Roper: Climate council says individual responsibility is ‘white’

By Rob Roper

During their July 1 meeting, the Vermont Climate Council’s Just Transitions subcommittee spent some time debating what role individual responsibility should play in the plan that will ultimately be put forward in December 2021. Their discussion point noted: “The majority of work needed in Vermont to reach our GHG emission goals will require changes by individuals (how we get around; how we stay warm and keep cool).”

The group overall seemed uncomfortable with the idea that individual responsibility should be mentioned at all. As committee member Chirs Campany said, “We’re tasked with crafting policies that frankly guide and also limit — and empower also — individual, business, government decisions.” This sounds like a kinder, gentler version of David Ismay’s “we need to break the public’s will” comments to the council of some months back. After all, if this unelected council is dictating how people can and can’t “get around; stay warm and keep cool,” individual responsibility really doesn’t factor into it. You will obey.

But it was subcommittee member Kiah Morris, a former representative from Bennington and currently Movement Politics Director for the far-left group Rights and Democracy, who was most adamant. She said: “I am super leery of placing individual responsibility on folks because we have not been a state that has supported individual actions and it again creates a very White-centered values – it’s a very White, capitalistic, it’s-my-individual-work-that-does-it when it is a whole.” (51:45 – 53:55)

So to recap, the greenhouse gas reduction plan we’re going to get in December from the Climate Council will be anti-individual responsibility, anti-capitalist and anti-White. Can’t wait to see it.

Rob Roper is president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

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10 thoughts on “Roper: Climate council says individual responsibility is ‘white’

  1. “I am super leery of placing individual responsibility on folks because we have not been a state that has supported individual actions and it again creates a very White-centered values – it’s a very White, capitalistic, it’s-my-individual-work-that-does-it when it is a whole.”

    Excellent! Kiah Morris has The Doctrine down. Pat yourself on the back, Kiah, and come to the front of the room where you’ll receive another gold pin.

    But really … “we have not been a state that has supported individual actions …”? Because Vermont originated as a communist collective? I must have been asleep when they taught that.

    Perhaps Kiah has failed to recognized that it really has been individual work that has done a lot of things, freely coordinating with others who have similar goals, and freely cooperating to make a society of free individuals who work, live, and play together in associations and for goals that they freely choose.

    Liberty and tolerance. These ideals are being flushed down the drain quickly by good soldiers like Kiah who Know Better for all of us what’s Good for Us, according to The Doctrine.

  2. The GWSA discussions have degenerated into a hogwash discussions about side issues, because what to do about the main issue, GW, is far beyond their grasp.

    I am astounded there are no INDEPENDENT energy systems analysis engineers on the Committee.

    Having a few members of pro-RE lobby groups will lead to self-serving measures, distorted by subsidies.

    All this has nothing to do with global warming

    The REAL issue is VETO-PROOF, COMMAND AND CONTROL by Dem/Progs, so they can pass GWSA with veto-proof majorities and IMPOSE their will on the rest of us. BREAK THEIR WILL, coerce them, and give them no room to evade us.

    Dem/Progs will turn heaven and earth upside down, including having THIRD-WORLD-STYLE tainted elections, to gain and maintain COMMAND/CONTROL, using COVID and/or GLOBAL WARMING, and/or Race, and/or Transgender, etc., or whatever, as Trojan Horses to achieve Socialistic, cancel-US-culture objectives. The latter is straight from Marxist manifestos.

    All else is just bull manure.

    By hook and by crook, Vermont, which was a CONSERVATIVE State for 200 years, has been turned into a most SOCIALISTIC State, by means of CENTRALIZED COMMAND AND CONTROL; a government program for every conceivable, over hyped “ill”.

    Because Dem/Progs have almost veto-proof control in Washington, DC, and to cement their dominance, they have:

    A) Opened the borders to flood the US with undesirables from about 160 countries (illiterates, unskilled, unhealthy, uneducated, not-English-speaking, criminal, etc., i.e., millions more of future Democrats

    B) Tried to implement TRILLION DOLLAR government programs that would:

    1) Strangle the US private sector,
    2) Increase energy prices,
    3) Increase inflation,
    4) Increase US Government budget deficits, which already are about $3 TRILLION in 2021.
    5) Increase our trade deficits, which already are about 1.0 TRILLION in 20121, because of decreased competitiveness,
    6) Increased our national debt to over $30 TRILLION, putting the US on par with dysfunctional Italy and Greece, which are examples of basket cases in the EU.
    7) Increase individual and business taxes to confiscatory levels

  3. “We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”

  4. The end goal here is where and what it has always been; What is ours, is mine and you will ultimately comply. It may take a while but you will comply.
    Getting out of VT while the “getting” is good, may be the only sensible thing to do. As I see it, sticking around will just end up costing money, with no benefit, and more will lead to more and more until common sense takes over and says: “This is the end, no more!!” When that will be, who knows. These committees of fools are the norm now, do not forget that.

    • There’s no place to run James. This is part of the GLOBAL reset and Vermont is the testing ground, like Denmark and other small states and natiions.
      If you find it, tell us where and lets caravan.

  5. I can’t wait to hear the new name they come up with for this yet again rebranding
    of the warming scam… it’s gotta be a doozie to represent the social just us, racist, corporate hate, and not responsible factions for the unwinnable war against the climate….The left likes unwinnable as they don’t have to prove it’s working only that they be able to flush our money down some rat hole…

  6. Looking forward to blatantly and publicly ignoring anything and everything this collection of idiots develops.

    Here’s a news flash for them – You can’t make me comply.

  7. Individual responsibility is the complement of individual freedom. If you wish to give up the latter for the benefit of the collective, then sure, you can pass on the former.

  8. maybe what these people write will—ha ha ha—be better than we anticipate.

    we’re not a very non white or collectivist state, are we?

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