Sanders says he ‘might’ be open to deportation of illegal aliens convicted of a ‘terrible, terrible crime’

By Jason Hopkins

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders said he “might” make an exception for his proposed deportation moratorium for those convicted of the most heinous crimes.

Speaking Monday at VICE News’s Brown and Black Democrat Forum, Sanders touched on a range of political issues, and made the case for his progressive bid for the White House. When asked about his stance on immigration enforcement, the Vermont independent senator proposed what is likely the most progressive directive on migrant repatriation to date.

“If someone has been convicted of a terrible, terrible crime, that might be an exception to the rule,” Sanders said at the forum, according to The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel. “A moratorium on 99% of deportations is nothing to sniff at, and I think the undocumented community would be very proud of that.”

This is not a necessarily new position by the self-described Democratic socialist. Sanders rolled out a comprehensive immigration platform in early November 2019, proposing a slate of progressive reforms for the U.S. immigration system. Such proposals included the dismantling of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); the reorganization of the Department of Homeland Security; a pathway to citizenship for the country’s illegal alien population; the decriminalization of illegal immigration; and a ban on deportations.

If Sanders were to be elected president and issued an executive order banning deportations except for the most “terrible, terrible” crimes, it would dramatically change how the U.S. government enforces immigration laws.

In fiscal year 2019, ICE removed a total of 267,258 illegal aliens, according to data provided by the agency. ICE already prioritizes removals of criminal aliens. The majority of those removed last fiscal year were either convicted of a crime or carried pending criminal charges. Changes to the deportation process largely depends on Sanders’s interpretation of “terrible, terrible.”

During the VICE News forum, the Vermont senator also said he was open to the idea of tearing down existing wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

“It may be,” Sanders said when asked if it would be appropriate to tear down sections of the southern border wall. “But how much is it going to cost to tear it down? Should you do that — tear it down? Maybe the answer is yes.”

Sanders then agreed when asked by the host if it was something he was “willing to consider.”

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9 thoughts on “Sanders says he ‘might’ be open to deportation of illegal aliens convicted of a ‘terrible, terrible crime’

  1. Hey Bernie, what if deportation candidates commit a horrible crime as compared to horrible, horrible crimes??? Will they have to wait for the second horrible before they are deported???

  2. Well burnee they have already broken one terrible law by being illegal… so we’re down to
    just terrible now… would dui with death resulting be terrible enough??multiple dui’s??
    would assault and battery be terrible enough? Would rape be enough? Sorry burnee we
    can’t trust you to protect us which is why we get so agitated when you try and take our

    • As a update I just read where the burnster now is claiming he
      will tear down the southern wall so Now it’s a no way in
      H E double L are we entrusting you with our safety……You
      freaking commie buffoon..

  3. What could possibly be a sufficiently “terrible, terrible crime…?? Voting for Trump?
    Murder, rape, dealing fentanyl, those aren’t even sufficient for prison, anymore.
    Thought crimes? Probably. After all, 1984 was like, 36 years ago!

  4. CNN Headline: ‘Sanders Would Allow Illegal Alien Murderers To Go Back Home’.

    Oh, wait – that would only happen if he was a Conservative. Never mind.

  5. I came here legally and it took a lot of effort. I think coming here illegally is a big enough crime for deportation.

  6. Socialist Sanders says he ‘might’ be open to the deportation of illegal aliens convicted of
    a ‘terrible, terrible crime’…….. what a spineless POS !!

    I thought that he has been spewing out ” no one is above the law ” I guess he meant that
    only if it’s a ” terrible, terrible ” crime

    And this fools believe he should be President, what a joke.

  7. I came legally to the US decades ago.
    I had to wait three years in my birth country before I was given permission to enter the US

    All illegals should be deported, criminal or not.
    They must wait their turn OUTSIDE the US.

    As illegals have no right to be in the US.
    All they do is rile up the rest of society into pro and con.
    They are a huge, costly distraction, that prevents the US from being more competitive, and have trade surpluses, instead of deficits.

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