Rep. Charles Wilson: Issues being pushed early this legislative session

This report is by state Rep. Charles Wilson, the House representative for Caledonia-3. He is a member of the House Committee on Agriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry.

I have often spoken on overregulation in Vermont. Some is good in order to protect citizens, plants, food, animals, etc. from disease, invasive species, insects, pollution and water. Act 250, however, is a hinderance to farm and forest operations.

state of Vermont

Rep. Charles Wilson

The permitting process, inflation, climate change and global warming claims all lead to hurried fixes. There is also now a push to help failing organic farms with no plan as to correcting what is wrong. Our state wants tourists who use vehicles to come here for tourism, and then tax the residents for climate warming initiatives. I am aware that now many of my constituents are upset that the state wants to change the retirement health care contract to a lesser Medicare Advantage Plan.

Also the majority in power wants noncitizen voting — that is clearly unconstitutional.

The “universal school meals” program now may become permanent, which will put more burden on taxpayers. Those that can work should do so, instead of sitting at home collecting. Everyone wants to help children, and that is good, but parents are responsible for their children. Also, there is no such thing as “free lunch.” There is a clear attack on parents’ rights to take away the care, protection, love and guidance of parents towards their children. If parents fail to do so, the state is then forced to intervene.

I would like to thank Bill Coleman of Newark in helping to raise attention to slave labor in the world today. It is a great moral contradiction to import slave labor products of all kinds when the United States and Vermont have outlawed slavery.

We have a $8.4 billion budget with now an additional $9.2 million add-on adjustment.

We heard testimony from those representing Senator Sanders, Senator Welch and Representative Balint. The focus was on health care, the Omnibus farm bill, nutrition, rural development, Smart Growth, and food supply. This will lead to further federal Democrat /Progressive and state running and taxing everything. Whatever happened to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” from hard work?

They also spoke of climate change and global warming. After much research, I found scientists agree and disagree on this, but do agree there is no clear prediction possible or a cure. However, politicians and the media know that doomsday theories sell and give money and power.

Images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Tony Webster and state of Vermont

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  1. Rep Wilson
    You seemed to insinuate that it is the leg majority wanting to change the retirement health to a Medicare disadvantage plan – that is most definitely incorrect. It actual is the R Governor and his team pushing this.

    BTW – do you support this change?

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