Poll: Voters unhappy with Biden’s work on Russia, the economy

By Casey Harper | The Center Square

Newly released polling data shows that most Americans are not happy with President Joe Biden’s handling of Russia and the economy.

Gallup’s new poll found that 55% of those surveyed disapprove of Biden’s handling of Russia, with only 37% approving. The poll found 62% of voters disapprove of Biden’s work on the economy since he took office.

The White House

Biden’s overall foreign affairs job approval rating was reportedly 40%. His overall job approval came in at 41%, with 55% disapproving.

The data comes amid rising inflation and economic difficulties alongside increased Russian aggression toward Ukraine, including Russian President Vladimir Putin’s deployment of troops into eastern Ukraine. Biden has taken criticism for his handling of the crisis.

“And now Biden’s corruption issues have helped lead to one of the most dangerous confrontations with Russia in 60 years,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch.

Biden’s overall foreign affairs job approval rating was reportedly 40%. His overall job approval came in at 41%, with 55% disapproving.

“Biden’s overall job approval has shown no meaningful improvement since last fall when it declined after the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Gallup said. “High inflation and the continuing coronavirus pandemic are likely two factors keeping Biden’s approval rating down.”

Biden’s approval on a range of issues has declined significantly since he took office.

“The trends in approval of Biden’s handling of specific issues follow the same trajectory as the trend in his overall approval rating,” Gallup said. “The issue approval ratings were above the majority level early in his presidency, showed a significant drop in the summer of 2021, and dropped further in the fall. Americans’ approval of Biden for handling the coronavirus situation has consistently been his best among these issues, averaging eight percentage points higher than his foreign affairs and economic approval ratings.”

Biden’s approval has dropped even among Democrats but most significantly among Independent voters.

“Biden’s overall job approval among his fellow Democrats continues to hold near 80% after being consistently above 90% early in his term. In the latest survey, 79% of Democrats approve,” Gallup said. “Over the course of his presidency, Biden’s job ratings have fallen the most among independents, among whom 35% currently approve, compared with ratings in the high 50s to low 60s in his initial months as president.”

The poll used telephone interviews conducted Feb. 1-17, from 1,008 adults. The margin of error is 4%.

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9 thoughts on “Poll: Voters unhappy with Biden’s work on Russia, the economy

  1. Go down to the local hardware or grocery store in Vermont and look at the other folks around you.
    It’s hard to believe but according to many polls, a third are still backing Joe, at least publicly when asked by pollsters. It’s sad and disappointing what this says about the general mental state of this society.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  2. The United States and Western Europe is standing against Valdimir Putin’s attempt to re-establish the Soviet Union by this first step of the invasion of Ukraine. It is incredibly sad to hear Donald Trump still praising Putin, a former KGB agent, actions as “genius” and “wonderful”.

    Ronald Reagan had it right with his comment about the USSR being “an evil empire” and he managed to help hasten the demise of the Soviet Union. After Trump’s comments and as well as others in the United States who trying to excuse Russia’s naked aggression against a smaller nation, Reagan must be rolling in his grave.

    • Unlike you DJT is a very stable genius. As a businessman also unlike you who had a union-backed taxpayer funded job at a school – sees Putin as a brilliant tactition by calling the EU Ukraine colonizers and their puppets such as the likes of Beijing Biden’s bluff. He told the world in July what his plans were and the day before he went into Ukraine.

      DJT claims Putin whispered Ukraine in his ear and he said no…if he pulled it with him guess who said yes…I’ll wait lol

      • This is a weapon of mass distraction and wag the dog effort to cover Pedo Joe’s failed presidency and another manufactured crisis courtesy of Chairman Joe

    • {The United States and Western Europe is standing against Valdimir }

      I think you mean stomping their feet as they’re doing nothing physically to help
      Ukraine. Putin knows biden is a loud mouth coward like his boss obama who
      sent blankets to fight back when he stole Crimea.. spew what you wish against
      Pres Trump but we had more world peace and prosperity under his watch
      then either of the other 2..

  3. The bumbling ijit hasn’t had a success story in his pitiful 50 years of corruption and lies
    in the DC swamp. The whole world knows this are taking advantage of it which shouldn’t
    be a surprise to anyone. Not that he’s making the decisions now but the equally inept failure
    Obozo who is is also known as a pushover. For bydone to be polling above the Teens means
    the media and pollsters are padding the numbers. 20% inflation should be plenty of proof of failure.

  4. Russia and China are setting us up. If we respond to Russia in the Ukraine then China will act on Taiwan and our woke military will be screwed because we will not be able to fight a war on 2 fronts. Hence we will all be screwed. If Biden had 2 brains they would be out looking for each other.

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