Sen. Randy Brock: ‘The unvaccinated allow the virus to spread’

This commentary is by Sen. Randy Brock, R-Franklin, the minority leader of the Vermont Senate.

If you’re one of the thousands of unvaccinated Americans, I’ve heard all of your reasons: freedom of choice, skepticism, feeling of invincibility, denial, political belief, laziness, distrust of government, safety concerns, procrastination, fear, assorted conspiracy theories, etc.

But, there are other perspectives. Whether or not you get the shot has implications that go beyond just you.

state of Vermont

Senate Minority Leader Randy Brock, R-Franklin

While you can exercise a negative choice, others do not have that luxury: the child too young to receive the shot, the vaccinated senior citizen at risk of break-through infection, the immunocompromised who cannot be vaccinated, to name a few. Your refusal makes you the darling of the virus mutation, the enabler who allows the virus to continue its evolution unchecked.

Your decision decides for others. When you ignore facts, when you discard science, when you rely on quackery, when you act upon social media disinformation, when you allow politics to influence public health policy, you make more than a personal decision.

Vaccination as a means to protect others is not new. In 1777-78, during the most challenging years of the Revolutionary War, General George Washington mandated — I’ll repeat that — mandated that his troops receive an early vaccine against smallpox. He did it, and it worked.  Perhaps, we can speculate that without that mandate there would be no United States of America today.

Legal vaccination mandates have existed in America since 1809, when the first such law was enacted against smallpox. Almost a century later, in 1905 the US Supreme Court upheld a Massachusetts city’s mandatory vaccine law. In that case, the court held that we don’t have a right to place other people at risk. School vaccine mandates were upheld as settled law by a unanimous Supreme Court in 1922.

In the last great epidemic — the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-19 — millions died around the world. In the US, the toll was about 675,000, less than the over 745,000 Americans, who have died of COVID-19 already. Then there was no vaccine. I wish that there had been, and that it could have protected my mother’s father, a young soldier, who died of the disease when my mother was only 5 months old. My mom grew up without a father. Today, young fathers have a choice.

Our world today is so different than just a few decades ago. Then there was neither a debate nor a resistance movement when the new polio vaccine was introduced. I remember, as a child, gladly going to get it. Interestingly, even today, there seems to be little resistance to required school vaccinations for polio, diphtheria, measles, mumps, chicken pox, tetanus and other diseases. Many of these vaccinations have been mandatory for school children for years.

The unvaccinated allow the virus to spread. They continue to lead in the number of those infected. They jeopardize their own lives and the lives of others. They disproportionately occupy hospital beds and ICU’s, blocking out others whose needs they selfishly ignore.

Some argue that this is about personal freedom.

But, what if there is a conflict between freedom of choice and personal responsibility, between exercising a selfish choice and performing a selfless duty?

For over two centuries, millions of Americans have volunteered for military service, accepting the risk of death in combat against the duty to protect our nation. That’s the kind of selfless choice before us. It’s less about government mandates than about calling upon Americans to do what they know is right, moral and responsible.

At some point we must ask ourselves: Don’t we owe a duty to the larger community around us?  Don’t we have an obligation to protect our family, our loved ones, our neighbors, our community, our country? Few of us would turn away from reaching out to help a family member facing peril, but when we refuse vaccination, that’s just what we are doing. Instinctively, we know that as long as the virus remains unchecked, more and more of our world is in jeopardy.

This is where personal responsibility comes in. As a family member, as a neighbor, as a citizen, as a human being — do you have a responsibility to help end COVID-19? And if so, what are you doing about it?

I know that I did at least one thing: I got vaccinated.

Images courtesy of Michael Bielawski/TNR and state of Vermont

86 thoughts on “Sen. Randy Brock: ‘The unvaccinated allow the virus to spread’

  1. I’m sure Mr. Brock is a great politician and fine writer. However, there are so many problems with this essay, it’s clear he has no scientific or medical training. I do not believe politicians should be making medical decisions for their constituents.

    What is more shocking is the fact that our leaders still focus only on vaccination and continue to ignore the failed policies for prevention and early treatment dictated by the CDC. In nations that took science and medicine seriously, they looked closely at these critical issues and developed appropriate techniques. As a result, many nations have reduced their mortality rates to a fraction of what we are still seeing.

    The fact that the CDC is still mandating practically the same treatment regiment that it came out with at the very beginning is gross negligence. Why can’t Mr. Brock start asking questions and get something done about it? It would surly save more lives than this insane push to vaccinate every last person, whether they are at risk or not, with an experimental thing that is arguably faulty.

  2. Going directly to our youth. Chinese Communist Party maiming and murdering our kids. This is criminal kids are not at risk – murder and maiming by any other name is still murder and maiming – all connected to this are murderers and/or aiders and abetters and accessories after the fact *Nuremberg 2.0*:

    Pfizer Tells Kids — Vaccine will give you ‘superpowers’…
    Posted by Kane on November 4, 2021 12:54 pm
    Marketing blitz has begun from Pfizer

    Only…Only? Only?! Wow just wow…*facepalm*
    ***Only*** 42 percent are confident in Covid Vaccine for kids…
    Americans divided on #vaccines for children 5-12 years. Confidence level breaks down as follows:
    48.6% not confident,
    42.2% confident,
    But a partisan divide does exist.
    according to @trafalgar_group & @COSProject #Poll of likely ‘22 voters. See Report:

    — The Trafalgar Group (@trafalgar_group) September 28, 2021

  3. Sister arrived for a visit – haven’t seen her in years. Since entire family minus my wonderful children and a few friends have caved to the Chinese Communist Party could not have a face-to-face as redyellow starred Party flag is abhorrent to me in all iterations. Dealbreakeris fact that the vaccinated are the ones sickened, hospitalized and dying from covid. Sooo, masked or not, if she, fam member she’s staying with, contract Covid – under house-arrest including confinement for up to five days. What if one or all are hospitalized or God forbid – dies, and I’m given a false positive? Frontpaged as mystery super-spreader #999,999 and now on Naziesque VT DOH radar and on the Fema Re-education-Camp list. Lest one thinks this is paranoia – there is offical guidance in CDC for “Shielding Centers” for those at risk which are ‘local’ until they’re not.

    Refuse to sit in presence of fam and friends who demand I – the alleged bag of germ-carrying disease – whose very presence must be protected from wear the DemocratMarxist and hysterical Jim Jones cult member FoolAde code of honor.

    And stand tall as a committed Deplorable as I’m assaulted by the apartheid collective eye-roll as a ‘that’s-her’. This is all to protect the IDs of the cult members which I refuse to do and have ceased doing business with all who demanded masks and will never return.

  4. The good Senator’s electorate-trashing screed is a bit late to the dance however pretty sure the paymasters don’t mind and a tell as to who votes for Randy.

    And…arrives on the heels of massive ‘vaxxine’ injuries so massive VAERS cannot count them fast enough as it takes approx 1/2 hr from profiteering business for each – would need to hire a full-time stenographer however optics are damning. And on record from ten-yea old Harvard/Pilgrim study as only reporting 1%.

    We can safely bet a*ses it’s the same ratio if not worse as the skyrocketing record-setting numbers are vast…and each reporting caregiver is force to look into the injured and dead a little more closely. And happening right here in the VSSR.

    And further bet a*ses that death business is booming. See my sad face as our children and youth rendered sterile o sacrificed to the oven of Moloch on the alter of Depopulation so that the globalists aren’t burdened with a generation of orphans following the holocaust of dead generations of parentgs and grandparents.

    Shame Randy!

  5. A very sad day when leaders – supposedly a voice for We The (little) People turn on us caving to the murderous moneyed interests. Evslin clearly follows the script – and now fellow traveler Senator Brock hiding safely amongst Rino Republcans.

    Interestingly avoids the *fact*, which only cave-dwellers are uninformed. that all three branches of govenment: Executive and families, legislators and fams, judicicial and fams, BFF and loyal vote-trashing USPS Federal employees lol, migrants including illegals are exempt from this wonderful scourge and crime against humanity – the depopulation syringed gas chamber aka as Covid ‘Vax’ lol. Oh, and further above have accews to are treated with that nasty horse-dewormer ivermectin – oh my! Newly discoverd ‘guidance’ from CDC recommends ivermectin for illegals and migrants…hmm…hmm

    Shame Shame Shame Nuremberg 2.0 Hang Em High!

  6. Another gut-punch from Neil Johnson – TNR resident religionist and ‘conservative’ phoney, ever glossing demonic Democrat Marxist position and carrying water for the same – which makes yall a Rino lol.

    Newsflash Neil: ***All*** elections ran for the door voting for we the damned ***Republicans*** suck it up! Personally news from Ms Johnson was elating why? Because I am an American Conservative Patriot that votes the best and only game in town – the party of Lincoln – Republican as opposed to thee the gamma thumbsuckers ever bashing us under the guise of Rinos, and newly minted ‘uiniparty’ -any pique that fits right Mr Johnson while calling me a Rino defender for becoming a party member and defending my party.

    All over our great nation conservative patriots are filling local, school board, and county positions while the losers sat at the back of the classroom launching spitballs wilst continually soft-bashing Ms Ballado and finally got wish – she’s stepping down Neil stand tall little man..

    And, further pls get used to it – and once and for all know this – GMP and its iterations are *dead*. All who won and or ran such as Ms Shannara johnson ran on Donald J Trump MAGA issues
    MAGA MAGA MAGA – Decoding the downfall one facepalm at a time
    Keeping the honest honest – Exposing folly – one loser at a time

  7. If, as Mr. Brock claims, the unvaccinated are responsible for spreading the virus, then could he kindly explain why the Biden administration has effectively stopped protecting our southern border. He must believe the millions of unvaccinated invaders streaming unimpeded across the border and being shipped out to states via air and bus are walking merchants of death. Why no mention of that?

    I would suggest he start his campaign by working to prevent the massive influx of illegal invaders prior to pointing his finger at any American citizen. Ignoring this serious threat to our safety proves his entire commentary is disingenuous.

  8. Senator Brock….we’re all still waiting for your rebuttal to the 67 (at last count) comments to your commentary. The fear mongering over the virus is over and and only the liberal lemmings still believe what you have said.

    • They’re pretty much all jerks to begin with – haughty, pompous and soo self important – power-brokers who serve selves and special interests. Elites are far too superior and simply do not deign to the unwashed – hence pitchforks and torches. They despise us all – we are dead to them until next election – and only considered in terms of vote. Either isn’t running or doesn’t care as politicians have access to *real polls* and only respond as the math dictates.

  9. Sooooooooooooooooo, My question to Randy is: If every person in the world (even just the USA) where to receive this experimental gene therapy (vaccine), would Covid come to an end or would all infections from that point on be “Breakout infections”?
    You do know that the “Vaccine” doesn’t kill the virus, don’t you?
    Think outside of the box and discover what really is going on.

  10. Randy, I guess you’ve been hanging around the Liberals under the ” Golden Doom ”
    too long, you’re starting to sound just like them.

    Randy, follow the science and not an agenda, and maybe pick up a copy of the Constitution
    we can make up our own minds……….

    Oh yeah, I’m not anti-vax, I’m anti mandate without the science !!

  11. Mr. Brock,

    Your opinion is so full of misinformation, contradictions, conflations and confusions, Where does a critical thinking person start?

    First, the Covid Shots are NOT vaccinations. You are conflating shots and vaccinations.
    If you don’t have enough care for the lives of human beings to look at the foundational research to know this, you shouldn’t speak out on the subject.

    The question we all want answered is: Why is the government pushing these Experimental Gene Therapy Shots as vaccines and why is the government ignoring informed consent, natural immunity and ALL of the other proven treatments that work for Covid? $$$$$$$$$

    You can have an opinion Mr. Brock, but you can’t have your own Truth/Facts. It is YOU and those pushing the Experimental, New Technology Covid Shots that are, “ignoring facts and discarding science.”

    If you choose to offer your body and health for the Covid Experiment and you are willing to take chances with the possible consequences of the Covid Shot Gene Therapy, that’s your personal choice. Why are you condemning and demonizing others for having a different personal choice? This is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! OUR CONSTITUTION GIVES US FREEDOM FROM EDICTS AND TYRANNY!

    Many who chose NOT to receive the Experimental Covid Shots, have a view that Covid Shot recipients are the ones spreading more Covid Virus. They believe the Covid Shots allow and encourage mutations of the Original Covid Virus in Shot recipients. The immune systems of Shot recipients do not have resistance to mutated version(s) of Covid. Therefore, they become infected and/or carry and spread the mutated version(s). Many censored and de-platformed scientists and doctors have this view as well.

    If you are supposed to be a good example of a GOP Leader in Vermont, we need to reexamine what we call Republican in Vermont. Do you believe in our Constitutional Republic, Our Founding Principles and Our Individual Freedoms?

    This Opinion Article says YOU DON”T! Thank you for revealing who you REALLY ARE. We are NOW FOREWARNED!

  12. Satan’s army is getting very busy lately. Anyone you think may be on the right side is coming out with teeth gnashing and claws out. They want us dead – they want a lot of us dead.

  13. Any “republican” with so little regard for individual freedom deserves no support from the party.

    • From your lips to a reformation of the VTGOP.

      We know we can’t win on “take Back VERMONT”
      , because, they made it something it wasn’t. We can’t win on Trunp”, he himself would struggle in our state.

      But we can win by appealing to the common man and woman in Vermont. We have to understand what the uniparty is doing, how they have brainwashed our populace.

      Senator Brock, clealy understands what the uniparty wants and is publically stating such so he will be promoted or keep his position. Just like Gov Scott when he declared his private and confidential vote publically for Brandon!

  14. Some people here said, “Are there any real Republicans left in Vermont?” To answer your question, yes, and a lot more are now coming in. The town and county reorganizational meetings (state reorg meeting coming up this Saturday) have swept a new batch of strong conservatives into the various committees. Lamoille County has added three strong pro-life advocates and constitutionalists to its GOP committee in the reorg meeting, and others are coming out of the woodwork. There is hope, I’m happy to say. 🙂

    • Is this this the right question?

      Is this the question that leads us out of this fine mess?

      Does this question aid and abet the uniparty?

      Is this question properly defining the adversary we face in Vermont?

      Does this question properly define the battle?

      Humbly, we need to dig deeper. We need to love our enemy. If we don’t know our enemy we can not love our neighbor? You can get compliance by overpowering force, by financial coercion, by bully tactics, but you can change hearts and minds. Tyrants get compliance. Cancel culture gets compliance.

      It’s not just a philosophical or religious question, it’s immensely practical. How do you win hearts of those whom see you as the enemy? How would they EVER vote for you?

      • TLDR Alert: Not required reading
        We love our enemy by serving in a time of need – not in times of war while following Geneva Conventioned rules of engagement which we can safely bet a*sses our enemy does not which was biblically promoted by our God. And his soldiers are expected to go on offense as well as defense. NewsFlash To Cavedwellers: We are at war

        Further, JC declared he did not come to bring peace but a sword affectionately known as “war” to divide even households which we true conservatives have known for a long, long time and is happening in real-time as we speak. Get real we did not leave them – they left us bc they hate us. Tho Killary said the quiet part out loud – big reveal as to how they think and who. Fighting them in no uncertain terms is backdoor love to unseen enemies who are also in need of discovering the truth.

        The Great Divide in actuality is living proof of the falling of the sword (war) – so yes to my evil neighbor with hood up on roadside, and hot mac&cheese or banana bread if someone dies, extreme smile for Lefist friends and friends of friends – extra politeness to the brainwashed Jim Jones Cult masked prisoners of war, and the additional five miles to the Roman soldier – and firmly entrenched where warriors are expected to be.

        We are not required to do anything JC would not do. He spoke the truth and exposed religious hypocrities even calling them children of Satan, tho I do not feel the terminology is produttive -full disclosure- my ‘thot bubble’ does, sorry not sorry. In Ezek 34 summarily fired religious leaders, vowed to punish and included brethren abusers and tontinues to do so. So yes to the turning of the modern whipcrackers aka money-changer tables and all under their banner, raised voices and serious faces to the owners lol. Our world is owned by God and we are to oppose our enemy.

        Personally do not inject self into situations where I am despised – nor required to do so. We are to avail selves to follow leading even if it is towards our enemy – only the religionists inject scripture to gloss evil, follow and preach message of whipcracking overseer rather than the ‘easy yoke-light burden’.

        Soo, false argument and mischaracterization of ‘love’ as evidenced by JC tale of the Good Samaritan – so tho I pray the biblical prayer that God send confusion in the camp of my enemy, make his way dark and unnavigable, and that he fall into the grave he is digging for Gods ppl such as complete destruction of the DemocratMarxist Party and a rising from the ashes the JFK Dems – until then I’m there lol all the way. 😀

    • Many thanks for encouraging message Ms Johnson despite obligatory trashing of TNR resident-GOP basher. All with a brain know the only way to change the system is to join the system as it most effectively starts from within. As our world descends to a Kafkaesque dystopia message is a bright light in a very dark place.

      These join the nationwide movement o joiners running for the door of DemocratMarxist and enablers Party to the GOP, committees, schoolboards – such as the teacher from MA – fired for refusing something received justice as well as poetic justice by election to shool board lol. GOP is currently not only the best but only game in town as Traditional Dems and Classic Liberals such as Bill Maher trash the obvious insanity of Democrat Party – further, all who vote Dem are part of the problem despite education level. As Obama-strategest put it – its the socialism stupid 😀

  15. History is replete with instances of tyrants justifying their oppressive edicts while citing the responsibilities their victims must assume on their behalf. Mr. Brock’s support for mandated vaccinations is based on false dichotomies and misleading assertions, as has been referenced many times over by those commenting here. That he discounts or ignores the contradictory evidence is his choice. Suffice it to say, others remain skeptical.

    But for anyone to advocate, along with Mr. Brock, the taking away of one’s ability to make a reasonable decision is totalitarian – a cure worse than the disease. And as Mr. Brock and others persist in that despotism, I suspect they will experience the various in-kind reciprocity that occurs whenever ‘mortal’ adversaries confront one another. Therefore, I suggest Mr. Brock and his minions limit their attention in this matter to an advisory capacity… for all of our sakes. At the same time, of course, I hope everyone will agree that Mr. Brock is free to choose his own poison, … a Constitutional Right, if not a sensible courtesy, still afforded to all U.S. citizens.

  16. From The Lancet, October 29, 2021, a paper titled, “Community transmission and viral load kinetics of the SARS-CoV-2 delta (B.1.617.2) variant in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in the UK: a prospective, longitudinal, cohort study.”

    From the paper: “Vaccination reduces the risk of delta variant infection and accelerates viral clearance. Nonetheless, fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts.”

    “Although vaccines remain highly effective at preventing severe disease and deaths from COVID-19, our findings suggest that vaccination is not sufficient to prevent transmission of the delta variant in household settings with prolonged exposures.” That is, in exposure settings that are exactly the same as exposure setting conducive to transmission by unvaccinated individuals.

    Translations: the vaccines do not stop transmission of the Covid-19 virus, period.

    So much for a bogus “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” The solution to Covid-19 is prophylactic treatment with safe, effective drugs that can be taken by virtually anyone. Uttar Pradesh did it. The solution isn’t lockdowns or vaccine passports or ever-more vaccines: that’s the way of insanity. There are so many problems with these vaccines it isn’t funny and the authorities are desperate to spin the heck out of it so that everyone believes that vaccines are the only way. Vermont is seeing increasing cases and deaths not because the vaccine program is an utter failure, but, we’re told, because of the unvaccinated.

    Yes, and I have good land in Florida that’s very cheap and suitable for that dream vacation home with dirt-cheap construction costs.

    They must think we’re really, really stupid.

  17. You, Mr Brock, have lost my and my wife’s support. And, that of as many people as I can convince that you cannot be trusted to properly represent the citizens of Franklin County. Clearly you have drank the kool-aid!

  18. More disinformation from a RINO. Are there no real Republicans left in Vermont?

    VACCINATED PEOPLE SPREAD THE VIRUS AND THEY ARE NOT PROTECTED FROM THE VIRUS BY THE JAB! At this point in the history of the Chinese virus, anyone who still believes what Mr. Brock is saying is a fool. And for him to be stating what is contained in his commentary goes to show how out of touch with reality he is.

    • I know. And then he says the unvaxinated ” jeopardize their own lives and the lives of others. They disproportionately occupy hospital beds and ICU’s, blocking out others whose needs they selfishly ignore.” How dare they get sick! If the vaccine works so well why should a vaccinated person fear the unvaccinated??

      • Now that’s a fair question. What’s your answer Me. Brock? I won’t hold my breath waiting for a reasonable answer!

    • Its also a tried and true tactic/tool of Zersetzung, and targeting of dissidents by the Nazis and the communists…the latter which Saul Alinsky is a well known ‘useful idiot’ for in his day.
      The article isn’t actually talking about humor, its talking about shaming.
      Communists would have you hear ‘ridicule’ than ‘shaming.’
      We are better than ‘shaming.’ Which is what Brock does.
      Satire is what JP Sears does. Its pretty ridiculous sometimes and he shows us how.
      Right beside the shaming tactic is the ‘crazy’ tactic… ‘lunatic’ accusation.
      All tried and true ways to corral and kettle people into their assigned bins for reconstitution in the form as needed by the communists.
      Knowing the difference between ridicule and shaming is key to not being THEM, and being authentically US through right action.
      Satire has long been a tool by all sides to ridicule the other side.
      Know your satires, ridicules, and shaming rules, or be propagandized.

  19. “For over two centuries, millions of Americans have volunteered for military service, accepting the risk of death in combat against the duty to protect our nation. That’s the kind of selfless choice before us.”

    You do know, Senator, that this is the type of argument used by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., to bless forced sterilization in the 1927 Buck v Bell decision?

    We have another excellent option that isn’t dependent on experimental vaccines and mandated medication and doesn’t rely on an utterly botched safety monitoring system to give an illusion of “perfectly safe.” It’s called early treatment with safe and effective drugs.

  20. Not buying what your selling Brock,, using the statement Vaccines are not new is a meaningless statement when this “vaccine” is totally different animal then all previous vaccines.. The mRna which restructures your DNA is not a dose of the bug to get your body use to fighting the bug… It’s not safe for all and doesn’t prevent you getting it, dying from it, or spreading it and it also creates a stronger bug (delta) from using it.
    Maybe political hacks should stick to spending money uselessly and leave the science of medicine to real scientist and Doctors.. and I don’t mean the political cdc or nih.. The real misinformation is coming from hacks like you..

  21. Sorry, I’ll stay part of the control group. (Since Pfizer/Moderna destroyed theirs by vaccinating all their placebo participants post-trial, which is a great way to kill a long-term study.) I’m doing my part for the science the vax companies didn’t finish.

  22. Uniparty shill looking for a promotion.

    Is there anyone left who loves science? America? Freedom?

    We need to purge ourselves, just say no to the uniparty.

  23. I wonder which contribution this letter is attached to.
    Maybe the lobbyist put it this way:
    “Hey Randy! Would you mind writing a letter to the editor that (attacks the unvaccinated) urges people to get vaxxed?” Leaning in.
    “Pssst. We’ll slip you the keys to the Bermuda compound for a weekend plus one. Or there’s a place in Maine if you prefer. Your choice. How ’bout it big boy?”
    But shush. Don’t ask. Don’t tell. Its fascism.
    Do our bidding or you will live in hell.

  24. I believe the risk of taking the shot and having an adverse reaction is a bigger threat than me getting the virus. I believe my immune system antibodies will last longer than the vaccine. I do not believe the vaccine works. All these beliefs are based on scientific data. I have never let politicians or the press dictate my healthcare. I believe your opinion is unscientific and you are the problem.

  25. I will not comply. And after being told to lockdown, stay home, wear a mask, and take a shot, from people I don’t even know or care about, community is not an issue for me anymore. You take care of yourself and I’ll take care of me! Unvaxxed and proud.

  26. Spanish flu vs. Covid: Gross propagandist use of statistics. Our population is three times the 1919 population. To equal Spanish Flue mortality, we would have to have a mortality rate well over two million. Remember that statistics were counting every death as covid if the person had it – even if they died in a motorcycle accident. The Democrats have worked, with significant success, since before the 2016 election, to insure that the American public doesn’t believe a damned thing the government says any more, especially after the thirty million dollar Mueller investigation (for which a number of people should be indicted). There have been numerous reports that the vaccinated are still potential vectors. And I’ve had it. I wasn’t vaccinated; I don’t intend to be vaccinated.

    • There’s actually a very good paper written by Karen Starko that argues that aspirin could have played a large part in Spanish flu deaths. How? Because aspirin was being widely pushed and we had no idea of the pharmacology of aspirin, but it turns out that if you take large doses it leads to watery lungs, and this was widely found in Spanish flu autopsies. People literally took aspirin by the handfuls– they didn’t know any better and the worse they got, they more aspirin they thought they had to take. It’s not wildly off-base to suppose that aspirin might have killed a lot of people that we thought were killed by Spanish flu, which might have actually been just been a normal flu exacerbated by medication.

      • Aspirin being a blood thinner is well suited to help prevent the capillary blood clotting associated with Covid and the shot. It makes sense.

      • Funny(not) Remdisivir is touted as a protocol treatment for the Covid-19 virus.
        It leads to kidney failure which causes the lungs to start filling with fluids, thus exacerbating the inability to breathe. Next step is ventilation, which leads to death more often than not. Reportedly , hospitals are paid a tidy sum for Remdisivir prescipts and even more if intubation is used.

        • and while the president’s advisory board found that hydroxychloroquine to be a successful aid against covid Fauci said they would recommend Remdisivir. Coincidently many on the board had financial interests in the manufacturer.

  27. Mr Brock sounds like a Rhino. So many Vermont “republicans” are just that. We have them in Congress. The CDC refuses to release statistics on overall Covid deaths from vaccines. Wonder why?? I detect something wicked. Vermonters turn away and fight this controlling evil. And it is evil

  28. Randy,
    You sound like Senator Dick McCormack who is also woefully ignorant of the science behind the vaccines. I am also sorry I ever supported your run for governor. So sad that the Vermont Assembly is full of so many intellectual and constitutional weaklings.

  29. President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed led to the quick development of an effective vaccines, which he himself has taken even after getting Covid-19. It has been a triumph of modern science and arguably one of the greatest accomplishment of his administration.
    The ability to sow doubt and spread false information on the internet regarding the vaccines, developed due to the Trump administrations effective action, has been incredibly discouraging and has led to unneeded loss of life and continued disruption of health system and economy.

    Thank you Senator Brock for this commentary, that while all may not agree with it, is an opinion that speaks eloquently to our responsibilty not only for ourselves, but for others and the welfare of this nation we all love.

    • Yeah, Both Biden and Harris said they wouldn’t trust the vaccine(s) because they didn’t trust Trump. But all you libtards genuflected to Saint Fauci who didn’t fund gain of function research.
      Liars all. The U.S. government is the one that brought the Covid-19 epidemic here.

    • if the science and results supported his recommendation then I would support him. The facts show otherwise.

    • Mr. Freitag, history is replete with instances of tyrants justifying their oppressive edicts while citing the responsibilities their victims must assume on their behalf. Mr. Brock’s and your support for mandated vaccinations is based on false dichotomies and misleading assertions, as has been referenced many times over by those commenting here. That you discount or ignore the contradictory evidence is your choice. Suffice it to say, others remain skeptical.

      But for you to advocate, along with Mr. Brock, the taking away of anyone’s ability to make a reasonable decision is tyrannical – a cure worse than the disease. And as you and Mr. Brock persist in that despotism, I suspect you will experience the various in-kind reciprocity that occurs whenever ‘mortal’ adversaries confront one another. Therefore, I suggest you and Mr. Brock limit your attention in this matter to an advisory capacity… for all of our sakes. At the same time, of course, I’m sure everyone will agree that you are free to choose your own poison, as they will do too.

      • I think that you and others may have misread Mr. Brock commentary, which was in fact an advisory piece, in which he made the case that the problem is that this is not simply a decision that affect only ourselves but others as well.

        He suggested that we liken it to the voluntary service of millions of Americans in the armed forces. While he did not mention it in his article, Randy Brock served in the army where he achieved the rank of Captain and saw action in Vietnam where he earned the Bronze Star and Army Commendation Medal. Agree with him or not, he deserves more respect than seen in some of these comments.

        • He will receive no respect from this retired Navy Officer. This arrogant little screed of his certainly seals his political fate, unless he chooses to switch sides – which wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

        • John, the problem is that this decision to go along with the authorities is also affecting everyone else, and now they’re reaching down for our children with these vaccines which, beyond any shadow of doubt, have grossly neglected safety monitoring. There’s not a single hospital in Vermont with a protocol, required and monitored for compliance, for reporting serious adverse events from these vaccines, and the CDC requires reporting serious adverse events from these vaccines. Instead we have reports from all over the country that adverse events are being ignored, and there are many such reports. We have no idea if we’re killing more people from the vaccines than we’re saving, and you may think that’s wild exaggeration but it is not: it may be true that the vaccines are completely safe, but by gross negligence of adverse event data, we simply don’t have a clue about their real safety. The reports from whistleblower doctors and nurses aren’t pretty, as exemplified by one comment on this page from a nurse: ” … what I see coming into the hospital where I am a nurse, tells me not to get the vaccine.”

          If we want everyone to “get on board” then let’s do the safety monitoring. This is just plain common sense. Otherwise why wouldn’t we expect mistrust and suspicion when such a basic condition for ascertaining safety is completely ignored?

          Now OSHA has told use that they’re suspending reporting of adverse events from workplace vaccine mandates because … well, because these vaccines are so safe and adverse events so rare that they don’t want to scare people off, which is, in a nutshell, their justification for doing this. It makes no sense, but it IS another way that adverse events won’t be tracked.

          • Jim,
            Could you provide your sources of information that “There is not a single hospital in Vermont with a protocol required and monitored for compliance, for reporting serious adverse events from these vaccines”.
            Also would be interested in the source that says OSHA is suspending reporting of adverse events for workplace mandates.
            I find it hard to believe that health officials, who have dedicated their life’s work to improving public health, would not want to know tnformation and track instances of adverse affects of the vaccine.
            When potential problems with the J & J vaccine were reported it was immediately halted until a complete invesigation could take place.

          • John,
            On OSHA:


            Regarding hospitals not reporting adverse events, myself and others have made numerous links to whistleblowers stating that adverse events aren’t being reported.

            It’s all a smokescreen, John.

            You might have noticed that I wrote a separate commentary accusing hospitals in Vermont (and the US) of failing to have a mandatory protocol for reporting serious adverse events from the Covid vaccines, as required by the CDC. No one has challenged this. No one has said, look, Jim, you’re wrong, here’s our protocol and here’s what we’re doing to ensure this protocol is followed.

            I know these protocols don’t exist. How do I know? Because of my own experience in the medical field, because of past research on vaccine adverse event reporting, and because of numerous whistleblowers who’ve come forward to say that this reporting is not only not happening, it’s being suppressed. And because we’re now in an era of authoritarian medicine, and the authorities cannot be questioned and no who wants to keep their job will gather data to question the authorities.

            No one will come forward to challenge this with concrete, verifiable evidence. I know this. I know these protocols don’t exist and I know that they know that we know, and they don’t care because it’s all about medical tyranny now. This implicit challenge will be met with silence.

            It’s not as bad as I say it is. It’s worse.

            It’s time to wake up. There are plenty of good, decent people in the medical profession, of course. But their hands are tied: they are doing what they’re told and not asking too many questions, if they want to keep their jobs. Whistleblowers are threatened. Then again, many are true believers who do whatever Tony Fauci tells them to do, but Dr. Fauci is traitor far greater than Benedict Arnold.

            Problems with the J&J vaccine were just to make people think they had a handle on things. They don’t. They’re actively suppressing adverse event reporting, just as they’re actively suppressing early treatment for Covid-19. You can look into that for yourself, and if there’s any one thing that might convince you that something is seriously wrong with our response to Covid, suppression of early treatment is it.

            John, this is so bad you wouldn’t believe it, and that’s why you find it hard to believe it. But it is so bad. This is the truth.

          • Whistleblower exposes multiple issues with Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine trial
            3 Nov, 2021 10:49 / Updated 1 day ago


            “Jackson reveals that Ventavia staff who conducted quality-control checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems they were identifying. She repeatedly informed her superiors of poor laboratory management, and patient safety and data integrity issues.”

        • “For over two centuries, millions of Americans have volunteered for military service, accepting the risk of death in combat against the duty to protect our nation.”

          I was drafted in 1971.

    • If President Trump was in the White House right now, which is where he should be because he really won the 2020 Presidential Election, he would NOT BE MANDATING THIS EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY SHOT.

      Yes, he wanted a remedy for the Covid Virus, but it’s very obvious, President Trump Believes in our United States Constitution and Individual Freedoms!

      The agreed upon basic Principles of Moral, Ethical and Legal concepts for this situation are:

      The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the
      person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to
      be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force,
      fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching,or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and
      should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject
      matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.


  30. Mr. Brock,

    I certainly understand your concern to save lives, and for all of us to do our part; after all, we’re all in this together.

    But let’s take a moment to reflect on what the “this” is that we’re all in together.

    “This” seems to be a complete ignorance of safe and effective medications and protocols that would have undoubtedly saved many thousands, if not tens of thousands, of lives. What’s all the more remarkable about this ignorance is that the proposed drugs are extremely safe. The science is there: if remdesivir had this level of positive science and safety behind it, then we’d all be taking that to stop the pandemic.

    “This” is hospitals in the US, including hospitals in Vermont, ignoring the clear requirement by the CDC to report all serious adverse events from the Covid-19 vaccines. There is no protocol in any Vermont hospital to ensure that this requirement is fulfilled, and we have testimony from around America, and in Vermont, that this requirement is being actively suppressed and deliberately ignored.

    “This” is competent, licensed, caring doctors and nurses being fired for exercising informed consent to medication, a basic pillar of medical ethics if ever there was one. “This” is hospitals on the very front lines of this egregious abuse of medical ethics.

    “This” is the unvaccinated being blamed for spreading Covid-19 in highly vaccinated states like Vermont and in countries like Israel and Ireland, yet it makes no sense at all that these highly vaccinated places would now be seeing some of the highest cases ever.

    “This” is the refusal to acknowledge published science that finds that the vaccinated can carry and spread Covid-19 and have high viral loads in their nasal passages.

    “This” is nothing less than medical tyranny raising its ugly head, and pretending that the 1905 Jacobson decision allowed for forced medication, as that decision did nothing of the sort: the case was about the $5 fine that Henning Jacobson had to pay for refusing the vaccine, and that court specifically warned against oppressive penalties– such as threatening the livelihoods of medical personnel if they refuse medication– that the courts must step in to prevent. “This” is pretending that the Jacobson decision wasn’t bastardized to support the 1927 Buck v Bell decision that blessed forced sterilization, and that– there is no debate about this, as Germany and the US were closely aligned in eugenics– gave added impetus to the Nazi program.

    It’s simply unbelievable that we are all in “this” shameful, disgraceful, outrageous perversion of medical ethics after all we’ve been through and the (unforeseen!) consequences that arose from our supposedly enlightened, “this-is-all-for-the-greater-good” decisions, but here we are.

    It’s time to wake up.

  31. Now I am so sorry I supported Randy in his governor’s run. He doesn’t care what the science and the statistics themselves show and that tells me he isn’t capable making informed decisions. The virus is being transmitted by the vaxxed and unvaxxed.
    Randy information is your friend, not your enemy.

  32. Randy –
    I’ve heard all of your reasons also. But what I see coming into the hospital where I am a nurse, tells me not to get the vaccine. Thanks for your input from a far.

    Ps- the tone of your piece is incredibly pompous. Perhaps next time have someone proof it that isn’t in your same tax bracket

    • Same tax bracket made me laugh.

      If you are a nurse and you are seeing what’s coming into the hospital and how it’s really working you might consider being a whistleblower because in my opinion far too many nurses and doctors have stood aside and watched this happen.

      Please help those around you.

  33. Mr. Brock, you are ‘projecting’.

    Re: “Your decision decides for others. When you ignore facts, when you discard science. When you rely on quackery, when you act upon social media disinformation, when you allow politics to influence public health policy, you make more than a personal decision.”

    Perhaps it is you, Mr. Brock, who should stop spreading misinformation on social media. Stop ignoring facts. Stop discarding science.

    If you read the State’s reports, sometimes one cohort is ‘fully vaccinated’, other times it’s ‘partially or fully vaccinated’. To date, 89.9% of ‘eligible’ Vermonters have been fully or partially vaccinated.

    And the so-called ‘unvaccinated’ cohort includes those who’s status is ‘unknown’. Sometimes the State’s report says, “Unvaccinated or unknown may include out-of-state residents with unknown vaccination status”. This is typically called statistical bias and it has, apparently, affected your judgement.

    In September, 76% of Vermont’s Covid deaths were vaccinated, 24% unvaccinated and ‘unknown’. In October, 46% of Vermont’s Covid deaths were vaccinated.

    In the Dr. Aaron Kheriaty interview I referenced earlier in another article, Dr. Kheriaty explains that the statistics that are usually kept when analyzing vaccine effectiveness aren’t being considered. The most egregious absence being the audit of those with natural immunity. And as we all know, an absence of evidence isn’t evidence, and if you’re not looking for something, you won’t find it.

    Here is what we do know, Mr. Brock. Vaccine efficacy declines significantly in just months. The vaccines don’t protect people from getting the Covid virus or dying from it. The vaccines don’t prevent the vaccinated from being infected and infecting others with it. And there are no studies on the long-term effects of these vaccines.

    Caveat emptor.

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