Rep. Rashida Tlaib calls for $20 an hour minimum wage

By Evie Fordham

Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib called for a federal minimum wage of up to $20 an hour at a “One Fair Wage” event in Detroit on Sunday.

“Big fights like this one, $15. When we started it, it should have been $15. Now I think it should be $20 … It should be $20 an hour. $18-20 an hour,” Tlaib said in a video posted by America Rising on Monday.

Tlaib and Michigan Democrat Debbie Dingell participated in an event called “Server for an Hour” to support the Raise the Wage Act that passed the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives Thursday.

Tlaib brought up the common counter-argument that raising the minimum wage will not actually feel like more money in the wallets of workers.

“They say all this is going to raise the cost. But I can tell you, milk has gone up. Eggs has gone up. Everything has gone up. The cost of food has gone up. The cost of a lot of things that we need has gone up already,” she said.

Politicians on the far left have called for a significant increase in the federal minimum wage for years. For example, presidential candidate and Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders supports a $15 an hour minimum wage yet has reportedly been locked in disputes with staff who say their annual salary does not measure up with his commitment.

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4 thoughts on “Rep. Rashida Tlaib calls for $20 an hour minimum wage

  1. Maybe this brainiac should work 70-80 hours per week, create a product, borrow money from family and friends, go through the ridiculous regulations business have to contend with. If her business is a success, she can pay as much as she would like, why stop at $20, maybe she would pay $100 per hour. Funny how she wants to hand out other people’s money.

  2. Typical lib thinking. As long as someone else foots the bill, they’re all for it. Nothing new here.

  3. This woman, along with the other three bimbos (the squad), are in Congress to destroy our government; our society. Their first step is to destroy the economy. This would do it.

  4. Socialist, is it $15 per Bernie, or is it Tlaib wants $20….. do I hear another proposal,
    maybe next week, where will it end ??

    Just keep ” working ” your taxes will be needed to support these fools, and the biggest
    fool is Vermont’s very own ” Hypocrite ” Socialist Sanders.

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