Rep. Balint: ‘We must abolish the debt ceiling’

U.S. Rep. Becca Balint (D-VT) issued the following statement about why she supported the U.S. House budget deal.

“My bottom line will always be: how can I deliver the best results for Vermonters and the American people. After taking the time to ask the hard questions, I decided to vote “Yes” on this agreement to avoid default and the job loss and economic distress that comes with it.

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Rep. Becca Balint

“I could not in good conscience vote no and risk over 250,000 Vermonters losing their health or veterans benefits — a lifeline for so many families. As I’ve said consistently throughout negotiations, default would be devastating not only for working families across the nation, but also has real consequences for the health of our global economy.

“While far from perfect, this bill protects Social Security, Medicare, and veterans’ benefits. It protects the progress Democrats have already made on climate change, accessible health care, and ensuring rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. While there are parts of this bill that I oppose, the alternative of a default is unacceptable and would be devastating to Vermonters.

“This situation has made it abundantly clear we must abolish the debt ceiling. No other major economy on earth does this. America should pay what it owes and stop allowing our economy to be held hostage to an extreme right-wing agenda.”

Image courtesy of U.S. House of Representatives

17 thoughts on “Rep. Balint: ‘We must abolish the debt ceiling’

  1. While they’re at it with abolishing the debt ceiling, how about abolishing the ability of the government to fund itself, buying its own bonds by increasing the money supply? There are sound reasons we were founded as a deficit funded government. Borrowing money for specific purposes from the private sector via bonds sold at auction is valid economic policy – but not when the government’s printing press is competing in that auction. King Biden’s fourteenth amendment scam is just that: to pay, section four, “Authorized debt” – Only Congress can authorize debt. And, section five, Only Congress shall have the power to enforce the provisions of this article. Government spending repeatedly exceeds the funding potential of its tax base.

  2. This gal is a fool. She’s a crook who kept tainted illegal donations, while poor folks get wiped out in the crypto scam. The Gov’t is trying to get money back. “Baloney Balint” is refusing. Typical of someone with no honor, integrity or morals. She is a mind numbed robot….all he dos is walk arouhe and repeat this phrase from teh Dem-o-prog talk sheet. every dem ocrat does it!!! :

    “ held hostage to an extreme right-wing agenda.”

    Ms. Balint, the only one with an “extreme agenda” – is you. When will you return illegal/tainted donations?, For all intents, YOU have STOLEN. because you REFUSE to return illegal donations. I bet your parents did not teach you this stuff….lack of morals, integrity, honesty. So you must have learned it from being a Democrat Progressive….and the brainwashing. You need to get “De-Programmed”.

  3. NO becca dear we need to CUT government spending along with worthless agencies of the Government. We don’t need 87,000 new irs agents to dig thru the tax forms of a few thousand millionaires We don’t need a homeland security dept to welcome in new illegals, we can fire 1/3 of the FBI and DOJ that’s become a corrupt arm of the Drats.We can stop sending money abroad and funding illegal wars. It’s time for the gravy train to dry up instead of leaving our children a even more unfixable debt. If your only there to keep spending maybe you shouldn’t be there.

  4. Balint needs to be abolished, along with all the socialists that are destroyed my country.

  5. Obviously her next demand is a printing press for just for Vermont -so that they never run out of other peoples money.

  6. That was her feelings in the VT legislature but was constrained by the law. But now she can vote her true feelings.
    They say the democrats are the ones who care about people but they keep showing otherwise. The interest on the debt is a burden on taxpayers already without increasing it.
    “America should pay what it owes and stop allowing our economy to be held hostage to an extreme right-wing agenda.”” I wonder if she understands that the money being borrowed to keep our government operating is money that isn’t being used to build economies around the world. The lack of economics understanding is pathetic in a person in congress.

  7. Wow, I thought Becca Balint was highly educated, but apparently, she does not understand the
    meaning of debt and how you get there, and how you rectify it, hopefully, she understands
    that with all this frivolous spending with no ceiling cap, her kids are on the hook for it !!

    Becca is just another black eye for Vermont politics, we deserve better, leaders not followers,
    I would like to see how she runs her own household, I bet it’s not the way she wants to run the government spending ………….. what a pathetic display.

    • She understands a lot better than you are imagining.
      If the debt ceiling goes away, we have no idea how much the government is actually spending.
      At least this way, they have to officially ask for more, so we can see how fast and how much they are spending for us.

  8. I don’t remember voting for this elitist, but since I was required to vote provisionally,
    who knows? Maybe jim condos filled out my ballot?

    This person has no clue of the cost or value of money, nor that most Vermont taxpayers are really indentured servants to the state and federal government. It appears she demands that ever increasing amounts be collected from the working stiff and magnanimously re-distributed to those that curry favor with her and her friends.

  9. If when you abolish this, our elected officials would be setting a standard and leading by example. If the government can borrow, borrow, borrow unlimited amounts of money then so can we and paying it back will not longer be an issue. Maybe I’ll get that Dodge Challenger that I want so much for nothing after all.

  10. Anybody hear about the progress our favorite lesbian rep has made in returning the campaign money stolen from FTX investers?. Just asking for a friend.

    • lol, yeah they give it to another non-profit, that fills the other coffers of some NWO pimps….

      recycling you know, got to keep it clean with their special laundry detergent!…

  11. Representative Balint: Will you send me some personal bank checks so I can draw on your personal checking account? As long as debt ceilings are a thing of the past, hey, how about we spend some of your money too.

    • Agreed Jay.. and how much of her paycheck is she donating to charity to support the down trodden she creates?

      How about people start doing some Right To Knows?

      • How about all the money Balint received from Bankman-Fried, the FTX Krypto scam artist. Balint is following in his footsteps with her own Ponzi scheme.

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