Pot to kettle: Bernie Sanders calls Trump an ‘authoritarian’

By Joe Simonson

Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders issued new attacks against President Donald Trump Wednesday afternoon in a tweet, calling him an “authoritarian.”

U.S. Senate

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., famously supports big government programs that are mandatory for citizens and disallow free choice for individuals.

The former 2016 Democratic primary candidate went after Trump for his attacks on the media, as well as his rhetoric against European leaders and his criticisms of the recount effort in Florida and Georgia.

“Trump describes the free media as an ‘enemy of the people’; attacks leaders of democratic countries while cozying up to authoritarian nations; and now uses his influence to try to stop the counting of votes in FL and GA,” Sanders tweeted. “There is only one way to describe him: Authoritarian.”

Since Election Day, officials in both Georgia and Florida have garnered criticism for the length of time before a definitive victor has been announced in their respective governor and Senate elections.

The president has responded by alleging incidents of frauds and impropriety by those handling elections in the two states.

Trump said on Nov. 8 that “Law Enforcement” was investigating incidents of corruption in the Florida Board of Elections.

“Law Enforcement is looking into another big corruption scandal having to do with Election Fraud in #Broward and Palm Beach. Florida voted for Rick Scott!” President Trump tweeted.

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7 thoughts on “Pot to kettle: Bernie Sanders calls Trump an ‘authoritarian’

  1. Being a Veteran, the great understanding Bern never answered my concerns when he was the Senate Chair of Veterans Affairs. Veterans aren’t in his contributing bankroll, so ignore them. Want correspondence–have a bunch. AND over 160 listed documented articles about VA corruption. The news as of the past two days have highlighted VFA problems. He might contribute to Vet suicide deaths because of ignorance, Vets are not important and don’t help buying his 3 properties. Yup, Vermont’s finest.

    Don’t ask Bern for help unless you have money to contribute. Back stabber, snake oil salesman. Liberals think he’s great, they didn’t have to put their lives on the line for this country. Fly with nukes, I did.

  2. Bernie ” Soapbox ” Sanders, what a buffoon really thinks he’s relevant and is just posturing
    for his 2020 run.

    President Trump has done more for the Country in less than two years, then Sanders has done
    in his entire career. Name one major accomplishment Sanders has done for the Country, Hell
    just one for Vermont ??

    Socialist Sanders, what a joke and Vermont keeps electing him ………Suckers !!

  3. Bernie is a simpleton. He grew up in poverty (dirt floor house) but had enough savvy to get into government and make a living. To keep that status he needs to BS all. In this Liberal environment of VT he found a “home”. The more he BS and tells distorted lies the more he’s believed and hence has an income for life. He has defined the art of BS and that’s his purpose in life, a snake oil salesman.

    The money pours in from the taxpayer and donations. Three properties, one on an Champlain Island.

  4. Bernie’s entire outlook is authoritarian.
    He believes in a central government directed society and economy
    If that is not authoritarian, then what is?
    All his approaches require government action planning and programs to levelize, levelize.
    He would have zillions more bureaucrats watching and determining and influencing all our moves.
    That is his real agenda.
    Stalin, Hitler, Castro, using socialism and communism as their credos, similarly ran authoritarian states.
    We all know how that went.
    Trump’s making America great again and being Patriotic again and being a Nationalist again, runs counter to the approaches of the Bernie’s of this world.
    The main reason they vilify Trump, while they love fraudulent EB-5 programs of benefit to Asian multi millionaires, seeking to safeguard their millions.

  5. Bernie wants to impose the rigors of Universal Health Care on the entire population and he calls Trump “Authoritarian?” Socialism is the most authoritarian political religion short of the totalitarian dictatorship of Communism that can exist. Progressivism is the unworkable ideology that centralization of all power in a national government is the path to utopia. And Bernie calls Trump “Authoritarian?” Bernie, the word “Liberal” is, in a political sense, only a name. The reality of Progressivism has a meaning that is the polar opposite of the dictionary definition of “liberal.”

  6. No, he is a Patriot and nationalist

    He puts America first, instead of negotiating trade agreements that guarathe US trade deficit will be higher.

    In fact, after every trade agreement, the US trade balance became worse.

    It all started with the Kennedy Round, which opened our markets and became a bonanza for so called trading partners, who have been screwing the US ever since.

    Trump is trying to put a halt to that, and they are trying their hardest to prevent him from being re elected, and the go back to business as usual.

    They also do not want to pay 2%of GDP for their own defense.

    They have stood on the sidelines while US soldiers are bleeding all over the world defending their free world interests.

    Their helping out is strictly kept to the minimum they can get away with.

    The Japanese and Germans have been particularly adept as shirking from their obligations.

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