Sanders announces: Create a government based on ‘economic, social, racial, environmental justice’

By Molly Prince

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders announced on Tuesday that he will be entering the 2020 race to run for president on the Democratic ticket in 2020.

“We began the political revolution in the 2016 campaign, and now it’s time to move that revolution forward,” Sanders told Vermont Public Radio in an interview airing Tuesday morning.

Sanders revealed in November 2018 he will “probably” launch a bid for the presidency if another candidate does not emerge who is more likely to beat President Donald Trump in 2020.

“If there’s somebody else who appears who can, for whatever reason, do a better job than me, I’ll work my ass off to elect him or her,” Sanders said at the time. “If it turns out that I am the best candidate to beat Donald Trump, then I will probably run.”

The progressive senator unsuccessfully ran a 2016 presidential campaign as a Democrat. Although his run was initially considered a long-shot bid, Sanders won 23 primaries and caucuses. He also won more than 45 percent of pledged delegates, compared to challenger Hillary Clinton’s 54 percent.

“I wanted to let the people of the state of Vermont know about this first,” Sanders told VPR’s Bob Kinzel Tuesday. “And what I promise to do is, as I go around the country, is to take the values that all of us in Vermont are proud of — a belief in justice, in community, in grassroots politics, in town meetings — that’s what I’m going to carry all over this country.”

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Sanders and his advisers gathered for a weekend in Vermont in December to discuss his prospective run and started laying the foundation in preparation for an even more expansive campaign than he had during his first presidential run.

“This time, he starts off as a front-runner, or one of the front-runners,” Jeff Weaver, Sanders’s 2016 campaign manager, said during the retreat. “It’ll be a much bigger campaign if he runs again, in terms of the size of the operation.”

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19 thoughts on “Sanders announces: Create a government based on ‘economic, social, racial, environmental justice’

  1. What a narrow focus. He will never be ‘ready’ to deal on the international level. This should be addressed.

  2. A few questions for Bernie supporters,
    What are Berns accomplishments while holding office and being paid by taxpayers?
    What legislation has Bernie successfully put through?
    Over the past several years has Bernie done the job he was elected to do? I.E. what percentage of the time was Bern even present to vote?
    Who pays for “free” college, “free” healthcare and “free” everything else?
    If Bern believes what he shouts, shouldn’t he give away a few of his lavish properties? You only need one home, correct?
    Over the past several years, how much fossil fuel did Bern (Burn) use while on a private jet (campaigning about the dangers of burning fossil fuels and the effect on climate change)
    How many jobs has Bern created?
    Who handles Bernies election $ ? In other words, who is controlling the millions of dollars Berns sheep send in? The Sanders have cronies deciding where to “spend” millions of dollars.
    What happened to the Vermont college Jane Sanders was president of? Any idea why it happened? Did Jane receive a golden parachute payment from the college after running it into the ground? Did she misstate facts? Was she charged? Why?
    Please tell us about Berns greatest accomplishments.
    What has Bern ever created, a good, a service, legislation, a large donation to a charity…anything.
    Have you ever taken a basic economics class? Have you ever studied history?

  3. Ever notice geese or ducks flying in formation heading south? The Bern is like the leading goose, breaking wind for the others to fly easier for the some (12) now in the Dem Prez running. He’s getting the media foreplay (really) and the followers “coast” along and some have ghosts in their closets.

    I heard on the recent news The Bern has to go to the Loo often. I’d hate to be a following goose. Does he have medical problems? At an elder age, you find out what is the most important organ in the human body, the butt. When it needs attention, all other functions are trivial. So we good have a toilet paper Socialist Prez if the shepople so vote. If in a case of potential war or terrorist disasters, seek Bernie in the Loo.

    Need some realistic perspective human data, My two cents.

  4. Read the headline ” Create a government based on ‘economic, social, racial, environmental justice’” desired by The Bern. Each of the four can be separated and researched as to what the words actually mean in The Bern’s mind. Each one will in some form violate the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Declaration of Independence needs to be invoked against The mindset of Socialism such as The Bern has

    The 85 Federalist Papers backs up and expounds on the intelligence of our founders and should be held in the highest of esteem. This is the fundamental basis of the now Libs against us.

    I am astounded that during that time period of the writings of Jefferson, Hamilton, Monroe, Franklin, Washington, Lincoln given the educational system of those times, just how educated they were. Observing as to what there is now, society generally has regressed back to the cave man times.

    It’s greed, power, money. The Capitalist system of free enterprise is under attack. If you based on your hard work, education, skills, product producer, employer—The Bern thinks you need to give it to his Socialism welfare programs.

    The Bern makes mega bucks, I haven’t seen him give any of his wealth to society. “Do as I say, not as I do” His life is taxpayer and shepople funded. The elitist. You note when he speaks he always clinches his lips as if in a serious mode to impress his audiences? It’s a image that he means business. BS.

    I love the Bern and can see thru him. Sorry Bern.

    • What is very depressing is our reporters are not calling people out on things, not questioning what is being said. They are literally a mouth piece. In this case co -conspirators in propaganda.

      Press is very rare, propaganda machines are rampant.

  5. The Bern- the inetarate ultimate crapologist. But he’s smart. He knew his ultimate dream of riches and popularity is to get into politics. He realized this when living in a dirt floor house in NY then move to Vermont. Such people that want-need to advance monetarily (rags to riches) seek government positions. So he did in Burlington (the bastion of Liberals) to VT Legislature (bastion of Liberals) to Congress.

    He learned that there were many shepople that relied on gov support-the majority do nothing people, he’s smart. That was the basis for his Socialist agenda that propelled him to fame. To get further, he runs for Prez. Wow all that $$$$ rolling in. So he can buy 3 homes. He knows there are shepople in the country that he can appeal to.

    But during the Prez debates against the Hildabeast and that Clinton machine, at the Dem primaries he
    was at the gate when Hitlery the witch was at the far mid field. He never criticized her (being sub-servant?)

    The Bern is going for Prez again at 77. Apparent the Bern wants more money, it’s a new found bank roll. Maybe he’ll be able to buy a house next to the Obamas in DC with a high wall. Now he has another chance to inform how great Socialism is. He calls it in another term Socialist Democracy. DUH WHAT???? If he dies in office, who will be the VP, Killery? Is he looking for a send-off like McCain or Kennedy?

    Is schooling of the greatness of Socialism is in between his ears. He apparently never read about countries that failed with Socialism, look at Venezuela, he could afford to visit and observe and get a GED diploma.

    While as a Senator on the Veterans Committee, he was a total waste. I contacted him many times, being a Vet, no response. Guess no Vet contributed to his campaign.

    He’ll be a laughing stock again. Trust the fly over states again have the say in the next Prez election.

    Too bad VT absorbed him into our geographic area, his only survival place. I have the greatest respect of the Bern and know where he belongs —send and keep him on Mars. Maybe like the Rovers sent there, he’ll expire. In time he’ll be irrelevant, hope the country honors the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    My two cents

  6. Dedorah has got it righht on. One more question,: how many votes has Bernie missed iin the Senate and House cpmpared to the number he cast? If I had to guess, I’d say it’d be close to 80% of time he’d m2iss the vote.

  7. Bernie needs to stop pretending to be a Senator from Vermont and admit that he is all about his
    personal agenda. He collects a hefty $175,000 plus perks as a senator and let those that voted
    for him now they have been hoodwinked again. He has no interest in doing any real work in Washington.
    His mission is to run for a seat he cannot win and gather many donations along the way. He should step down NOW and let someone else do the real work of a Senator from Vermont.

  8. “the values that all of us in Vermont are proud of — a belief in justice, in community, in grassroots politics, in town meetings” – I note that Bernie has left out a very significant value – and the first word in the Vermont state motto – Freedom. The “won 45% to Hillary’s 54%” conveniently leaves out the mechanizations against him by the DNC. As far as “We began the political revolution in the 2016 campaign” goes, What revolution? What significant part of Obama’s political legacy did he overturn? What did Bernie himself implement? Did he push Hillary further left? How much did that benefit the Democrats?

  9. I’ve asked this many times and it’s time to ask it again. What has this socialist ever done for this nation must less Vermont. All the years that he has been a Senator, I’d like someone to give me 3 bills that he has sponsored that has ever become law? How about one bill?
    The man has been useless as a Senator other than making himself rich. That he has done on Vermonters back. I find it amazing that these fools keep voting him in. He won’t be around doing a thing for Vermont again while he campaigns. Not that it’ll make any difference.

  10. Wow, Socialist Sanders announces his bid for 2020 Presidential run, as he states he’ll
    continue his 2016 political ” Revolution ” or as most taxpayers would see it ” Abomination “.

    The country is already in debt to the tune of $22 Trillion and this” Buffoon” figures he can give
    Medicare for all, free College, $15 minimum wage and then overtax the top 1% off the business
    owners to support his BS…… what an Idiot.

    And then he didn’t learn a thing from his last Venture into his Presidential Run, Bernie just
    in case you don’t understand your not a DemocRAT and they will not let you into that clubhouse
    as hard as you try.

    Just think Hillary chewed you up and spit you out, just wait until the twenty or so ” DemocRATs ”
    that have announced there bid for the top job, these sharks will use him like “chum bait “, this fool believes he’s the ” Man ” that will defeat Trump !!

    Sander’s followers, that listen to his rhetoric, are in the same mindset as those fools getting to
    the ” 72 Virgins ” neither is going to happen !!……… Suckers or fools your choice !!

    Wake up Vermont, what’s the Bern doing for Vermont, when he’s out on the campaign trail ???

    • He learned he can get stinking rich, just by running, doesn’t have to win. He had a little company that was the media buyer, could make 10-15% off all advertising and media buys. Say he wins the nomination and his side spends a billion dollars, a nice cool 100 million to your little company. What would he do with that money at 77? He’s got a great retirement plan, huge actually.

      Does he think Americans need saving from our Constitutional Republic?

  11. Create a government based on ‘economic, social, racial, environmental justice’

    What kind of JUSTICE?

    Bernie, the poster child of US Socialism!
    He celebrated his honeymoon in the USSR, IN THIS UNDERWEAR. Just google to see the video

    A socialist government as in China, Cuba, Venezuela?
    Bernie flying in CO2-spewing private jets around the country to make $100,000 speeches
    Bernie has three houses.
    Bernie has a foundation.
    All his speech money goes into his foundation, which is tax free
    Most of his expenses are charged “to the foundation”, just like the Clintons, Al Gore, etc

  12. The only thing this VT’r wants to hear first from sandernesta is he’s dragging his stinking commie butt back to brooklyn. I guess the ol commie fossil don’t realize his type of government just failed in Venezuela, not that the do nothing ever political hack
    could Create a new government… Alzheimer must be setting in.

    Burnee is just an ol white guy has been like the perv slow joe bidin
    There are many new flashy models of commies with bigger schemes then his and they promise more free $hit..

  13. “Bernie for President” – It’s Déjà Vu, All Over Again !

    WAIT ! Hasn’t ole Bernie rejected the Democrat nomination for U.S> House and Senate over a dozen times ? What’s his plan to get the Democrat nod for President and then decline it when no time remains to muster up a replacement ? He must now that the DNC will not tolerate the nonsense the VDP allowed him to get away in the Peoples’ Republic of Vermont !

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