Sanders reportedly refused to sign statement condemning Sinema bathroom protesters over political differences

By Andrew Trunsky

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont opted not to support a joint statement condemning protesters who followed Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona into a bathroom because the condemnation did not rebuke Sinema’s moderate political views.

The decision was revealed in an email chain first reported by Axios. The leaked emails emphasize the division between Democrats’ moderate and left wings as they search for compromise on the bipartisan infrastructure bill and their $3.5 trillion spending package. The emails show that Sanders wanted the statement to urge Sinema to back Democrats’ desired drug pricing reforms and endorse the package, which she has refused to do.

AXIOS: Sanders’ Sinema spat

In one email, Sanders Communications Director Mike Casca asked that the statement be prefaced, “While we hope Senator Sinema will change her position on prescription drug reform and support a major reconciliation bill.” After an aide to Democratic Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey said the edit would not be made, Casca replied that Sanders would not be signing the statement.

“Sanders will not be signing, so please cut ‘Senate Democratic Leadership Team’ from headline,” Casca wrote.

In addition to Booker, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois, Mark Warner of Virginia, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Catherine Cortez-Masto of Nevada all added their names, Axios reported. The statement, however, has yet to be published.

The protesters followed Sinema into a bathroom at Arizona State University on Sunday, and they were widely condemned after imagery emerged of them pressing the senator to back immigration reform in her party’s budget while she used the bathroom.

Sinema said that the confrontation was “not legitimate protest” in a statement Monday, calling their actions “wholly inappropriate.”

President Joe Biden also said he thought the protesters’ actions were “not appropriate,” but he added that “this happens to everybody” and that “it’s part of the process.”

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14 thoughts on “Sanders reportedly refused to sign statement condemning Sinema bathroom protesters over political differences

    • It is said that history repeats itself……Could we see history repeat with Sinema and Manchin defecting to the Republican Party?

      In 2001 Sen. Jim Jeffords defected to the Democrat Party under conditions in Washington very similar to what we have today. George W. Bush was President, the Senate was tied 50-50 with VP Dick Cheney having the tie-breaking vote in the Senate…….Jefford’s didn’t like Bush and didn’t like what was going on in the Senate so he left and joined the Democrats…….The Democrats cheered and called him a man of conscience and principles.

      In the view of many, Joe Biden is much worse than George W. Bush in so many ways and the country seems to be careening out of control. So the door is wide open for Sinema and Manchin to cross the aisle and join the Mitch McConnell team……Will it happen? Who knows? But one thing we can be assured of is that Sinema and Manchin would immediately be labeled as rats and deserters lacking in conscience and principle by the Democrats.

      The polls indicate that the American people have turned against Joe Biden, his policies and his performance in a big way and things are getting worse…….Maybe Sinema and Manchin will agree with the American people move to the Republican Party and demonstrate they too have a conscience and principles.

  1. Sanders is a rapee perv from one of his writings “man and women” so it’s to be
    expected he’s not concerned with a person’s privacy.. of coarse his rule by the government would preclude any personal freedoms to begin with..
    The Vermont ijit who still has the brooklyn accent.. go back home you ol fool..
    another curse put on Vermonters by the scum in Burlington..

  2. Why would you want to remain in a political party that threated it’s members this way?
    She has brains, dignity and common sense, none of which are required to be a democrats.

  3. Tell me WHY you all (media) call Sanders an Independent. ??? He is a Socialist democRAT !!!
    If he was a true Independent he wouldn’t have run for president as a democRAT. He always votes for the left. The draft dodger is a socialist. He only cares about money and himself. Tell me what has he done for Vermont.. I’ll wait for that answer. do I hear crickets??
    Sanders doesn’t want to go against the democrats, he knows which side his bread is buttered. He’ll stab anyone in the back, even the democrats. He’s nothing but a friggin liar. He’s known as the bought-off fool. In both races, he was paid off to leave the presidential race…

    • Donna,

      He celebrated his honeymoon in the USSR, well before the wall came down.

      The Russians wined and dined him, and showed him all their usual charade of show-pieces, to impress gullible bumpkins like him.

      They had fun playing the US fool like a fiddle, and, as expected, he lapped it up.

      He was totally sold on the virtues of Communism and Socialism, when he finally returned to the US.

      He likely told them, he was going to make it his life’s work to do all that in the US.

      An even greater fool, and long-time, grifter and grafter, who spent a lot of time in the basement during the 2020 Election campaign, agreed to have Sanders as a Senate Committee Chairman, so he could write his SOCIALIST, remake-US masterpiece, costing a mere $6.0 TRILLION.

      Even the most extreme leftists could not swallow that much, so he reduced it to a bare-bones-minimum of $3.5 TRILLION

      Comes along Senator Manchin, who said he would consider $1.5 TRILLION, which is still an outrageously high number.

      Bernie, true to form, started to call him names; doubted, out loud, his motives; began shaming him, invited the Media to dig for skeletons; anything to win, win, win.

  4. And not a peep from the women’s group’s on Sander’s refusal to condemn the harassment of Sen. Sinema……Imagine if some thug followed Hillary Clinton or some freshman Democrat Congresswomen into the toilet and Mitch McConnell or some other Republican refused to condemn the behavior…….The women’s groups would be enraged, demonstrating in the streets, demanding McConnell resign and calling on the Department of Justice to able it a hate crime.

    The two things the Sinema incident establish is that Sanders is indeed a hypocrite and cares nothing about the treatment of women…….Very sad, but Is anyone surprised by this?

  5. A Vermont Legislator need not ever loose his seat, because Vermont has recently legalized UNIVERSAL MAIL-IN OF BALLOTS.

    EVERYONE on the INFLATED registered voter list gets a mail-in ballot, with postage-paid envelope.

    CONDOS, VT Secretary of State, will send you a ballot, whether you asked for it or not, whether you are in-state or not, whether you are alive or not, etc.

    That means about 150,000 unused ballots of people who NEVER vote will be floating around all over Vermont.

    These never-voting people are very important.
    On voter lists, they likely are marked as RARE voters.

    Whereas, THEY may not vote, someone else can do it for them, by filling out a harvested mail-in ballot, mark the envelope with the voter’s address, and add an unrecognizable scribble signature.

    After some practice, ballot-filling-in folks get pretty good at it.

    Very busy Town Clerks likely may not even have a signature on file for voting, or non-voting people.

    It would be too much work to “verify signatures” before or on Election Day.

    On Election Day, Election Officials likely will tell clerks to skip signature verification, because “we got to get these votes counted”

    Back to the 150,000 floating-around ballots.

    VPIRG, and other “professional” harvesters, will be HARVESTING part of 150,000, and any other ballots they can lay their hands on, and fill them in, and VOTE them.

    In a state with un-monitored drop boxes, just dump them in a drop box in the middle of the night, or find an election official to discreetly insert them for you, while no one is looking, or while windows are blocked off, so no one can see what is going on.

    What about Chain-of-Custody? Is that still enforced? Was it EVER enforced?

    Gee, is all that legal?

    In Vermont, YES, because Vermont recently legalized UNIVERSAL HARVESTING OF BALLOTS.

    These two measures serve as insurance for any Legislator to perpetually occupy a seat.
    If he is in a tight race, all he has to do is to make a few phone calls, and various “helpers” will make him a winner.

    In fact, he may not even need to campaign, or get out of his basement.

    Oops, I forgot. In Vermont, when you vote in person, an election official is not allowed to ask you for any Photo ID, or other ID.

    That fraud possibility was also recently legalized.

    • Yup, even the dead gets a mail-in ballot. My husband got one and he didn’t ask for it. he’s been dead for 17 yrs. I know for a fact he isn’t on the town voters list. I called Condom office (oops I guess I should have typed my bad) about the mail-in ballot that came for my husband, Never heard back from the weasel.. I knew I wouldn’t.. those democrats are all the same.
      There are 343.000 registered voters in Vt. over 355,000 were counted with 88% of the polls reporting so where did the over 12,000 extra votes come from. the voter fairy ???
      William you are right, the democrats will send ballots to, dead people, people who have moved out of state,. The democrats have even let the illegals who were sent here to be allowed to vote, how else would they get in office

  6. Was it a surprise to anyone that VT’s
    Socialist Senator would no sign the
    If he wasn’t spending our taxdollars he isn’t signing it just his socialist mindset.

    Wake up Vermont, you voted this clown
    In !!!

  7. Sanders agrees it is OK for leftist scum heads to harass a young woman in the ladies room.

    It does not matter if she happens to be a US Senator. Just harass her!!

    This US Senator is guilty of not supporting Sander’s $3.5 TRILLION SOCIALIST, REMAKE BOONDOGGLE.

    Just add all of it to the national debt. Sanders is OK with that, because anything, including harassing women, is OK, as long as it spreads SOCIALISM.

    Senator Sinema should get herself a couple of brutes as bodyguards.
    Any harassment would instantly be “nipped in the bud”

    • Sinema should get a couple of bodyguards and do the same treatment to the POS Sanders and his wife. He doesn’t deserve to be a senator, much less a U.S. citizen. He and his wife are both crooks and interested only in there well being. Neither deserve to be treated as American citizens. That’s my opinion of them.

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