Rep. Charles Wilson: We really have a one-party system in Vermont

This commentary is by state Rep. Charles Wilson. He is a resident of Lyndon and the House member for the Caledonia-2 district.

This past week, ranked choice voting has come up, and to my understanding, this would allow more Progressive/Democrats to take office who seem to be taking over in many areas already. The Affordable Heat Act has now passed the Senate with a two-year study attached on the cost of this bill, which will lead to greater overall cost and planning at taxpayers’ expense in order to sell this horrendous bill.

state of Vermont

Rep. Charles Wilson

The committee state testimony for “land access” say they need around $1,200,000. Conservation Districts need $27,000,000. Universal school meals cost $27,000,000 or more.   “Serve, Learn, Earn” needs $2,500,000. “Working lands” are asking for 4,000,000. There was also state testimony on a plan to conserve private land through a “30/50 Plan” that seems to present a land grab to regulate and buy land from private owners.

Global diversity, climate change, the U.N, the Global Warming Solutions Act, and California are mentioned all too frequently in state testimony, with very few and questionable details — but to “save the planet” to sell these agendas. Little attention is given to their constitutionality.

Vermont taxpaying citizens who come and testify before committees are not really listened to or given any consideration in what they have to say. The Vermont state testimony speaks of a “Vermont vision” where dollars are also needed for this outreach and support for “Smart Growth Towns” and use of public transportation — walking access to services — but never an ear to what vision “we the people” want. Vermont has lost so many good and talented workers who have moved away, because Vermont is not business friendly, with the second highest tax rate in the nation (just behind California), with massive regulations and permit requirements.

From my first two months in office, I have seen that we really have a one-party system, as many Republican bills are never even put forth for discussion — only Democrat and Progressive bills. The bottom line is that bills that move through the House may have “good intentions,” but have socialist narratives where the state will control everything — but the cost is passed to the local level and citizens pay. Even then, it is all unsustainable.

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13 thoughts on “Rep. Charles Wilson: We really have a one-party system in Vermont

  1. After retiring in 2008 I tried to stay a Vermont resident, but the tax and spend habits of the people in the legislature drove me out. They want less carbon and haven’t any common sense on how to accomplish this. Instead of helping the ones who pay taxes, all they do is keep sticking it to them. I will now go back to Vermont, but only as a visitor to see some of the spots the liberal wokes haven’t ruined with windmills that cost more per kw than nuclear power. They will not tell you how much it’s actually costing for the wind turbines, but dance around the whole subject to get their woke way. Wake up Vermonters and bring back common sense.

  2. Vermont has been my only home for 52 years. I know a lot of Reps and Senators from both parties. I don’t think it’s time to tar and feather them, for most are decent but obviously misguided. I was ready about the passage of S5 bill and it appears that Montpelier has lost touch with the people. Where is the electricity going to come from, with nuclear, coal and fossil fuels removed and solar and wind projects restricted that leave us with sticks and stones. Stones do not burn so will Vermont be denewted like it was in the 1870’s. I don’t blame them you trying but their “let them eat cake” attitude is hard to swallow. It was definitely our own fault. The state was beautiful, but poor, out of state money poured in while We were not watching nor holding them accountable. We can no longer turn a blind eye, for we have to protect what we love and vote.

  3. Having lived in Vt my entire life of 70 years I cringe as I sit back and watch Vt slowly decline. I soon will claim residency in another state. Vt has been taken over by a bunch of socialists and it is only going to get worse. Can’t wait to get the hell out of what once was a great state…. J Campbell

  4. Conspiracy is well covered under 18 USC Chapter 19. I contend the yokes are weighing heavy on many a neck in Vermont. The panic and desperation under the Golden Dome is making them do unthinkable things, but it pales in comparion to what they have all ready done. Those who stepped down are highly suspect under the circumstances. Those remaining are trapped and attempting to cover up criminal fraud, sedition and treason. The walls are closing in, the Truth is pouring out, and they cannot escape the justice coming upon them. Boomerang incoming.

  5. ppl just have to start to vote no ,no, no. and stop thinking soneone is going to pay for it.

  6. If my son was still alive I would be closer to him in NY. Not that NY. Is better but it sure beats VT by more than thousands and thousands points, Burlington is unlivable , thanks to the Progressive Party, and So. Burlington is not far behind! As everyone says we need diversity. But I see none on any school boards, elected public officials etc. this whole state needs change

  7. So they don’t listen to the concerns of their constituents, so maybe it is time to go back
    in time, with a little ” Tar & Feathering ” they didn’t have the issues we have, with our
    elected officials, ignoring our concerns…………… start at the top, it will only take a few !!

    • Our forefathers took up muskets over a unfair tea tax which was less then what the leftist commies are stealing from us. The no representation is the same in both cases however.

  8. Please stop calling them Progressive/Democrats, call them by their proper name, COMMUNISTS.

    • Correct you are,Vermont has turned into a Marxist hell hole and it will be all fun and games until they run out of Vermonters money as they chase residents out of state.

  9. Many people are leaving the state. Ill be gone in two years. As a nurse, that is one less in an already stressed healthcare system. Its simply to expensive to live here. Not to mention taxing social security. No one is safe here. My brother left 2 yrs ago. Vermont is ridiculous and is dri ing people away.

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