

H.190 Study funding and management of state wildlife programs, including better serving Vermonters who don’t hunt, fish or trap. Rep. McCullough, others.
H.171  Pay for water quality work with fees on all real estate, rental properties, and milk and asphalt production. Rep. Till.
H.177 Give state more oversight over warranties, maintenance, disposal of primary batteries. Rep. Yantachka.
H.180 Require municipal approvals for Burlington International Airport noise compatibility programs Rep. Townsend.
H.166 Penalize truck driver for not having GPS indicating he is driving overweight vehicle. Rep. Shaw, others.
H.165 Increase text-while-driving penalty to $500 and five points on license. Rep. Brian Smith, others.
H.178 Exempt recognized Indian tribe property from property taxes. Rep. Cina
H.176 Exempt from VT income tax capital gains from investment in federal Opportunity Zone. Rep. Beck.
H.168 Apply property transfer tax to transfer of corporation holding real property. Rep. Ancel.
H.156 Allow municipality to exempt volunteer firefighters from property tax. Reps. Harrison, Christie and Shaw.

Statehouse Headliners is intended primarily to educate, not advocate. It is e-mailed to an ever-growing list of interested Vermonters, public officials and media. Guy Page is affiliated with the Vermont Energy Partnership; the Vermont Alliance for Ethical Healthcare; and Physicians, Families and Friends for a Better Vermont.


Image courtesy of Bruce Parker/TNR

5 thoughts on “Statehouse Headliners: House bills would set up gender-segregated school facilities for ‘transgender’ students, turn prisons into mental health clinics

  1. More regulation more intrusion more cost and less safe… Sounds about normal for the montpiculiar idjits. the 72hr wait to be able to defend yourself is a slap in the 2nd Amendments face.. If we’re going on the assumption “if it saves one life” then I suggest we get rid of all
    Illegals which have accounted for the deaths of 68,000 American Citizens

  2. ” Make Election Day a public school holiday. Rep. Grad, others.” ANOTHER day off for teachers? Another??? Not to mention that this will make it easier for their little charges to go out and vote exactly what they were taught by their liberal indoctrinators! Children….and they are children….should not be voting.

  3. Guy Page, thanks for pointing out the above list of ” foolishness ” coming out of Montpelier,
    hopefully, people will read the attached list and see what we are dealing with and reconsider
    in the next election …… We deserve better !!

    The State is in Debt, High Taxes, Drug issues, Job concerns and this is what we have to deal
    with …………..Wow, this list is a priority ??

    Wake up Vermont.

  4. Reserve the mental health clinics for Vermont legislators. These people are insane! Now we are going over backwards for transgendered? Transgendered? No Such Thing. Look between your legs; that is what you are. The rest is your messed up brain! You need a shrink; not a dick or a vagina (and they are wearing them on their heads these days, so no operation needed there!). Vermont is a pathetic joke.

  5. They missed a couple–picking nose in public or while driving, and how dare they call Native American property Indian?
    Or chewing gum while driving?
    Smoking while chewing gum?
    Have they outlawed mullets yet?
    Recommending learning to code?
    Memes that make fun of them?

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