Poll: Almost half of Americans say Biden has accomplished ‘little or nothing’

By Sebastian Hughes

Almost half of Americans believe President Joe Biden hasn’t accomplished very much, if anything at all, during his presidency, according to a WaPo-ABC News poll released Sunday.

Of the 1,001 adults polled, 63% thought Biden had achieved “not very much” or “little or nothing” thus far, with 45% answering the latter. The figure is far greater than that of former Presidents Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at similar points in their presidencies, Politico reported.

The poll was conducted after the House passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIF), which devotes approximately $1.2 trillion towards improving roads, bridges, ports, waterways, rural broadband access and more over the next decade.

The poll also showed that 51% of respondents would choose Republican House candidates over Democrats in their own jurisdictions, the highest percentage for the party since the poll first asked the question 40 years ago, Politico reported. This makes the figure higher than 2014, 2010 or 1994, which were GOP wave years.

Biden’s approval rating also dropped to 41%, according to the poll results, with 53% of respondents disapproving of the president’s work while in office. More, only 31% of respondents said Biden has kept most of his campaign promises, and 70% of respondents stated that the economy was “not so good” or “poor.”

However, 63% of respondents said they supported “spending one trillion dollar” on infrastructure, and 58% supported “spending about two trillion dollars to address climate change and to create or expand preschool, health care and other social programs.”

BIF passed in early November after lengthy negotiations between different wings of the Democratic Party in the House. Moderate Democrats gave a written commitment that they would vote for Biden’s $1.75 trillion spending package should the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score be aligned with White House estimates.

The thirteen Republicans who voted in favor of BIF are facing intense backlash from some within the party. Six Democrats voted against the bill.

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7 thoughts on “Poll: Almost half of Americans say Biden has accomplished ‘little or nothing’

  1. Biden accomplishing “little or nothing” would be a huge improvement over what he and his party have done to damage the way of life of the greatest society and Nation this planet has ever known. If you had an instruction manual of how to destroy the greatest middle class and overall quality of life humanity has ever lived under, you would have to assume that it is being used as their blueprint. One of the most damaging overall elements of the left-wing ideology is the incentivizing of victimhood and the Biden administration has allowed the left to bring it on, full strength.

  2. Long ago I learned to judge people not by what they say or what people say about them, but by what they do.

    Yesterday President Biden signed the 1.2 trillion bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. It was passed negotiated and passed with the support of 19 Republican Senators and only passed the House, (where six Progressive Democrats includin AOC voted against it), due to the support of 13 Republican House members. It is the most significant investment in the infrastructure in the last 70 years. Despite all Biden’s shortcomings, this is a signature accomplishment and one that will have long lasting benefit to our country.

    • Just because 19 Republican Senators voted for it don’t make it right. The bill was 2,468 pages with only 110 billon dollars out of 1.2 Trillion dollars for roads, bridges, ports etc. It is a Trojan Horse. Only stoopid people like you think it will be a benefit to our country. The only reason the Progressives (aka Communists) didn’t vote for it because it wasn’t attached to even more spending in the reconciliation bill. They knew as they know now that bill will never get by the Senate. Enjoy your $3.40 a gallon gas.

      • There is nothing so traditionally Republican as to invest in infrastructure. The Republican party was founded on it. Initially this included not only funding for the transcontinental railroad, but also recognized infrastructure included investing in people. Our first Republicans passed and Lincoln also signed the Homestead and Land Grant College Act.

        Mr. Lanese is right that the Infrastruture Bill was not simply about roads and bridges. It also included 73 billion to upgrade the country’s electrical grid, 66 billion for high speed internet access across the country, 47 billion to fight wildfires and protect coastal zones from flooding, 21 billion to clean up contamnated rivers and lakes, and 15 billion to get rid of lead pipes in drinking water.

        Investing in the future of our nation’s backbone just makes sense. It is no wonder Republicans and Democrats made common cause on this one.

  3. What do you mean he’s not doing nothing. He’s doing exactly what is expected of him. He is advancing the anti-Constitutional communist agenda stripping us of all our rights in increments. Illegal elections have consequences.

  4. Headline should have included the word good at the end… As far as
    destruction of our energy independence, economy, world standing, Constitutional
    rights all being sent to the gutter he’s accomplished a lot in a very short time..
    Nothing good for us but all beneficial to the socialist swing to mother government…

  5. ‘little or nothing’? He has further divided the people into special interest groups, Obama style, and antagonized them against each other, appointed government functionaries by race and politics rather than ability, incentivized a flood of illegal aliens and invited them in, trashed the economy and spent like a sailor on leave, accelerated inflation, raised taxes, printed money, mismanaged commerce and the supply chain, driven Fascist executive orders and mandates, reentered the Paris accords agreement sans Senate confirmation… Where do they get this “Little or nothing”? He’s a one man wrecking crew.

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