Shannara Johnson: How the left is perpetuating the riots, and how we can stop them

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Shannara Johnson, of Morrisville. She is running for state representative for the Lamoille-Washington district.

The protests and riots in the streets of American cities have been raging on for months now, and it seems there is no end in sight. But fact is, there exists a very easy fix — if our leadership were only willing to implement it.

Far-left governors and mayors have decided to stand by and let the riots play out, even going so far as to condone and encourage the perpetrators as they tear down statues, loot stores, vandalize inner cities, and burn down public buildings and churches.

Shannara Johnson

Meanwhile, law-abiding Americans look on in helpless disgust as the revolts keep moving through every state in the country… even tiny, underpopulated ones like Vermont.

Is there nothing we can do? Oh yes, there is.

First, reopen all the schools and colleges right on schedule in the entire United States and force teachers to go back to work or lose their jobs. And force students to go back to school and study extra-hard to make up for lost time. Just by doing that, I bet by the end of August, two-thirds of the protesters would be off the streets. There is a reason teachers unions fight so hard to keep the schools closed, and it’s not just about the “dangers of COVID-19.” In fact, I would contend that the virus is the least of their concerns.

Second, we should reverse the lockdowns nationwide and reopen the U.S. economy completely, without restrictions.

Third, take the Democrat-decreed extra $600 unemployment pay away from everyone who received it. People won’t readily go back to their jobs if they make more money staying home. We must ensure Americans have a strong incentive to go back to work and earn money for a living.

Fourth, offer people who can’t return to their jobs temporary substitutes that will benefit their communities. That could be jobs like pickup and disposal of to-be-composted food scraps, roadside cleanup, driving for Meals on Wheels, grocery shopping for the elderly and infirm, and assistance with light construction work like the filling of potholes. Others could be trained as behavioral interventionists to replace all the laid-off police officers in our cities. Service in the military or National Guard is another option.

Fifth, make sure everybody who is able-bodied has a job. According to the “three strikes you’re out” principle, people who consistently refuse to work will see their benefits being cut off. Put everyone to work who wants to work and provide disincentives for those who don’t.

You see, hard-working people don’t have time to organize riots and plan out complex strategies to turn our inner cities into heaps of rubble and our society into an anarchist hellhole. Hard-working people don’t have the energy to mill around in the middle of night wreaking havoc and causing chaos in the streets.

It’s very simple: Give people something to do and make sure they have a reason to do it.

Unfortunately, our extreme-left U.S. Congress and our ultra-progressive state leadership have their own agenda. They know that for the senseless devastation to continue, they need to do their darndest to keep the economy locked down. Because make no mistake: this “revolution” has nothing to do with black lives and everything to do with the elections. As so many times before, black Americans are being used as pawns in an elaborate game of 3D chess.

If it’s up to the New Radical Left, the riots and severe lockdowns won’t stop until Nov. 4. And that’s only if Biden wins; otherwise, look forward to four more years of chaos.

And that’s the final straw the DNC is counting on: that mortified middle-class America will do anything to make the pain stop. But you better think twice before deciding that these are the people you want running the country.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Tony Webster

25 thoughts on “Shannara Johnson: How the left is perpetuating the riots, and how we can stop them

  1. So sorry you cannot face the reality that that the trail to all of our present problems can be traced to the Democrat Party supported by those who vote under their banner bankrolled by globalist bagmen attempting to overthrow our country.

    All of our Democrat-run cities have become hellholes and cesspools – look at what Chaiman Phil has done to our state and support shown for Marxist ideology and allowing them free reign while muzzling any who oppose and putting them on a very short leash. We shall know them by their fruit – and their masks.

    As we watch our world destroyed by these Communists who stand for everything conservatives oppose I find your priorities astonishingly misplaced – that is if you truly are on the side of rebuilding our nation the way the founders intended, freedom and liberty. You talk a good game but never fail to poster-child your Democrat friends as being the true victims and bash anyone who dares call them out.

    If you really believe there are such a vast number of politically needy neanderthals perhaps you could do some personal outreach to these misunderstood Marxists. However it’s the height of arrogance to expect to change others to fit into your homogenous sanitized worldview. The world does not revolve around us. Expecting others to march to your drumbeat on the quixotic quest of your misguided mission is simply pure folly. Berating everyone who dares to call out the destructive Democrat Party is telling.

      • We agree, but disagree that every democrat is the problem.

        How do you plan on getting democrats to vote for republicans? I’m all for a winning plan in Vermont. What are your thoughts?

        • There is no hard evidence for much of what you say iow it’s anecdotal and I’d like to see a link for your numbers which thus far you’ve failed to provide.

          The party obviously is the main problem however Dems are aligned with it and as such are in thrall to vote the party – so yes a nobrainer they are aiding and abetting and as such a part of the problem.

          If your theory were correct we would see your so-called America-loving Dems and Republicans run as Indy or leave the party that’s destroying our state, nation and world – I did – so can they. They are hardly the helpless wet puppies in the rain you depict.

          You seem to have an agenda as its result is unending poutrage re political climate which like the weather climate – has a life of its own which we cannot change only do our part to influence.

          While I agree that educational malpractice is responsible for indoctrination – hey guess what – here I am to tell of my harrowing ordeal lol and weren’t we all.

          There is enough information if anyone wants to know what’s what. And there is a worldwide awakening and big reveal going on in case ya haven’t noticed. There’s #walkaway and other such movements plus comment sections and platforms *sigh*

          • Reagan had learned during eight years of working at General Electric that if you moved the majority (the voters – not the politicians) the elected officials had to follow them.

        • Stated goal is to create a bipartisan ‘caucus’ this is what your Green Mountain Party was – and is still in existance – so what’s different now
          Green Mountain Party
          A Vermont Political Party
          https://greenmountainparty . com
          There may be some level headed good old-school Dems however they will still vote Dem and there is a huge divide primarily when it comes to Trump. Voting Republican regardless of politics and writein for Keith Stern Indy, w/exception of Auditor who is running as Dem challenger to Hoffer who is a Sanders comrade.

          If you wish to create a soft place for Dems to land – why not include an uncensored discussion platform to your website for the kind-hearted Dems And Republicans.

          • As an added bonus – Under Fair Use can repost VPR, Seven Days and Digger links to stories for discussion.

          • The party does not exist, please do your home work, there is a website, you can not donate, we are no longer recognized by the state

            Last I knew we needed to have more votes than the other side to win. Disparage me all you like.

            Having more votes on one side, be it Republican or Democrat means independents and the other team has to vote for you. The constant down without offering any new plan is nothing new. I’ve gotten this from everyone.

            We also tried to start Citizzzzzen Reports (misspelled on purpose), which is an uncensored news site where people can speak freely, That too wasn’t successful for me.

            We have tried to bring about conservative platforms in the deepest blue part of our state, we were successful with those whom we met and discussed, we only got in front of about 450 people who gave us support to the number of 385 votes.

            One thing we did accomplish was being able to sell and be welcomed by those who voted democrat to vote for a conservative platform. My goal was promote this ability, to which nobody wants to listen to, clearly demonstrated by the commentary. Thought this would be helpful for winning hearts across our state.

            Apparently people would rather fight, not change any language or courtesy…we’ll see at the poles how this plan works in our state.

          • We have offered our research which you’ll find under the news section of the site for anyone to use, we think you will probably find it is the most anti-corruption, true to American ideals and understanding of the broad scope our nation faces. We certainly weren’t the first, people have written books, friends have informed me, people have spent their entire lives for the last 50 years bringing forth the dangers we are now facing, the causes and solution. It is entirely American, entirely conservative and we believe because we did a test run, entirely saleable across our state from people in all parties. We were COMPLETELY shut out from all but this website and even then curbed. They were terrified of our platform, absolutely terrified, it cut to Vermont’s problems that won’t be fixed because they are controlled by the current majority.

            Winning would be a wonderful thing.

          • I did do homework Neil – Green Mountain Party has a donation request on a functioning website – if party does not exist please make this clear. And you’re not being disparaged – no one on TNR does more disparemgent than you so spare me the sanctimonious tearjerk.

            A negative cannot be proven so your blamegame of claiming it’s the party’s difficulties are due to not accepting your solutions which thus far have failed is only an opinion – there is absolutely no proof this is the problem and plenty of proof it isn’t. And we’re staring into a bipartisanship abyss here in VT – how’s that working out Neil?
            Regional Leadership Teams Of Progressives, Democrats & Independents Building Support For Phil Scott As Election Nears
            November 2, 2016 News

            Continue to promote your stated mission of aligning Dems and Republicans which was supposed to be the “something new” that wasn’t – complete failure. Now shapeshifting into a caucus as the solution. Just how do you plan to accomplish this I guess is the real question – since it’s been tried and failed. Browbeating, insulting and shaming is a nonstarter imho.

            Kindly stop accusing ppl of ‘wanting to fight’ each time you are asked to explain your positions – your frequent tirades amount to fighting w/anyone who refuses to accept your line of reasoning and most of all – dares to call you on support for Dems. Results of their goals and related handiwork play out as a collective dumpster fire on our TV screens each day and there here in VT.

            It didn’t work for your party and won’t work bc the ppl you are trying to bring together are diametrically opposed and always have been. We need both parties but really need more Republicans.

          • ‘Campaign for VT’ now ‘Vote for VT’ is still in existance and aligned – I think – with 802 Alliance. So there is hope for forming a caucus but I still don’t think it would work. There are too many splinters for such a small state maybe if you reached out to existing groups something could be started.

  2. It would all be ended, if voters finally realized they have been screwed by the Dem/ Progs for decades.

    Vermonters are among the highest taxed in the US.

    After such a long time, the Dem/Progs feel entitled to their power/control over $6 billion of spending.

    Vermonters have had a near-zero, real-growth PRIVATE SECTOR economy.

    The GOVERNMENT SECTOR IS GROWING FINE, and is becoming a larger part of the Vermont economy.

    That means Vermont is heading towards socialistic government control, a la Communist/Socialist Sanders ( a USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. sympathizer) and his AOC sidekick, a former bartender in New York.

    The Vermont elites running the government sector will use mail-in voting, document-free motor-voting, climate change, BLM, or whatever, to further cement/perpetuate their control.

    They figure there will be lots of federal subsidies to boost their command/control efforts.

    Of course, there would be a lot less subsidies, if Trump were re-elected.

    That is the reason they are doing everything to get rid of Trump, because he upsets their power/control socialistic game plans.

    The US Media, their handmaiden, is helping the Dem/ Progs.

  3. This is not a one time occurrence, this is not idol people causing trouble.

    It was not a coincidence that millions of people protested the inauguration of our president wearing pink hats. This is a concerted effort, that is massively organized and coordinated. I’d disagree vehemently that the prescription you write will make any difference in the forward march of their efforts.

    We have over two generations indoctrinated through our educational system, to the point most people don’t even know the type of government we have. They know nothing of science, they know nothing of religion, they believe what they are fed on their IPhones as the truth.

    We need to work together with a loving heart toward our neighbors, without hatred. We need to expose their lies for what they are, we needn’t call people names, stupid, etc. We need to create a space where American loving democrats and kind hearted conservatives can come together.

    There are many people thinking, this is a crazy train we’re on. My experience is nobody will leave their party, nobody, people outside either party are considered “evil”, spoilers, pick something derogatory and they’ll use it.

    There goal is to create chaos, division and fighting, to which they can come in a quell the unrest, thereby “normalizing” the country. Normalization is a soviet term used to describe a take over of a country. A “cute” term like friendly fire used to down play what is actually going on.

    I don’t have any issue with any of what you describe, but they have the people scared out of their minds, we need to realize where their mindsets are. It, however, is not going to solve the continued march of the united nations brown shirts looking to control everything, to have power and money. Don’t be fooled, this thing is huge.

    • I don’t think I called anyone names in this article. And when I talk about “Democrats,” I usually talk about the leadership, who, I would contend, know EXACTLY what they’re doing. Pelosi, Shumer, DeBlasio, and their cronies would be fine with this country going to hell in a hand basket if it only stopped President Trump from getting reelected. They don’t care in the slightest how many Americans suffer and even die in the process.

      • Didn’t mean to imply you were calling names, it’s generally speaking done by everyone, myself included. They do know what the are doing, the grand organizer of all is working very diligently behind the scenes.

        Power and money is their goal, control of the United States, not freedom.

        My thought being people need a safe place, they need to be recognized as friends, allies, which nobody is doing. How can we bring people together, sadly it seems most people within the current political structure don’t want this, the Rino’s and NWO pimps playing the public like a cheap fiddle, when we’re angry and fearful we are extremely easy to control.

        The two parties need to split. Republicans and Democrats, other wise we’ll never change. The kind hearted conservatives and rino’s need a divorce, same with the American loving democrats and the progressives/socialists, NWO pimps, communists/democratic socialists (yet I repeat myself).

        Then we can have two American loving groups against those who love crony capitalism (rinos’s) and socialism, which are two sides of the same coin.

        People are terrified to leave either party and do everything possible to keep a third party from bringing people together.

        Look at Vermont, we have democrats, good democrats at the top of the Republican ticket, they are good men, Milne and Scott, but they aren’t conservatives by any means. The division and infighting keeps people from winning. The perfect foil for those in control.

        We live in an almost completely subverted state, where saying you love America is almost treasonous, if you question anything the party in control is pushing you will, you will lose your job.

        • I don’t disagree with you. However, I do disagree with your notion that you should vote for the person, not for the party. I know that there are kind-hearted, level-headed Democrats in the legislature, but I also know for a fact that Democrats in the VT House are forced to vote a certain way on issues, or else. They don’t have the freedom to vote their conscience; they must toe the party line no matter what. If they don’t comply, they are being punished. It is not that way for the Republicans. That means the only way to get common sense into VT politics is to vote Republican, indiscriminately. Sorry, I really wish it weren’t that way, but that’s the truth.

          • That isn’t going to happen, as the last 20 years have easily proven. Where would the president be without the conservative caucus? Probably out of office. They work as a group, they are patriots with brains and back bones. Many of the national republicans are worthless for our republic, they are rinos out for making money.

            I would vote for you all day long, every year, every day, every minute.

            If we had a caucus, that vote together, then perhaps we’d break up the hold of rinos and pimps that run our state. I hope the hell you prove me wrong, but most of the people who would make a positive difference in the is state will not get in office. The common person sees no difference say between all the R’s and if they vote, they’ll vote democratic.

            There are so many good people that will only get 30% in the general election, that’s if they make it through the primary. We can’t win on 30%

            Keep doin’ what we’re doin’ and we’ll keep gettin’ what we’re gettin’

            Voting indiscriminately Republican is not a plan for VTGOP victory in this state. We’ll know in couple of months, that’s for sure.

          • Neil – is it really up to anyone to reshuffle and engineer existing political parties – isn’t that up to the party(s)? Once again appear to be attempting to promote your Green Mountain Party ideology bc that’s essentially it’s mission – aligning likeminded Democrats, Republicans and Independents – by using this platform.

            Nobrainer much? And no one needs to do anything except avail selves to inquiring minds and support those running Republican or conservative Indys to the extent possible. And oppose those who are seeking to destroy our state and nation by calling a spade a spade while communicating searchable information that delivers the our message so that anyone undecided can make their choice..

            Those who agree with our message will vote for the ones running to promote the wellbeing and rebuilding of our state and nation. Those who wish to continue on the same path won’t.

          • mr Stardust not sure where you got the promotion of the party which I cannot spell on this website. I’m looking for a path for more votes, while not offending those whom we need all while keeping to ideals, that is all.

            Hopefully the great awakening is here in Vermont.

            Many have chosen to run on the republican ticket, but hold none of its value for a win. Just suggesting perhaps another way. I understand you disagree. We share similar values, hope we get people inoffice.
            I have tried different avenues with little success, but I was able to get many democrats to side with a republican platform, which I thnk is key to winning in Vermont

        • They stand to lose a LOT more Neil – push too hard for too long and what do you think happens when men decide there’s nothing left to lose?

  4. ” I bet by the end of August, two-thirds of the protesters would be off the streets. ”

    I agree with you there Shannara,, groups being arrested at the mostly peaceful riots are showing up to 2/3rds being teachers.. Get them back to work or can them… *I’m actually for canning the lot and starting with new Un-Indoctrinated ones.*

  5. The faster solution is to wrap ever statue in 5 layers of razor wire. If a few who still attack them bleed out, well the rest will learn to not do it.

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