Scott administration doubles down on masks for youth sports as COVID narrative wobbles

Vermont’s governor and health commissioner said Tuesday there is no evidence at the moment to assure parents that having kids play sports while wearing masks is safe, despite the state’s mask mandate for youth leagues.

“[These are] challenging times, but we just need to persevere and work through these, and I think there has to be some recognition that maybe there needs to be more breaks during games. You want to make sure that you are giving time to the kids to rest and catch their breath and so forth all the while keeping each other safe,” Gov. Phil Scott said during a media briefing.

Some parents are worried that their children are having trouble getting enough oxygen while practicing on the field and preparing for games. One mother told True North she has taken her child out of the Vermont soccer program and crossed the border to New York State, where masks are not required during play.

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KIDS AND MASKS: The governor and the state’s health commissioner say that young children will continue to be required to wear masks even while playing sports.

Dr. Mark Levine, the state’s health commissioner, also said there is no data that can back up the safety of the mask mandate for sports.

“The scientific evidence about the impairment of your physiology, if you will, from wearing a mask, [is] very minimal evidence, unfortunately,” he said. “So while I can’t tell you it strengthens your respiratory efforts, I can also tell you that there’s not enough out there to indicate that it can be harmful. But there’s very little research.”

Levine added that in close contact sports there is always going to be lots of people breathing heavily while close to one another.

“We also know that there’s opportunity just in the act of yelling and screaming for people to transmit the virus, whether they happen to be the players on the field who will be doing that or definitely the people who will be doing it on the sidelines,” he said. “So having this uniform policy seems to be the right thing to do even though we don’t have as much scientific data as you’d like us to have.”

Scott said sports has been a difficult area because the goal is to let kids have sports yet be safe from spread of the virus.

“It’s been difficult in terms of decisions because we want them to have that social type of interaction, but we also want to be safe and we want to keep others safe as well,” he said.

Some top institutions including the World Health Organization are recommending less strict mask policies than what is currently in place in Vermont. They do not recommend masks under age 5, whereas Vermont currently is requiring kids as young as age 3 to wear them. Up to age 11, the WHO says it depends on how many local cases of the virus there are.

In Ohio, Republican state Rep. Nino Vitale performed tests earlier this year on the oxygen levels of those wearing masks and found that the levels quickly dropped below what was considered safe according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. A description of the video can be found on the Free Republic.

A group of business owners and an optometrist in Tulsa, Oklahoma, filed a federal lawsuit to challenge the city’s mask mandate in mid-August. They make similar claims about oxygen levels falling while wearing a mask.

“The lawsuit that claims Tulsa’s mask ordinance creates an “oxygen-deficient atmosphere” under Department of Labor guidelines,” Tulsa World reports. “Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines define oxygen-deficient atmospheres as having below 19.5 percent oxygen content,” according to the filing.

COVID narrative breaking down

Earlier in the press conference, Levine had answered questions about new statistics reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the New York Times that questioned the lethality of COVID-19.

For example, one reporter asked about a Times investigation on data collected from three states that shows that up to 90 percent of people who test positive for COVID-19 don’t have enough of the virus in them to show symptoms or spread the disease.

In addition, a report the CDC released Monday said only about 6% of COVID deaths in the U.S. have been deaths from the virus alone. Some 9,000 Americans have died solely from COVID-19, while more than 170,000 deaths had an average of 2.6 comorbidities, meaning the patients had various illnesses burdening them at once.

“True, if we examine all the death certificates of everybody who has died of COVID in this country, 6 percent will say COVID was the only thing that killed the person — they were a healthy person otherwise,” Levine said. “The other 94 percent have a variety of diagnoses on their death certificate.”

He added, “They died because COVID was here on the planet, just like many of them die during a flu season of the flu, where they are kind of in a fragile balance but they can go on for years in that balance. But if they happen to get the flu it can be overwhelming to them, and their death certificate shows they died of the flu in the setting of these other kinds of diseases.”

As of Aug. 31, the CDC reports that 182,622 Americans have died from the virus, down below the 2.2 million initially predicted to die from the virus when the shutdowns began.

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

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41 thoughts on “Scott administration doubles down on masks for youth sports as COVID narrative wobbles

  1. Anatomy of a massive hoax of epic proprtions
    *Warning* Thinking Skills alert:
    It Appears COVID-19 Is Fizzling Out Across the Nation According to Recent Evidence
    By Joe Hoft Published September 3, 2020 at 11:54am 178 Comments

    — They will be teaching this in sociology classes hundreds of years from now. The quintessential case of how large numbers of experts can be controlled to ends of destructive ignorance – by means of mob rule.

    A mob rules by violence, panic and social intimidation.

    — Ethical Skeptic ☀ (@EthicalSkeptic) August 25, 2020

  2. This bears repeating:

    Just ducky convenient that we have the distraction of the COVID con on the cusp of the most important election of the century thus far.

    It will be used to justify mail-in (as opposed to Absentee) balloting, control of commerce, control of assembly, control of ability to freely travel, control control control — all based on perceived powers self-granted to government entities.

    When the Democrat/Leftist pre-planned chaos ensues in the days/weeks/months following 3 November it will have all but disappeared, replaced by disputed election results. Remember Pelosi’s advice to Dopey Joe to not concede.

  3. 12 hours of hockey and skating on ice per day at one area rink for over 3 months without one single traceable case of Covid is science too. So in the absence of certainty in terms of research data as stated by our health officials, there is just one of many examples where people have been participating in and benefitting from the fun and exercise these sports bring who will now be hampered by having to wear masks. In fact science will tell you that reduced oxygen levels measured when wearing masks creates a whole other dilemma of causing heart attacks, etc. And the gov calls for more “time outs” so everyone can catch their breath, really? If you wrote about this dystopian rationale before Covid showed up most people would not believe it could happen. Again, 3 months of all ages playing hockey 12 hours a day, heavily exerting without masks, and no transmission of the virus.

    • Granted it was over 60 years ago when my fball position was on the line, it is incomprehensible to me how any “mask” would have survived the kickoff thru first down without being transformed by perspiration and respiration into what would have been a waterboarding device worn by all the oxygen starved players.

      Maybe that’s what the advocates of the nonsense require to see some reason on the subject.

  4. “Narrative Wobbles” indeed lol – a keeper Micheal! 😀

    How interesting that the good news is met with utter fistshaking outrage! Those promoting this – first and foremost – the good doctor ‘Dr’ Levine and sidekick Chairman Phil budding dictator currently masquerading as governor of VT and clearly attempting to enslave us while ruining our state while they’re at it.
    The Gateway Pundit:
    Last Weekend We Posted a Viral Report on COVID-19 Numbers that Was Tweeted by the President – Now Democrats, Their Media and Fact Checkers Are Smearing Us – Here’s Our Response
    By Jim Hoft Published September 2, 2020 at 9:24pm 145 Comments

  5. It bugs me how people believe any official pronouncement in the name of “science”, as in when they deny your unpopular facts by saying “don’t you know anything about science?”
    They believe projections by people with some credentials which might make them knowledgeable about something, but whether they are dupes or just evil, people should not be bamboozled by supposed superior knowledge.
    Maybe they do have superior knowledge, but does that mean they can’t be liars?
    They lie about global warming, and about the plandemic, about HCQ, about everything.
    Trust your own instincts, don’t believe the hype.
    Actual science seems to indicate that masks do no good, and lockdowns result in more deaths.
    That’s from statistics, not projections. If there is such a thing, that’s the real science.
    Beyond that, why? Because there is an agenda, which we have been warned about all our lives: Communism.


    Population of Vermont – 627,039
    Cases of Covid-19 in Vermont – 1,365
    Deaths from Covid-19 in Vermont – 58
    Recovered from Covid-19 in Vermont – 1,432
    Chances of contracting Covid-19 in Vermont – .0021768
    Chances of dying of Covid-19 in Vermont – .0000924

    Cases – 803
    Deaths – 39

    Cases – 123
    Deaths – 3

    Cases – 123
    Deaths – 1

    Cases – 122
    Deaths -7

    Cases – 104
    Deaths – 1

    Cases – 81
    Deaths – 2

    Cases – 79
    Deaths – 2

    Cases – 62
    Deaths – 2

    Cases – 45
    Deaths – 1

    Cases – 33
    Deaths – 0

    Cases – 20
    Deaths – 0

    Cases – 15
    Deaths -0

    Grand Isle
    Cases – 13
    Deaths – 0

    Cases – 6
    Deaths – 0

    • on average we have about 88 or so people die from the flu every year in Vermont, it would be interesting for a comparison, because covid-19 is a type of flu.

    • And the biggest kicker is NOBODY is checking for antibodies…..that would really tell us what has gone, who knows 50% of he population may have had and recovered from it, but we have no idea, because we aren’t testing for it. That would give us some truth. That would be also very scientific.

      • What you are advocating is similar to contact tracing – mass testing of everyone. This is a huge invasion of privacy and frankly unecessary imho. Why do we need to know this? However this is what Levine and Scott want done and I think they’re doing it.

        Covids appear to converge and in some instances unable to distinguish differences.

        Was in the ER a couple of weeks ago – and *did not force me to wear a mask*. However in a health care setting I do. I do not pull it over my nose bc I can’t breathe. At Drs office I stayed faaar from any humans and six feet from doc. They gave me a nice cloth hospital-branded surgical mask which I was allowed to keep – as a souvenier.

        I presented symptoms and asked to test me and allowed me to test myself in nurse presence w/guidance. Said I was concerned about false positive and having to give personal info re friends and fam. She said they test for antibodies if it’s positive – it wasn’t.

        • No I’m not. Statistics you don’t sample every person. Contact tracing is already in place on your phones, little late on that one.

          If Covid already went through the us and 50% had antibodies, we have heard immunity or close to it. That’s my point. They don’t want us to know the truth or science.

          • — I *do not* have a conact tracing surveillance app on my phone and I think they can be disabled!

            Unclear how you think the antibody testing is going to be done – last I heard tracers were going to go door to door to test us all – kindly provide a source for your info.
            This is what I did find:
            “The Vermont Department of Health convened a working group of experts to research antibody tests. Their findings conclude that at this time, the serologic (antibody) tests that are currently available would not produce results that are accurate or reliable enough for Vermont.”

            We just learned that a mere 6% of Covid deaths were for ppl who had no pre-existing problems – iow 94% had an average of 2.5 life-threatening conditions and vast majority elderly.

            And we have also learned the numbers were being falsified. So even these lower numbers may be inaccurate.

          • If you have a phone you are being traced. We are not in control of how and if our phone is working. Just ask Snowden, ask anyone that works with the phones/Fbi, nsa, etc, etc…..phones are the biggest propaganda tool ever invented, they are also great for blackmail and tracing people. Just ask president Trump, his first couple of years of security leaks IN the White House confirm this. It’s always listening, oh , they say it’s always listening for the command, “hey Google”, yeah right. How come items from your conversations show up in ads. Don’t be fooled.

          • Wake up sir 😀 Yesh – my location but only NSA or emergency could find my geolocation. My location is shut off. Phone is encrypted. How do I know? Routinely get many messages saying: ” ‘blank’ would like your location.” Have added weather locations manually but my geolocation for weather app is my mobile server which is also available to sites I visit and ATT obviously knows where I am via towers. My credit cards are in an RFID wallet.

            Use and highly recommend Blackberry operating system – the phones are relatively cheap and very nice. Own my phone and have disabled all Blackberry tracking and tracing mechanisms on the phone – utility apps are all Blackberry and nothing can be installed w/o permission. My phone # is off and phone does not accept calls or texts which are not on my contact list. I do not give # to agencies which I believe sell them, or use online banking.

            I do not have *any* social media accounts or use Google. All search engines are disabled or removed on my phone and desktop except Duckduckgo which is similar to a VPN between Google and user and does not log. I do not use ad-based email and if I *do* get spam I know where it originates from and can block it. Internet location and traffic is encrypted on my desktop and fingerprinting mechanisms removed. Firefox has many options which can be configured for privacy. I have a two-way firewall still use W7 – *not* 10.

            A phone which does not accept incoming calls is my official phone #. Discovered a way to get rid of robocalls which I believe originate from mobile company bc each time I have changed carriers have gotten new and different robocalls and texts. Do not install apps from services I use – shortcuts can be used most apps are unecessary.

            Blackberry does not install apps they are preinstalled but all have permissions which can be turned off. Could remove any except Amazon store which I do not use from my phone and is turned off. Phone is allowed to download certain Android apps made for Blackberry but not a component of my OS.

            Blackberry does have Android phones however I don’t believe thay are allowed to run the show or have the free reign I have noticed other ppl allow w/o question.

            This is the way life was before smartphones – we have been conditioned to accept unending intrusions into our life w/o question. Try it sometime!

          • Don’t believe my lying eyes much lol I don’t have the app on my phone Neil!

            Yes data streams can be dragnetted via the mobile and data service providers. But there is much we can do to protect our online activity is all.

  7. If masks really worked then they would have been banned just like hydroxychloroquine.

    This is about submission, control and a whole lot of things that have zero to do with a “virus.”

    • Hear, hear – absolutely Laura! This is why the brownshirted collectivists were freaking and shaming when mandates for stores and in public went into effect – they are intolerant of anyone who will not live their way – but most of all do not want to stand out as the communists they are.

  8. At the gym I go to, you have to be wearing a mask to come in but as soon as you enter you can take it off. They quit taking temps on entry. I ask an employee why? He said over the past several months at all their locations only five people had temps over 104. So they quit taking them.

  9. Apparently Phil’s platitudes of “Follow the science” and “Data Driven response” are just that: empty words.
    Phil’s mask mandate has not changed the average infection rate since inception on August 1. Now we need more masks? To keep “us safe”? or to quiet the “maskers” and get Phil re-elected? The “Data” points to getting Phil re-elected.
    Sorry Phil, your own Dept. of Health website,, in it’s published COVID 19 numbers “the data” just doesn’t put the facts behind your narrative of fear. .00259% of Vermont’s population have been infected by COVID 19, with a survival rate of 99.65%. Yes, you’ve done a good job of keeping Vermonters from getting infected. but at what cost? Living in fear of COVID until a vaccine becomes available might not be a viable strategy.

    • His contender from office is all about the mask, if anyone dies between know and the election he’ll blame it on Scott.

      Scott has boxed himself into a corner, had he take the route of science, like Christi Noem, we’d be in a wonderful situation, but that would require republican roots.

      • Indeed. Governor Noem advocated for personal responsibility. It worked in South Dakota. It appears the concept of “personal responsibility” was outlawed here during the Kunin or Dean administrations, finally disappearing during Shumlin’s reign.

  10. Hey everybody, are you aware that Vermont and Maine are the only two state in the Union which have to lowest rate of infection????? Did it ever occur to you that Gov. Scott’s lead about wearing masks and being smart about social distancing just might be the reason we’re doing as well as we are???? I for one applaud the Governor for leading the way!!!!

    • Are you aware some countries with 12x the population have lower deaths than Vermont? And they don’t don’t have medical systems, media and quarantines in place.

      Wanna know why?

      Or are we going to be good little socialist united nation lemmings and praise our god the state?

      Further research is warranted.

    • You have to have a lot of the bug there in the first place to have a problem.

      I don’t think you understand very basic stuff about the human body and virus.
      Your field will not get taken over with dandelions of there is not one single dandelion in it.
      This ain’t rocket science.

    • The view from Chittenden County: ALL of Vermont is urban and suburban.
      Vermont in total square miles: 9,217. Total population: 627,039. Population of Chittenden County: 164,572.

      Total population of Sioux Falls: 153,888.

      Wake up, Gilhooly. Your obfuscations may have worked in the mid-1990s, but not now.

  11. Thought the local news was interesting tonight – kids that can’t attend in-person learning at school will have their temp taken when they show up for sports practice.

    It would appear the priority here is on sports and not education.

    • We’re a state of indoctrination….we don’t need no education….if you wanna be a good worker bee with all the other comrades, always best to keep us dumb and strong, make good socialist worker bee. Our priority is making good little socialists, don’t think, don’t question, the state is your god.

      • Your body temperature is your own private business.

        A woman that is ovulating will run a higher temperature.
        You can have a minor infection brewing like a tooth infection, a cut. An ingrown toenail getting bad.
        A higher temp. means your body is “Working” on dealing with something- and it can be something besides the coronavirus!
        This is no ones business!
        And how many women are being sent home because they are about to have their periods!
        I’m sorry to say this stuff, but gimme a break. This is all getting insane and no one is standing up and telling these people to that THEY WORK FOR US!!!
        WE THE PEOPLE!!!

  12. I have a mask which says ” this mask is as useless as our governor”

    So my kids are on the swim team and is a diver, how does this work???

    • Don’t ask questions, love the color brown, fall in love with propaganda, and soon your kids will be swimming and diving with masks.

      See it’s easy, give up all science, history and judeo-Christian beliefs and it’s remarkable easy.

      How much are you charging for the masks? 🙂

  13. My son’s not able to participate in football this year because of mask mandates we refuse to have our children not only wearing masks but being around people that are. My family are basically prisoners in our own home unless we want to subject our children two masks + temperature checks. it’s psychological warfare that is NOT backed up by science even though ‘scientists ” are forcing upon the citizens.
    Sept 15 emergency set to end . If /when Scott extends this will trunorth EAI organize a freedom rally ?

    • No – we need a Freedom Protest – where the streets are blocked and we write stuff on the pavement. That seems to be fine with our elected officials.

    • Appreciate your story. Have a daughter that is a mask wearer as are her kids in public but she is not sending her kids back to school which is heartbreaking to watch. Onerous rules and uncertainty re what to expect. If a child or teacher tests positive would contract tracing, quarantine and surveillance go into affect? This could affect everyone around her, employment for her and the dad of her kids – including me.

      She did buy school clothes and – I also contributed some cool items but really wanted to just cry – so sad. Despise all who have caused this as well as the whip-cracking aiders and abetters. They have shown us who they are and how much they hate those who will not follow their purported dictat.

      Ye shall know them by their masks.

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