Deb Billado: President Trump has it wrong on everything (Part 2)

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP.

The headline last week and this week was designed to catch your attention, but it is only true in the eyes of those on the left who cannot accept that President Donald Trump was elected by the will of the American voter or that he has done an amazing job in his three years in office. I said in last week’s commentary that I would speak this week to the good our president has done that he gets very little credit for. So here we go.

Deborah Billado

Deborah Billado

Our nation is prospering under the leadership of President Donald Trump. He works to strengthen our military for deterrence. He works to strengthen our economy creating jobs and wealth for our citizens. He ends bad deals and renegotiates them with America’s interests considered first. He has appointed strong conservative non-activist judges.
He has removed unnecessary business regulations creating 6 million new jobs. Wages are up. Unemployment is at record lows for all including African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and women. There are now 9,000 “opportunity zones” across the nation to spur $100 billion in investments that will benefit 35 million Americans. The president has delivered tax cuts increasing worker’s take-home pay. Businesses also have benefited from lower taxes and some have given bonuses to their workers from those saved taxes. The stock market keeps reaching new highs.

The commander-in-chief has virtually eliminated ISIS, destroying their caliphate. Remember when daily we saw images of ISIS members in their orange jumpsuits and hoods, standing over their soon to be decapitated hostages? No longer. Trump works to reduce the threat of global nuclear war by talking to those who have the potential capability, in an attempt to make them friends rather than foes, but at the same time negotiating from a point of strength and an unwavering position that Iran should never have nuclear weapons and he will accept nothing less than the denuclearizing of N. Korea and insists on a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula.

We must have President Trump re-elected in 2020. He has the optimism to believe that things will get better, so he plows onward and he has said it over and over that we must win. Winning is paramount to him, so, no matter the odds against him, he recognizes the hope about change captured by Harriet Beecher Stowe who said, “Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” He has his priorities straight and he doesn’t waiver from them and he keeps his campaign promises. He is the definition of persistence. Vermont’s own President Calvin Coolidge recognizes what many see in the persistence of President Trump. Coolidge said “nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.” Trump is the right man for the troubled times America is facing. He is strong and will bring about the changes America needs to be able to survive further into this century. He is that special person for our times. There has been none other like him and none other could have withstood what he has and, at the same time, accomplished so much for the people.

The slogan “Make America Great Again” reflects the desire of our president to build up our middle-class Americans so that each will have the opportunity to realize the American Dream. He keeps his promises and is unrelenting at doing that. He is blunt and not politically correct. He speaks the truth. He recognizes that our freedoms are God-given. This president loves America. He has told us many times that he wants to keep America great, free, prosperous and safe. We owe him our support, our appreciation, our prayers and our vote in 2020.

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10 thoughts on “Deb Billado: President Trump has it wrong on everything (Part 2)

  1. So let’s see we have a President who is crass, say’s what he wants and offends plenty of
    thin-skinned ” Liberals ” and some die-hard conservatives, but he’s doing what he said he
    would do for the Nation during his campaign……………

    Can anyone give me one, just one career politician from ” any party ” that has done what
    they ” promised ” they would do during there campaign …………….just one !!

    Trump has brought his NY Business mentality to DC, they hate it because he’s not a BS artist politician, that never gets anything done.

    So you run the Government like a business and get things done, PO a ton off Liberals in the
    process………………. Life is good !!

    And Vermont’s own ” Socialist ” B.Sanders with all his hateful rhetoric and free everything is sinking like the Titanic……………….Outstanding !!

  2. Thanks for putting into print what I think, so that I can pass it on to those who can’t see past Trump’s rhetoric. Trump throws around insults much too freely, angering those he insults and their believers. But that’s about all I can criticize him for. I believe in what he believes in for this country, and praise him for having the where-with-all to bring it about. He defies all critics, which I guess is what it takes to pull off what he has. I’m so grateful, for he is pulling off what I thought could not be done given the forcefulness of the opposition. There are enough of them, especially here in Vermont, to draw in those who just want to be among the populist Party here. I’m hoping more of them will awaken, and see the light of day on the subject of politics. If they can and will, it will lift the onus of hate and defiance from their backs, and allow them to once again be free to feel positive for our country instead of being steadfastly against it and all it represents. Our country allows us all who live here, to enjoy the epitome of what life should be — free and positive and unencumbered by too much government. Finding the line between too much government and not enough is the trick. We are always fighting to find that fine line. Trump is bringing us much closer to finding it. Go Trump!

  3. Thanks Deb for the intelligent words and the support of Donald Trump in spite of those in the party that are too weak in the knees to stand up.

    Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to the Republican Party I hope that people jump on board and turn this state around before it is lost to all of the Liberals and the Republican “lights” that don’t have the guts to stand up and fight to save Vermont.

    You still have a lot of dedicated support behind you and if we can get the people out to vote we can make a change.

  4. What’s remarkable to me is to note just how much President Trump has accomplished in spite of 2 1/2 years of witch hunts and harassment from the sore losers on the left. Fortunately, he came along just in time to clean up Obama’s mess.

  5. Deb, thank you so much.

    How I wish there were more just like you. You give courage to others the way you stand up for what is right, not for what is politically correct. You are offering a breath of fresh air for many disengaged people who don’t even vote anymore, who had all but lost hope that there could be a turn-around in Vermont governance.

    I watched the Trump/New Hampshire rally last night on TV and while FOX went away from the President from time to time for their programming, I saw enough to confirm that what you have said in this op-ed is right on with who Donald Trump is and how good he is for America. I saw it reported that there were but a few hundred there but “wow” those cameras showed the contrary. The place held 12,000 and it was full of excited, smiling, cheering people.

    There really is so much hate for him out there and I can’t wrap my head around that when I think of how much better off each American is since he became President. He touched on that last night when he said, something like, you can love me or hate me, but you have to vote for me because if you don’t it’s going to be disaster for your 401(k) and all the other benefits he has brought to us. So maybe that should be the message. Do you really have a choice other than to vote for him in 2020? Looking at it that way, you have no other “real” choices nationally, but we do have choices in Vermont. We need to make 2020 a red year, a “rosy red year”, with Vermont and New Hampshire side by side red states and confounding all the pundits.

    I suggest that we start now and line up with Deb Billado and those who support her way of thinking and vote them into office. Better yet, if you see a place to serve in local or state positions, run! Become involved in your town and county Republican committees and start to catch the spirit. Write letters to the editor in support of Republicans and don’t forget to put a good word in for the President. Many people have been deceived by the left to believe all the lies they spread. Their plan is to say these falsehoods so often that people will finally believe them. We need to use that strategy and spread the good news and truth and that will catch on even better.

    There is a change blowing in Vermont and much of that has to do with the clear voice coming from the head of our VTGOP. Keep it up Deb and don’t stop speaking the truth. It will carry the day once people wake up and realize how taken to the laundry they have been with the liberal/Progressive/Democrat policy. There is a better way. Thanks again!

  6. Way to go Deb. Facts are facts. It’s just that the liberals refuse to give him any credit. They hate him that much and will do whatever they can to destroy him. What a country this is becoming.

  7. The slogan for 2020 is “Keep America Great.” And I went to the rally in Manchester NH yesterday. One fella had a homemade sign that said it all; “Vote American. Not Democrat.”

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