Portland police arrest leftist accused of beating innocent motorist, kicking him in the head

By Jake Dima

Portland police arrested a man who’s accused of violently beating a motorist whose pick-up truck crashed near a Sunday demonstration.

Marquise Love, 25, has been charged with felonious assault, coercion and riot participation, and was transported to the Multnomah County Detention Center early Friday morning after he turned himself in, according to a Portland Police news release.

Love has been apprehended in connection with a Sunday incident where rioters surrounded Adam Haner’s truck, ripped the man from the vehicle and bloodied him on the street, Fox News reported.

Love, who is also referred to as “Keese Love,” was identified by police as the man who allegedly assaulted Haner earlier in the week, according to the release. The 25-year-old appears to punch Haner in the head several times as the middle-aged man attempts to sit upright in the road, video showed. Love later can be seen taking a running start and kicking the man in the side of the head from behind.

“I ain’t tryna hurt no one,” Haner told the protesters, the New York Post reported. “I was trying to get out the way,” the man added.

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Image courtesy of Portland Police Bureau

2 thoughts on “Portland police arrest leftist accused of beating innocent motorist, kicking him in the head

  1. Liberal Democrats in charge, this is what you get !! Don’t believe me just watch
    the liberal news stations……….. peaceful my Azz.

    This clown Marquise Love,needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, let’s
    see how he handles himslef in the big house, he won’t last five minutes………Good.

    The Circus is in town, liberal run towns.

  2. If the Democrat mayor and governor had nipped this in the bud, we wouldn’t be where we are today. But oh no, we must allow these “peaceful” demonstrators to exercise their First Amendent rites and express themselves. When the “peaceful” demonstrations turned violent with looting, rioting and murder after midnight, these clowns were fast asleep. Once it got out of hand, they scratched their head as if to ask “now what should I do”. When they finally woke up, it was too late.

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