Sanders says 2016 election was ‘rigged’ by Democrats, claims he would have beaten Trump

By Shelby Talcott

The system was rigged against Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in his loss to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, Sanders claimed Wednesday on MSNBC.

Sanders spoke to Kasie Hunt on MSNBC Wednesday and said that he would have beaten President Donald Trump had the election against fellow Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton not been “rigged against” him. Sanders bowed out of the 2016 election less than two weeks before the Democratic National Convention and endorsed Clinton for presidency in her race against Trump.

“No, some people say that if maybe that system was not rigged against me I would have won the nomination and defeated Donald Trump,” Sanders said after Hunt asked his thoughts on whether or not he hurt Clinton’s candidacy. “That’s what some people say.”

Some people, such as Donna Brazile, have alleged that Clinton had been able to accomplish a “secret takeover” of the Democratic National Committee at the very beginning of the primary race, ending Sanders’ chances of winning. Sanders seems to concur with this idea and was adamant that he would have been the one to defeat Trump.

Sanders went on to say that he is a Democrat, although he has been outspoken about being for socialism throughout his campaign.

“Of course I’m a Democrat,” Sanders said. “This is a democratic national convention – a Democratic primary here.”

This is a change of tune from his past, where Sanders has proudly admitted that he considers himself to be a socialist.

“When I ran for the Senate the first time, I ran against the wealthiest guy in the state of Vermont,” Sanders said in an interview with The Nation in 2015. “He spent a lot on advertising — very ugly stuff. He kept attacking me as a liberal. He didn’t use the word ‘socialist’ at all, because everybody in the state knows that I am that.”

“I intend to be the Democratic nominee,” Sanders told Hunt Wednesday.

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10 thoughts on “Sanders says 2016 election was ‘rigged’ by Democrats, claims he would have beaten Trump

  1. “Of course I’m a Democrat,” Sanders said.

    Yet he always runs as an independent and democrat in Vermont, then sheds the Democrat name when he’s bullied all the other true democrats who might what to run in representing our state.

    It was rigged, it was clear, when in our home state everyone endorsed Hillary from the Democratic side early on. Well, excluding our Lt. Governor, who stood by Bernie’s side, which is interesting and disturbing at the same time as it could be some foreshadowing of dark clouds in Vermont’s near future.

    • When I wrote an article early on about this, Do you feel the Burn? It was refused for Vermont Digger, said it didn’t make sense. Perhaps a more accurate response was it didn’t fit their narrative or goals.

  2. That is a truly frightening thought, bad enough to want Hillary to win last time just so Sanders would not be running this time and then hopefully his window to destroy America would have passed.

  3. The only elections this wind bag has ever won are in Vermont where the left wing, Lib, Progs., and Dems hang out. He’s living in a fool’s paradise.

    The Obama administration in their final days vastly expanded the intelligence sharing capabilities of America’s most powerful agencies with executive order 12333. Days before President Trump’s inauguration the Office of the Director of National Intelligence under James Comey was eagerly pushed to totally overhaul the sharing of raw intelligence which expanded the sharing of this raw intelligence from just three agencies to 17.
    Why would they as an ongoing administration want to impose standards on the incoming administration, standards they never imposed on themselves for eight years?

    Sure would like to see Mr. Mueller asked some serious questions regarding just-released documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, which show some of the clearest evidence to date of what is nothing short of an attempted soft coup against the president. These documents shed even more light on this timeline of corruption and an effort to stop and prevent a president from winning they didn’t like and rig an election, but then afterwards, to undermine the duly elected president.

  5. Beat President Trump ? This clown could’nt beat a drum. He is too old, too loud, too disingenuous, and too ridiculous. He will drive every working American to the poor house with his stupid socialist ideas that will raise taxes beyond your imagination. I heard him say most Americans would be delighted to pay much more taxes to pay for free educations, healthcare and whatever else comes out of his feeble mind. I do not know anyone who would be ” delighted ” to pay higher taxes than the already crushing taxes that most workers already face today. I am not sure if he supports legalized pot but it sure sounds like he is smoking it himself. If he becomes president this great country will suffer like it never has before.

  6. What he won’t do for votes. It didn’t take that hypocrite long to back her after she beat him..
    He cry’s cry’s cry’s all the way to the bank. He’s in it just to accumulate more capitalistic dollars but he’s a socialist. He’s nothing but a babbling big mouth.

  7. In Russia there is a democratic government.
    The government runs the economy, just as in China and in Japan, Inc., and in Korea, Inc., etc.
    It is nearly impossible to import anything made in the US into these countries, other than soybeans, grains and meat, etc.
    All have huge trade surpluses with US.
    They hold elections and there are winners and losers.
    They also fix elections, just as in the US, according to Bernie.
    So why is he so surprised?
    Brazile told him about it 3 years ago.
    Why was he so quiet all these years?
    Trying to play thé victim card?
    Just promise more to get more votes.
    My prediction is it will not help.
    But all this running activity is great for the growing his tax exempt Foundation.

  8. I just want him to shut up and go away. he would be happier in Russia. They have his kind of government.

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