Roper: Vermont Climate Council wants ‘buttload’ more compensation

By Rob Roper

Yes, the Vermont Climate Council, the 23-member climate change task force whose numbers have swollen with the incorporation of a multitude of outside subcommittee members, want more money for themselves in their efforts to make your life less affordable.

The council proposed an amendment to H.122, an act relating to boards and commissions, which would allow committee and subcommittee members to receive a $100 per meeting per diem payment. Other such volunteer board and committee members receive a $50 per meeting per diem.

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The debate in the Senate Government Operations Committee is right out of a Saturday Night Live skit (from the 1970s when it was funny), especially when Chair Jeanette White (D-Windham) wishes for some wealth sugar daddy “with a buttload of money” to just pony up the cash and privately pay these people (see video). In a bizarre twist, other members of the committee actually consider this proposal seriously. There are lots of rich environmentalists out there who’d be delighted to pay these fine volunteers.

It took legislative council, Amerin Aborjaily, to timidly remind the elected officials that having a private person or entity paying people charged with creating regulatory policies for the state might, just possibly, if you think about it, be a major ethical and political issue — something akin to, say, bribery.

That seemed to sink for some if not all of the members, but in the end, they asked Aborjaily to look into the possibility anyway. Stay tuned.

Rob Roper is president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

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16 thoughts on “Roper: Vermont Climate Council wants ‘buttload’ more compensation

  1. It’s sad to see what has happened to the once great state of VT. Liberals are like locusts, once they destroy one area, they just move on to the next.

  2. This would be hilarious satire if it sadly wasn’t real. But voters have no one else to blame but themselves.

  3. From this report, it appears that true to other Vermont Boards and Councils, the need of members of the board to insure their positions and salary is paramount. This appointed Council has the power of the legislature to enact law and change drastically life in Vermont, yet first priority seems to be expanding the numbers of personnel required- and insuring these additional appointees profit from the state trough. I do hope this council can find that “sugar daddy” with a “buttload” of money to provide their funding, It’ll make the court challenge all the easier.

  4. We could compensate the committee from the savings achieved through their decisions by having an index comparing VT to the world. They would have fun splitting pennies!

  5. While the Vermont Climate Committee members squabble over per diem payments for their labors to save the planet from pollution, China believes it is it’s “basic human right” to pollute……See the Chinese thinking on greenhouse gases below:

    “Chinese state media revived a quote by a Chinese Communist Party official on Sunday equating pollution with the “basic human right” of development, arguing that urging China to remedy its status as the world’s worst greenhouse gas emitter was a violation of the rights of Chinese citizens.”

    And for the full story see:

    Maybe its time to send the Vermont Climate Council to China to convince President Xi on the right thing to do……They would of course have to be paid their rightful per diem wages.

  6. Has there ever in history been a scam as large or as profitable for the promoters as AGW – or do they have to trigger a world war to gain that? Are they in the Guinness book of records yet?

    • Probably not. But how can these scam artists resist when so many acolytes are so eager to be bamboozled? By all measures, the global warming prophesy is a religion. It even has an end-of-the-world prediction, which is in 12 years according to AOC.

  7. Whenever you catch yourself overestimating the lucidity of these Legislators, remember, even a monkey seems more credible wearing a suit.

    • A point seldom brought up, one complementary to Joe Biden: That he is the Cream of the Crop, the Top Banana, the very best candidate the Democrats could find in their whole party to nominate for President. How he won the election is another quite separate issue.

  8. There are no bounds on Climate treachery!

    Get all, every last detail, you demand, no holds barred, cut their throat!!

    No Mercy !! Leave them cold, on foot and broke!

  9. Hogs at the trough. Perhaps they can contact Hunter Biden, 10% for the big guy and they can funnel the rest for themselves.

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