Roper: Climate Council discusses ‘all economy’ carbon tax

By Rob Roper

Why settle for new carbon taxes on just gasoline, diesel and home heating fuels when you can apply a carbon tax to everything! Implementing an “economy wide” “cap and invest” (which is the current euphemism for a carbon tax) program is the latest curlicue fluorescent lightbulb to go off over the heads of the 23 zealots charged with totally restructuring our economy around greenhouse gas reduction.

Rob Roper is on the Board of Directors of the Ethan Allen Institute.

For the past several months the Climate Council has been discussing what its recommendations to the 2023 legislature should be, including bringing back the Clean Heat Standard carbon tax on home heating fuels, and some version of the Transportation Climate Initiative carbon tax on motor fuels. These programs, if implemented, would cost Vermonters multiple tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars in heating and transportation costs every year by themselves.

But why stop there! During the Aug. 18 meeting of the Cross Sector Mitigation Subcommittee, Brian Woods was running down a list of menu items that the Council would like to see professionally analyzed within the thermal sector to determine which policy or combination of policies would be needed to meet the mandates set out in the Global Warming Solutions Act.

“It includes sector wide performance standards like the Clean Heat Standard or the Clean Fuel Standard like we were talking about, but also includes expansion of existing policies programs,” Woods said. “It includes direct carbon pollution pricing like a price on carbon. Cap and Invest in the thermal sector. And then targeted performance standards for heating appliances, or direct regulation of fuel emissions for appliances as well. So, it’s not specific to clean heat. It’s going to be a very comprehensive analysis.”

At this point Council Member Christine Donovan chimed in, “Has consideration been given to including economy-wide cap and invest in this analysis? I understand how we got to think about this at a thermal sector level, but informed by the conversation we just had, is there a rationale for broadening it to looking at these various options at an economy wide level, not only the thermal sector.”

Earlier in the week, during the Transportation Task Group meeting, a frustrated Member Gina Campoli noted that the Council can’t even afford to do the studies necessary to evaluate these programs because the political will isn’t there to tax and spend to pay for them. That should serve as a clue that there is absolutely zero popular or political appetite for an economy-wide carbon tax.

And where might Vermont’s media be to inform Vermonters as to what is being discussed and proposed in these meetings?

Rob Roper is on the board of directors for the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

Image courtesy of state of Vermont

14 thoughts on “Roper: Climate Council discusses ‘all economy’ carbon tax

  1. These 23 people on the ‘Climate Council’ are climate evangelists. Expect nothing from this group but further socialist policymaking, exactly as directed by legislative leadership. Remember- this is the legislatures 2020 crowning achievement, pushed thru during the ‘Covid’ panic.
    Should you want this, keep voting as you have been. If this is an affront to your sensibilities, voting and getting the complacent and agnostic voter to the polls in November as well as next March is vital!

  2. The Globalist and elite progressive’s new religion to keep you scared. The facts don’t match the fear. It’s about money and control. To get government financing for climate change research these organizations use computer models to generate favorable results. Models have always failed, follow the money.

  3. Germany circa 1934 – infiltration, not invasion. These people are evil demons! They will control us and destroy us at any cost say their Masters. Wake up Vermont!

  4. Just Dissolve that side show. The recommendations that they make to the legislature and the result that might occur because of the added taxes to Vermonters might just be what it takes to get rid of the liberal politicians that care nothing about the welfare of the Vermont people. We are carbon neutral because of the Green Mountains, so let’s not try to make up for the rest of the world morons.

  5. I left NH this weekend and drove all around in Vermont having a look see at what my Twin State is up too.

    What I saw was miles and miles, as far as the eye can see.. of nothing but green mountains!

    Then I thought about how there are only some 620,000 or so people living in the entire state..
    When I thought about how there are well over 2 million people working for Walmart alone.. I wondered how on earth this state full of vast nothingness with nary a soul every so many miles can possibly be so dirty, rotten filthy as to turn the entire planet into a giant festering pig pen of such stench that the whole world is crashing into the abyss..

    Ain’t it something how this is what they’d have you believe.
    These are the people my mother told me like to hear themselves talk.
    Stop paying them and you’d be surprised at how fast you have no more problems.

  6. Climate Council discusses ‘all economy’ carbon tax, where did this gaggle of fools
    come from, Vermonter’s need to pull the plug on the council !!

    First off the world isn’t ending anytime soon, if these ” Climate Crusaders ” actually
    believed their own nonsense, they would be lowering the hammer on those countries
    like Russia, China, and India, Vermont isn’t even a drop in a bucket when it comes to
    carbon…….. just follow the data !!

    Then you have these “climate crusaders” John ” lear jet ” Kerry or another mouthpiece
    Bill ” Stop the farms ” Gates…………. just follow the money or all the jet fuel they waste
    promoting this nonsense

    So Vermonters, that buy this line of BS and go buy an EV, and solar panels and support
    the slave labor in China………….. But then again most of you voted for Feckless Joe, and
    how’s that working for you, that’s what I thought.

    We know, as we see your ” Biden ” bumper sticker on your Prius………you must be proud.

  7. Wouldn’t we want to look in real-world data to find confirmation of catastrophic CO2 theory? Yes, we would. Where would that data be? That data would be in the copious balloon data from weather balloons launched twice each day from around the globe. The result? There’s no indication that CO2 is doing anything whatsoever.

    The catastrophe gang simply doesn’t care about real-world data. They predicted a tropospheric “hot-spot” and it couldn’t be found, but that doesn’t bother them. Then said back-radiation would kill us but the plain fact is that back-radiation from a cooler atmosphere can’t warm a warmer surface (basic physics: heat travels from warmer to cooler.) So now they say: well, we just ‘count down’ from a higher emissions height that CO2 congestion is causing, using the lapse rate, and then we get a warmer surface temperature!

    This is complete nonsense, yet this is the official theory of catastrophic warming. There is no precise emissions height; the lapse rate is constantly changing, and no weather station on earth ‘counts down’ from the emissions height to get the surface temperature. The emissions height and tropopause height are constantly changing, even hour by hour. So we get a theory that can’t be proved because the terms are so vague– imagine that! “Science!”

    It’s all 100% pseudoscience. It’s completely absurd. Yet our brilliant catastrophe class stick to theory and to dubious pronouncements of how terrible the weather is, supposedly proof that CO2 is the cause of everything. Actual data? Who cares.

    If IR radiation in the atmosphere were really doing anything, then we should see that when weather balloons pass through clouds, which are concentrated absorbers/emitters of IR energy, just like CO2 is. Do we see that? No, we don’t. We see a bit of warming when clouds begin to form due to the heat of condensation released, but that’s it. Then temperature proceeds along it’s merry path, cooling according to the lapse rate equations that have no terms at all for radiative effects.

    CO2 catastrophe is 100% pseudoscience, but if a lie is repeated often enough …

  8. Whenever a “Climate Solution” uses the word “mitigation”, grab your wallet and run for the hills.
    It is always a sad sign of those who have no clue as to what is happening.

    Ask if they are familiar with the work of Bjorn Lomborg, the best-selling author of “The Skeptical Environmentalist”, whose latest book “False Alarm: how climate change panic costs us trillions, hurts the poor, and fails to fix the planet” kinda says it all…

    Should be required reading for all Mitigation Subcommittee members BEFORE they resign.

      • Karen,

        Great lecture by Richard Lindzen an American atmospheric physicist known for his work in the dynamics of the middle atmosphere, atmospheric tides, and ozone photochemistry. He has published more than 200 scientific papers and books. From 1983 until his retirement in 2013, he was Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has disputed the scientific consensus on climate change and criticizes what he has called “climate alarmism.

        Anyone who disputes the “scientific consensus” should be listened to.
        Worth watching!

        • You want to take bets on how many of the – shall I say – dem and prog morons in our legislature watched this? I asked them to watch it THREE TIMES so they would understand it. I always praise the Republicans for not falling for this nonsense. Definitely my favorite video on knocking down the climate cultists’ who make up a large population of our house and senate. Feel free to resend it to them.

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