Statehouse Headliners: House results give Ds/Ps 102, GOP 43, Independents 5

By Guy Page

The Vermont House Republicans on Election Day lost the ability to sustain a veto by Gov. Phil Scott.

51 votes are needed to sustain a House veto. Democrats won 102 seats. Republicans won 43, down from 53 of the 2017-2018 session when Gov. Scott successfully vetoed a minimum wage increase and paid family leave legislation. Five independents also won election. Therefore, no sustained veto is possible without the collaboration of Republicans and a handful of both independents and Democrats.

The new Republican caucus includes (new members in bold): Harvey Smith, Mary Morrissey, Marcia Martel, Scott Beck, Martha Feltus, Patrick Seymour, Christopher Mattos, John Palasik, Linda Myers, Robert Bancroft, Patrick Brennan, Constance Quimby, Paul Lefebvre, Carl Rosenquist, Casey Toof, Lynn Dickinson, Brian Savage, Marianna Gamache, Joshua Aldrich, James Gregoire, Felisha Leffler, Leland Morgan, Heidi Scheuermann, Rodney Graham, Brian Smith, Lynn Batchelor, Michael Marcotte, Woodman Page, Vicki Strong, Mark Higley, Patricia McCoy, Tom Burditt, William Canfield, Robert Helm, Tom Terenzini, Peter Fagan, Lawrence Cupoli, Butch Shaw, James Harrison, Anne Donahue, Ken Goslant, Robert LaClair, and Topper McFaun.

Incumbent Republicans who ran unsuccessfully for election included Warren Van Wyck, Fred Baser, Brian Keefe, Gary Nolan, David Ainsworth, and Kurt Wright. The only incumbent Democrats to be unseated were Cynthia Weed of Enosburg (by Leffler) and Ben Joseph of Grand Isle (by Morgan).

Click here for complete listing of all House seat winners and losers, including vote totals and percentages.

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Image courtesy of Bruce Parker/TNR

3 thoughts on “Statehouse Headliners: House results give Ds/Ps 102, GOP 43, Independents 5

  1. Will we see an abuse of power now? A veto proof house will render the Governor basically powerless.

  2. If this keeps up eventually all the DEM/Prog/Lib folks in Montpelier will have to tax themselves into the poor house because there won’t be any more other people’s money left to steal.

  3. The state of Vermont has been paying people to move here..

    After this election I think you are going to see a mass Exodus from this state..

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