Scott, Levine open to making COVID vax mandatory, but need more info

By Guy Page

At Tuesday’s press conference, both Gov. Phil Scott and Health Commissioner Mark Levine urged widespread, aggressive immunization of Vermonters if and when a safe, effective vaccine becomes available. Their endorsement of mandatory vaccination would depend on likely outcomes, such as safety and effectiveness.

Vermont Daily asked: “The Virginia Commissioner of Health last week said when a Covid vaccine becomes available, he plans to make vaccination mandatory. Even though his Governor’s office has now walked that comment back a bit, Commissioner Levine, can you tell us if you will recommend mandatory vaccination, and if so why? Governor, you’ve said you lean heavily on the Commissioner’s recommendations, what are your thoughts about making Covid-19 vaccination mandatory?”

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Republican Gov. Phil Scott fields questions from reporters during a media briefing on the state’s continued response to COVID-19.

Gov. Scott exercised his gubernatorial prerogative to answer first. “If we could magically go back about six months, and I could tell you we have a safe and effective vaccine to prevent the destruction of the world economy and 180,000 deaths [nationwide], I would bet that most people would say, ‘give me some of that,’” Scott said. “So from my standpoint, I lean heavily on trying to make sure that if there is [a safe, effective vaccine] that we would do so. But details do matter. There are some exceptions that would have to be made, no doubt, but the more people that take the vaccine, the better.”

When asked to characterize his answer as supporting mandatory vaccination but with exceptions, Gov. Scott demurred: “I can’t say I would want to make something mandatory” without knowing about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness. But he repeated, “this is about our livelihood, about our loss of life.” He again cited, with emphasis, the 32,000 New Yorkers and 180,000 Americans dead from Covid-19.

Commissioner Levine answered: “I do know the commissioner from Virginia, and I have a lot of respect for him.” [Covid-19 vaccine research] “progress has been at an astounding pace. The prime consideration, if we were to make something mandatory, is what the outcomes would be like,” for example, “how many deaths that could be prevented. And we already know how contagious it is, and how much care we have to take to prevent it.”

Levine said he would want to know about a vaccine’s “safety profile. … I can tolerate any vaccine giving some discomfort at an injection site, or causing a low grade fever.” More serious side effects “usually occur very rarely,” but “you want to have a handle on that.” And the trials must have enough people enrolled, he said.

The health commissioner added, “I’m with the governor, this is a serious enough illness, and not just because it is impacting the economy and our ability to do everything the way we used to do it,” but because lives are at stake.

“I can’t give you a definitive answer just yet,” Levine concluded. “But stay tuned.”

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10 thoughts on “Scott, Levine open to making COVID vax mandatory, but need more info

  1. The phrases ‘common good’ or ‘for safety’ were used by Hitler and the nazi’s to control the population. Its past time to focus on what the politicians are doing.

  2. The regurgitation of lies and verbatim Gates agenda is not science, it’s fealty to $$$, corporate fascism and posturing while violently attacking people. The individual always takes precedence, most notably when it comes to bodily freedom, economic activity, and privacy. Any time you here the terms ‘common good’ or ‘for safety’ you are in danger, these are throughout history the doublespeak of demented controlling tyrants. Any violation of these principles and inherent rights is an act of violence, a war against humanity.

  3. I watched this part of the press conference, and was shaking my head at how bereft of real critical thinking were Scott’s and Levine’s answers. They just seem to be regurgitating what has been spoon-fed to them by the federal agencies. How is it NOT a point of concern that the leading vaccine candidate is being produced by a biotech company (Moderna) using gene-editing technology? That this technology has never been used before on human beings, and that Moderna has never before actually brought a vaccine to market? Or that 20% of the participants in the initial safety study had severe reactions? (Scale that up to 20% of the general population and you have a problem.) Sorry, I’m not allowing anyone to screw with my DNA with a new, barely tested technology. I am not a guinea pig.

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr., often smeared with “anti-vax” labels but in reality pro-safety, has put out much illuminating research on this. A good starting place for everyone to read:

  4. I find it interesting that many people insist we should wear masks so we won’t spread the virus if we have it. But then the same people won’t get vaccinated, which would also stop the spread. These positions seem contradictory. If it’s important to do anything to stop the spread, why not vaccinate?

    • See Jeff Johns response above. Some of us many of would rather be left alone. We were closing down to flatten the curve for 15 days…..oh my that’s come and gone!

      Why do some countiies only a hand ful of deaths, no medical, no real plan….we are being fed so many half truths, so much data left out, all in the name of control, fear and money. A populace is easy to control with fear, my God they’ve demonstrated that!

      Speaking of God, they talk in the bible, anyone who says they know when the earth is going to end, know they are a liar. Now why would they put that in a book some 3500 years old? Guess what, if you study history, religion, archeology, you’ll find most every government or controlling body kept the populace in control by spewing this garbage. They have recently gotten exceedingly good at it.
      But just look back in papers for the last 100 years, ther was some new disaster or disease that was going to do us all in. It really is a wonderfully practical book, entirely relevant in today’s world.

      • According to the ‘bible’ you speak of – Earth is not exactly *ending* – it will be remade and continue under new leadership for 1000 years. Word says no man knows *day* or *hour* of Christ return however in broad terms it’s the culmination of all things which is the end of human government and new beginning:
        – 36 “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”
        The general time can be known – we would not be commanded to watch if there is nothing to look for or see. There are seven trumpets – personally believe five have sounded. We are awaiting the sixth – the Euphrates River war – and some believe we are already at war with Iran therefore it has sounded. There is a war before Armegeddon this one is is not Armegeddon. The seventh occurs at Armegeddon.

        The polarization we’re experiencing and tyranny w’ere facing is the division of forces of darkness and forces of light meaning we’re very close. Currently talks re Mideast peace agreement when brokered will be another milestone.

  5. I identify as a free man, I am not cattle or livestock that has no choice in what goes into my body.

    See this is where if you follow the constitution and science, real science you don’t come up with ideas like we have reported above. But when you work for corporations, when you take dictates from the united nations (small letters on purpose) you come up with really bad ideas like mandatory injections.


    1) It the vaccine is 100% effective, people can take it and they are totally protected. Yes or No? What is the science!!!

    2) Speaking about the number of deaths out of context, is completely, completely propaganda. It’s double a normal flu year true.

    3) Real science would find out how many people have already had it and developed immunities. That would tell us the real danger. See, what is the number that people didn’t even know they had it and recovered? 50 million?

    4) Notice there is only “one solution”……when with every other virus there are always multiple ways for cure.

    5) They are not disclosing that this vaccine is vastly different than anything else we’ve ever used.

    6) Already we have a treatment that has little or now side affects and cures 35%, there are others too, difficult to find in this day of censored and completely controlled press.

    7) Had they not put covid sick people in nursing homes we’d be better off. If we hadn’t funded ventilators as the treatment we’d be much better off. If we counted covid deaths correctly ( from what I”ve seen Vermont did this, one of the few) we’d have a more realistic number.


    1) Are we free?

    2) Are we owned and governed by corporations, lobbyists and PAC’s?

    3) Are we a Republic ruled by laws or dictates of the mob?

    4) Is our guiding light our Vermont Constitution or the united nations, Agenda 21, Agenda 30..etc, etc. ?

    They say you can tell a man, country, state by their fruit. By their actions. You can tell a man by what they say, it reveals their heart, where their heart stands. This reporting reveals things that are very, very troubling at least for those of us the revere, our constitution, truth, love and science.

    Troubling times in our “socialist state”. We need a unified cry for freedom.

    • So look at South Dakota, in 2018 they had a population of 882,235 people. They never shut down. They used science and common sense. Below is a link to the numbers.

      When you review these numbers, there is no longer fear. If you are 80+….yes you have to be concerned. At that age normal flu and pneumonia are concerns, always, every year.

      Perhaps we’d be wise to shed our socialist shackles and fear and embrace science and freedom like South Dakota….

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