Sanders: Socialism will spike taxes, but Americans will be ‘delighted’ to pay extra

By Jake Dima

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders acknowledged a tax increase from his policies and said Americans would be “delighted” to pay extra, in a CNN interview with Anderson Cooper Wednesday.

“I suspect that a lot of people in this country would be delighted to pay more in taxes if they had comprehensive health care as a human right,” Sanders said. The Vermont senator also went on to tell Cooper that he bases his principles on his 50-mile proximity to the Canadian border, where universal health care is law.

What Sanders did not include in his statement was the cost of his programs. The Mercatus Center at George Mason University released a study in 2018 saying Americans can estimate to foot a $32.6 trillion bill over a 10-year period for “Medicare for All,” Fox News reported. Sanders has also omitted cost information on his campaign website.

The 10-year cost breaks down to $3.26 trillion per year, according to the report. The current U.S. federal budget stands around $4.7 trillion.

Sanders also told Cooper Wednesday that housing, retirement, education and a clean environment are among his staples of “human rights.” President Donald Trump was a subject of discussion in the interview too.

Sanders called Trump a “corporate socialist” because of his “tax breaks to the wealthy.” He also chastised corporations seeking bailouts because of their “greed” and “illegal activity.”

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10 thoughts on “Sanders: Socialism will spike taxes, but Americans will be ‘delighted’ to pay extra

  1. I just wish Bernie would trot out some evidence that Americans are willing to pay more in taxes period. I do note that the People’s Republics of Vermont and California didn’t support a state funded universal health care for example…

  2. Sure burnee, everyone want’s incompetent VA style healthcare run by
    unfireable Union hacks who don’t give a crap about their patients……..
    Sure thing burnee..And like your vote to clean up the VA by firings you opted to
    protect the Union hack from firing and not improve Care to VETS…we could expect the same UNcare from your gov run hospitals… I’d sure jump at the chance to
    pay more for that NOT..

  3. Hey, Bernie, not so sure there is $3.26 trillon/year out there. It’s easy to say we’d be happy to pay without giving us a price tag. If the folks knew how high their taxes would have to go to fund your pie in the sky ideas, they wouldn’t be happy”.

  4. If we use medicare as an example, the average American who lives to 95 (30 years of retirement) pays roughly $105,000 in Medicare taxes and deductibles for 80% coverage. That applies to every man, woman and child and works out to around $1100 per year from birth to death. Add in the 20% paid from their pocket, and the costs zoom up, and don’t include vision, dental or everything not covered by insurance, like drugs.

    This leaves us with an educated guess that his free system would have to cost 3000 to 4000 a year from birth to death for every man, woman and child. Simply a family of 3 will pay $9000 a year for free medical care. that’s some deal the commie is telling us we want and won’t mind.

  5. The lazy, incompetent, criminal, and illegals will be delighted that working class people will pay more in taxes, not the working class.

  6. If all of us were as wealthy as Comrade Sanders maybe we would……NOT. Those fools keep dangling the free health care carrot in front of the masses. While some truly need health care, the “health care industry” is that, an industry. And putting the government in charge of it would do damage to our privacy and overall well being. More government control of our lives must be avoided at all costs.

    • Bernie ‘made’ over a $$$Million and gave 1% to charity. Tells you a LOT about socialists.

      Some else said they would be glad to share the health care policy Bernie has as a “senator”, and would be glad to pay the same as he pays for it ;< }

      Bernie is called the Senator FROM Vermont. He is very seldom in Vermont, and very seldom in Washington DC doing his job. Kind of a hippie – and a rich one at that.

  7. I honestly believe Bernie belongs in a mental facility. He not only embraces every hair brained scheme to take more money away from hard working citizens for every stupid socialist/communist program he can think of and then tries to tell us that Americans will be glad to do so. If he is not on drugs then he needs a seventy two hour observation. All kidding aside this man is dangerous and if elected he will hurt this country ten times worse than Obama did. For all you folks out there that think you will e getting free health care, educations and anything else he promises think again. This country cannot afford all these free promised give aways and you will be in for a very rude awakening if he is elected.

  8. When the Burnmeister was interviewed on Fox town hall,when he was asked if wanted to voluntarily pay more in taxes, he declined. Shouldn’t the Communist put his money where his big mouth is,we all know the answer.

  9. When are these people going to stop listening to senseless, babbling Bernie. If he wants to reference Canada, he should go there and personally talk to the Canadians one on one where he’ll find that they are not at all happy with their health care. Where a women has to wait 6-10 months to get a mammogram or other ex-rays. Have him speak to the people in Nova Scotia where he won’t get a pleasant answer. As usual, he always says things he can’t back up or have any way to pay for.
    He is spurts out garbage and his idiot followers but into his BS. He’s a joke but he’s getting richer.

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