Randy Brock to lead GOP Senate caucus

Vermont Senate Republicans will have a new leader in January.

Sen. Randy Brock (R-Franklin) will be taking the reigns when new members are sworn in on Jan. 6, according to current Minority Leader Sen. Joe Benning (R-Caledonia). Sen. Brian Collamore (R-Rutland) will continue to serve as assistant minority leader.

The decision was reached in a unanimous vote of Republican Senators following a motion by Benning.

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Sen. Randy Brock, R-Franklin

“We have traditionally separated the role of Minority Leader from that of a Senate Committee Chair,” said Benning. “We deviated from that in the last biennium,” added Benning, who also serves as Chair of the Senate Institutions Committee. “I’m proud of the work we have done to build a cohesive caucus, and now It makes sense to return to our usual practice of distributing leadership responsibilities.” Benning commented, “Randy brings a fresh perspective and a great vision for the caucus to embrace as we embark on a new biennium. I was proud to nominate him to move us forward.”

Brock is a five term senator who represents Franklin County and the town of Alburgh in Grand Isle County. He is a former State Auditor and gubernatorial candidate.

“I’m honored that my colleagues in the caucus have selected me. I’m looking forward to working vigorously for all Vermonters on the many critical challenges we are facing,” said Brock. “We’ll continue to work cooperatively with the majority to get the right things done, but we’ll push back to ensure alternative views are advanced where needed. I’m grateful to Joe Benning for the work he has done to position us for the future.”

Brock said the caucus will focus on dealing with the effects of the pandemic and assisting individuals and businesses in the recovery. He said the caucus is finalizing several new legislative proposals on economic development, bolstering the rural economy and tax policy.

In the new session, there will be seven Republican senators, a gain of one seat from the 2020 general election. In addition to Benning, Brock and Collamore, Republican Senators include Sen. Russ Ingalls (R-Essex/Orleans), Sen. Corey Parent (R/D – Franklin), Sen. Josh Terenzini (R-Rutland) and Sen. Richard Westman (R/D – Lamoille). Ingalls and Terenzini will be new to the Senate.

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2 thoughts on “Randy Brock to lead GOP Senate caucus

  1. May I be the first to announce that Conservatives have won the 2020 elections, across the board. If anyone doesn’t recognize Joe Biden’s complete U-turn, as he co-opts Trump administration policies as his own, they should get their heads out of the sand. The Trump vaccine is about to become the Biden vaccine. Socialism is dead. The extreme progressive left, represented by Bernie Sanders (B.S. personified), Beto, AOC and ‘The Squad’, is about to learn how fickle politics really is. ‘The Squad’ has been used. They are ‘used’. Now they will be cast aside by their Democrat turncoats at DC’s recycling center.

    Nancy Pelosi is history too. Not because she isn’t politically astute. Pelosi will turn on a dime too. But she’s out of style in the showroom displaying this new Democrat conservatism. Biden’s cabinet picks, so far, indicate the change in his barometric pressure.

    And in Vermont, the Progressives aren’t stupid either. Gone are stalwarts Mitzi Johnson, David Zuckerman and Tim Ashe. Even in Vermont, Progressives are reading the writing on the wall despite their so-called ‘progressiveness’. And that’s a good thing.

    With Covid, remote working, and more internet bandwidth, I think we’re going to see School Choice and its resultant lowering of property taxes. We’re going to see an increase in the use of inexpensive Hydro Quebec power (Solar and Wind simply can’t cut the mustard).

    Yes, it is a Brave New World. But its conservative, and for good reason.

    • Jay, well spoken. Regarding the latest TNR article “Vermont police chiefs call governor’s Thanksgiving gathering restrictions difficult to enforce” the article and comments have highlighted Scott’s dictatorial mental capacity to control. Somehow he needs to become mute, collect his paycheck, sit it out and leave. Can’t impeach, the majority of Libs love him so much.

      The upcoming legislative year is going to be a three ring circus.

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