Public support for legal marijuana continues to rise

By Nick Givas

More Americans support legalizing marijuana than ever before, according to a Gallup poll released Wednesday.

Sixty-four percent of those polled told Gallup they support making the drug legal, according to the poll. Gallup’s first poll on marijuana legalization was taken in 1969 and found only 12 percent of the public supported it. By 2001 it was up to a third of all Americans, and a rising majority have supported legalization since 2013.

The poll also shows a majority of Republicans supporting legalization for the first time ever, at 51 percent — a nine point increase from 2016.

Although marijuana is illegal on the federal level, eight states have passed legislation legalizing the drug for recreational use, and 29 states and Washington D.C. have legalized it for medicinal use.

New marijuana products have sprung up to help curb the opioid crisis and provide an alternative to powerful narcotics. Pharmaceutical companies like Myaderm are developing topical remedies meant to ease withdrawal symptoms through the use of the chemicals THC and CBD. These products are meant to help with muscle tension, anxiety, blood flow, and chronic pain.

Marijuana has been proven to be less physically addictive and has less side effects than drugs like Vicodin and Oxycontin. States that have embraced medical marijuana laws have seen a dramatic decline in prescription opioid abuse compared to states with no medicinal laws on the books.

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4 thoughts on “Public support for legal marijuana continues to rise

  1. It is a sad day in Vermont when the perceived solution to overspending by government is to legalize a drug that is clearly harmful to our youth. Most of the drug treatment for young people in the United States is for Marijuana use alone. We need legislators and a Governor who will say NO, and will fight against this bill in an effort to protect our citizens from the societal risks of expanded drug use and potential associated criminal activity, diminished educational accomplishments and compromised productivity. We do not want government that supports raising tax dollars at the expense of the health of its citizens. Remember that marijuana is illegal at the federal level. Marijuana smoke contains 50-70 percent more carcinogenic (cancer causing) hydrocarbons than tobacco smoke. Elected officials who take an oath to “Do no harm” need to remember that when it comes time to vote on legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

  2. Yes this is just another ploy to show that there is a real following for legalization !!
    The only ones pushing this are those that want to sell , they have duped our elected
    offices stating Profit , Profit , Profit and they are buying it hook line & sinker .

    These number , are just that poll numbers………… you’ll never see real data numbers
    just numbers they want you to see for there agenda .

    Like we don’t have enough running around already misusing !!

  3. Those 64% – are they for “medical marijuana” or Colorado-style commercial sale? This piece reads like PR for legalization but it needs a lot more detail, which (on this issue anyway) is where the devil is.

    • What about the number of heroin deaths in Colorado that has increased in the past year. look at the incidents that have affected minors. I believe pot is a gateway drug for those with addictive personality. Could this be the proof? We already have a drug crisis on our hands, could we fix one before with start another.

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