SOTU guest whose brother was murdered by an illegal reacts to Pelosi ripping up speech

By Jason Hopkins

A guest at the State of the Union address whose brother was killed by an illegal alien said it was heartbreaking to watch House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rip up President Donald Trump’s speech.

Appearing on “Fox and Friends” Wednesday morning, Jody Jones, whose brother was shot and killed by an illegal alien at a California gas station in 2018, recounted how he felt when Pelosi chose to rip up Trump’s speech at the end of the address, calling it “probably the most disrespectful thing I have ever seen in my life.”

“Felt like she ripped our hearts out. All the guests. We couldn’t believe it,” Jones said.

“I don’t care how you feel about somebody. That was probably the most disrespectful thing I have ever seen in my life. Because, when she did that, it just tore us up. We couldn’t believe it,” he continued. It wasn’t lost on the Fox News hosts or Jones that his brother’s name, Rocky Jones, was on that paper.

Trump invited Jody Jones to be one his special guests at Tuesday night’s State of the Union address in Congress. Jones’ brother, Rocky, was shot and killed at a California gas station in 2018 by an illegal alien, and his presence Tuesday night was used to highlight the deadly consequences of sanctuary city policies.

The illegal alien who responsible for killing Rocky had been arrested for a DUI by local California authorities just days before the shooting. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had placed an immigration detainer on the individual, but because of sanctuary policy laws in the state, the detainer was ignored.

Jones asked that the legislation responsible for his brother’s death, SB 54, be abolished, and called on Pelosi to be more respectful.

“First of all, let’s do away with the SB 54. I don’t care how you feel about somebody. Think of other people and the others involved, please. Because what you did was very disrespectful, and it really ripped our hearts out,” Jones said.

During his address, Trump called on lawmakers to support legislation introduced by North Carolina GOP Sen. Thom Tillis, the Justice for Victims of Sanctuary Cities Act, that would allow people like Jones to sue sanctuary cities if a loved one is killed or hurt by such “deadly” policies.

As for Jones, he said this tragedy has affected his family tremendously, but it has not torn them apart.

“We are a pretty tight-knit family,” he said. “It’s really actually made us closer, and with the president inviting us, what an honor that was just to honor our brother and he sure did that.”

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  1. She is the heart of the Socialists in DC and they have no heart, soul, conscious, depend on Conservatives for their existence and shepople that vote for them. Probably couldn’t wait to board her special non-stop US Air Force plane with a fully stocked bar (taxpayer funded) and leave Dodge for the cess pool in the San Fran area-her district. Learned she was an ex mayor.

  2. Every time Pelosi tears into Trump she demonstrates what a sad sack so has lowered herself to. Never was fan, but now she has shown her true colors and they are not pretty. She and the rest of her ilk should be sent home.

  3. The old ***** shows symptoms of rabies. At her stage, it has already infected the brain and there is no cure. Well, at least there’ll be no value lost to see her gone – Until then, see that your vaccinations are up to date.

  4. Shakespearian shakedown much lol

    Has been said ‘all who take up the sword will fall upon the same sword, and, ‘pride goes before a fall’…

    Just like all deranged Trumphaters speaker is consumed by hatred and unhinged rage. Nasty Nancy is undone by own devices and fell upon sword – condition is self inflicted. Selfrighteously invoking the Almighty and prayer is trifling with fate. Handing out celebratory commemorative bullet-shaped pens for a “solemn, prayerful” event displayed egotistical arrogance of a madwoman. Unending venom and vitriole barfed up by the speaker says it all.

    Nancy merely met her match and sat there clearly ruing her foolish gambit which will cost her the speakership. Been said Pelosi is a ‘brilliant tactician’, no, she ‘was’ a tactician but far from brilliant. Blood-thirsty predators do not need brains – nose for blood and sharp teeth work just fine. Pure gamesmanship reliant only upon base instincts is all that is needed for depraved animalistic killers.

    Very stable genius from Queens Donald Trump vastly outmaneuvered her w/o breaking a sweat bc she’s not as smart as he is, or she thinks she is, which is its own brand of blindness.

  5. Nancy Pelosi, what a bitter classless old bag, if you watched her through the entire
    speech, and watched her facial expressions you can see she knows it’s over for her
    regime of leftist goons, and her seat as ” queen of the house ” !!

    The left is in a spiral due to there bitterness towards the President, and their hoax
    of an impeachment.

    DJT acquitted.

  6. The wicked witch of the west and poocity in particular would really like to do that
    with our constitution. The fascist old botox queen needs to retire.

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