Primary questionnaire: Gerald Malloy, GOP, U.S. Senate

By Guy Page

On Monday, Vermont Daily Chronicle emailed the same questionnaire to candidates in most contested statewide races in next Tuesday’s Democratic and Republican primary. Below are one candidate’s answers to these questions: “If elected, how would you:

Reduce the cost of living?
Promote widespread, affordable home ownership?
Protect the public from crime?
Promote successful schools?
Protect a clean environment?
Protect civil liberties?
In any other way promote the welfare of your constituents?

Gerald Malloy, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate

My name is Gerald Malloy and I am seeking to be Vermont’s next US Senator. I believe in God, Country, Family, and the Constitution.

I have 42 years of highly relative service to our Nation, and across that experience of great responsibilities I have demonstrated performance and leadership. I graduated from West Point and have served and performed in military, government, and business in leadership positions. This includes performing worldwide with 20 NATO partners and allies, combat and nuclear surety operations, 20 Presidential Disaster Declarations, performing with many US Govt organizations and the law enforcement community, and performing the last 11 years in business development leadership positions in a highly competitive business environment growing business and supporting US Government organizations, mostly in DC.

I have earned a Master’ degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Temple University, a graduate certificate in Business Intelligence from Georgetown University, and graduated from the US Army Command and General Staff College. I am a Vermont parent, father of 4 children, including 3 teenagers in Vermont schools. I see our Country going in the wrong direction, I am going to fight for change for a better future for all Vermonters.

Reduce the cost of living? My platform includes viable, common sense ideas to return to abiding by the Constitution, promoting economic prosperity, and ensuring defense, security and order. The current administration is failing Vermonters and America in these. Please see my website, I will fight to return to a Federal government of less control, less regulation, less spending, and no new taxes – Government that provides just enough order so every American can enjoy the liberty, freedom and rights of the Constitution. Implementing my ideas, and discipline, will result in lowering the cost of living.

The reason we are experiencing 40-year high inflation and are now in a recession is the reckless overspending of our current administration that has led our national debt to over $30 trillion. The reason our gas and oil prices are at record highs is the Biden administration Executive Order/Crusade to kill the oil and gas industry. I will fight to overturn that Executive Order and to return to spending within budget. As a United States Senator, objectives include ensuring the United States achieves independence for oil and gas, future energy, critical technology, and food. The current administration has failed America in its responses to pending and real inflation; as US Senator I will seek to ensure responsible and timely fiscal and monetary policies.

Promote widespread affordable home ownership? At the Federal level, as above, I will not support the overspending that has caused the inflation and recession we are all now experiencing. The Biden administration response in raising interest rates has substantially increased mortgage rates and they are projected to continue increasing.

As a US Senator I will act to reduce Government regulation and control that does not benefit economic prosperity, and I will support infrastructure development that does benefit economic prosperity. There are 3 major issues impacting affordable housing and home ownership in Vermont: 1) infrastructure that is not in place; 2) the restrictions of Act 250; and 3) well-paying jobs. Vermont must decide to make changes related to land use and development, and to infrastructure development so that builders will decide to invest in building starter homes and other housing. I fully recognize that Vermont has not been growing well-paying jobs. I will utilize my many years of experience and success in business development, working directly with US Government organizations and across industry, to grow well- paying jobs and business investment in Vermont.

Protect the public from crime? I fully support our Law Enforcement community and will fight to fully fund, not defund, the police. I will also seek to ensure our court systems put criminals in jail, not let them go back out on the street again. We have a Fentanyl crisis in America – I call it Chemical Warfare as China produces the synthetic opioid called Fentanyl and pushes it into America mostly across the southern border. Last year 10,000 lbs of Fentanyl were seized in the US and this is enough lethal dose to kill 2 billion people; the cause for the majority of the 100,000+ overdose deaths in the US last year. I will seek to put up the Wall along our southern border and enforce immigration laws. I will also seek sanctions against China related to Fentanyl. Our Law Enforcement community is a critical part of our society, part of the order that allows us to enjoy the rights of the Constitution. My son is going to become a Police Officer later this year after graduating college and I am very proud of him for entering that noble profession.

Promote successful schools? Stacey and I have 4 children in school, including 3 in Vermont schools right now. I am in favor of school choice and will fight for parents’ rights to determine what is and what is not taught to children in public schools. I am in favor of STEM focused education that prepares our children for a successful future, and does not include CRT, Wokeism, or Transgender studies. I have had many conversations with Vermonters about education reforms, from reducing costly layers of administration right up to getting rid of the US Department of Education, and I will consider these actions as a US Senator. Overall, going back up to spending and discipline above, I will look closely at what our Government invents in with taxpayer dollars. Recently I watched Congress provide $40B to Ukraine and now $280B in the CHIPS Act. I have issues with how Congress spends huge sums of taxpayer dollars. I will fight to ensure we spend with discipline on America’s future, such as education improvements.

Protect a clean environment? I am 100% in favor of developing future US energy, climate, emissions, and environmental plans and capabilities. I am not in favor of backing into a “New Green Deal” that is not viable. I propose a re-evaluation of our future energy plans that includes industry, developing the resources (that we do not possess), infrastructure, and cost for every American to see and understand.

I do not believe we are in a climate emergency. I will also seek agreements, or sanctions, with countries based on emissions.

Protect civil liberties? I took the Oath to support and defend the Constitution and served well and faithfully under that Oath for over two decades. As a US Senator I will continue to serve well and faithfully under Oath to support and defend the Constitution to protect civil liberties. I will not waiver in my belief in the right of every American to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In terms of nominations as a US Senator for positions such as lifetime Supreme Court Justice that impact civil liberties, I will base my nominations on character and qualifications, and I noted I would not have supported the recent SCJ nomination based on being soft on crime.

In any other way promote the general welfare of your constituents? I will serve all Vermonters, Vermont, and the United States, under the Constitution and the values of Duty, Honor, and Country, for a better future. I bring 42 years of successful service and experience across military, government, and business, and as Vermont’s Republican United States Senator I will provide the leadership and performance that is missing. It has been an honor meeting thousands of Vermonters campaigning across all 14 counties over the past 7 months. May the 14th star shine bright!

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

Image courtesy of Gerald Malloy

12 thoughts on “Primary questionnaire: Gerald Malloy, GOP, U.S. Senate

  1. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: I don’t believe Gerald can beat Peter Welch. He is strictly anti-abortion and no matter how we feel about it that will turn off the majority of Vermonters and no moderate/liberal will support that. There are a few other reasons but that’s all it takes to lose.
    I think he would make a very effective governor and I hope he decides to run for that in 2024. The abortion issue will be resolved most likely so that negative will go away.

    • Sorry but like I said, Jesus isn’t on the ballot. I’ve listened and voted for the lesser of two evils for 40 years and what did that do? If Vermonters want to have a nonaffective senator to join in with the crazies, so be it. This is my last election in Vermont if there are no changes. I can’t afford to stay here as a widowed single person. I think your guy is a banker with a past in Real Estate, his chances aren’t any better. After the Covid lock downs, mandates, flat out lies and accusations from the Vermont government, if these voters go with the statuesque, there is no hope left to turn this ship around. I’m voting for the person who is the most qualified, win or lose.

  2. Two charlatans left in the VT congressional delegation, Welch the ambulance chasing, personal injury lawyer and Bernie from Brooklyn, the self-avowed socialist who honeymooned in the USSR and was a founding member of the communist Liberty Union party of the 70s.

    Examine this man’s history, education, business and military experience and we are worried that the moonbats who outnumber republicans will reject competence for the more radical, progressive Becca. If Vermonters continue to follow this cult like ideology the state is doomed. Is Becca our best and brightest option? Does Becca have any world experience? She was a middle school teacher and rock climber.

    What Has Peter Welch done to deserve senator? What worldly experience does he have? And look at Bernie, chairman of the Senate budget committee. A guy who didn’t have a job until he was 40, never ran a business and never accomplished anything except gaining personal wealth. He got the mine, and the Bernie Bros got the shaft.

    Can Vermont recover from its moonbattery? Is the progressive party helping Vermont? Can it save the earth by punishing you more financially? Can you afford an EV after they ban internal combustion engines? Will you be able to heat your home this year? Will there be enough food on the shelves? How much more land will China buy in the US? Should our military be Woke and inclusive or should they train to defend America? All these and more are the issues facing all of us regardless of politics. While the country is poised to vote for change and the coming red wave is predicted, will Vermonters vote to continue the nonsense of its liberal policies hurting all Vermonters except those wealthy enough to not care? Elections have consequences and the democratic party under the direction of Joe Biden has destroted the economy in 18 months. That is the reality. Change is in the air. Step forward for the good of your state and country. Vote for change!!!!!

  3. I completely disagree on affordable housing platform.

    a) We don’t need more infrastructure, that inherently makes things less expensive, city sewer and water are more expensive than on site. This is part of the Agenda 21, 2020 platform, please stay away.

    b) Our minimum wage is higher than 96.7% of the worlds income. We can have modest homes for not much money. We are regulatorily strapped. 1200sq ft house or less, no building permit needed, streamlined septic and water, relax community standards for shared septic and water.

    c) change local zoning.

    There are so many creative ways for housing, we just don’t allow it. Allow homesteading…..log cabin and out house…’s what our country was built on, it’s what the hippies did in the 70’s , it’s what the preppers would love to do in 2022….

    Food sovereignty would be another great one for Vermont. Any one can grow and sell food locally, no permits required on site or in “farm stands”….

    • What’s your point Neil? Where does Mr. Malloy advocate for your housing criticisms?

      If Vermonters choose it (as opposed to being forced by the U.N. – a strawman argument if there ever was one), what’s wrong with a good water and sewer system? Forty years ago, people in my district still had their toilets flushing into our rivers. And the CT River was a mess. When Vermont joined the U.S., there were only ten thousand people living here. So, it mattered little. Today we have 630,000+ residents, not to mention out-of-state students and tourists. Perhaps we should all go back to living in communal long houses, teepees, or caves. I mean… really?

      Why a building permit? So, the town knows where you are and can ask you to pay your share of the town maintenance that affects your property value.

      Change local zoning? Where? From what? To what?

      And food sovereignty? Good point. While selling fresh produce does not require special licensing or registration, selling just about anything else is regulated. And it’s not regulated for public safety, because the State accepts no responsibility for its licensing process or the results of that process.

      The State regulations are created solely to add tax and licensing revenues so the State can continue to regulate more and more, and get more and more revenue…. and on and on.

      But again, where do you see Mr. Malloy addressing these issues with which you ‘completely disagree’?

  4. I see your signs throughout Rutland cty and I’m glad to know I actually can stand behind them. This is exactly what VT needs. We need someone to stand up and look for real energy solutions before they take over our beautiful green mountains with solar panels that only yield about 15% of our energy needs. Knee
    Jerk liberals will ruin our state. We need real solutions that have been thoroughly thought through. Thank you Malloy!!

  5. A vote for Christina Nolan is a vote to put another Ketanji Brown Jackson on the Supreme Court, something Gerald Malloy would not do. More abortion, more gun control, etc.

  6. Gerald, this all sounds good but can you beat Welch ??, he thinks he’s the chosen one
    for this Senate seat……………….

    Show the state Welch’s records while being in DC, what has he really done ” nothing “,
    and his failures need to be front and center ……………. Good Luck !!

      • So, Neil what’s your point? Should we all stay home? Jesus is not on the ballot, so we have to pick one who isn’t perfect. I’m voting for Mr. Malloy, there is no choice. You can’t win the war without winning small battles.

  7. Wow are you for real? these are the kind of men and women we need to put Vt. On the right track again. God bless you sir.

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