Poll: 75 percent of Americans support restrictions on abortion

By Grace Carr

Three out of four Americans support significant abortion restrictions and say that abortion should not be legal after a woman is three months pregnant, according to a nationwide Tuesday poll.

Not only do a majority of Americans, party aside, support abortions restrictions, but 59 percent of Americans also support banning abortion after 20 weeks except to save the life of the mother, according to the Tuesday Marist Poll.

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Pro-life protesters hold signs saying “choose adoption.”

Sixty-percent of Democrats support restricting abortion after a woman reaches three months in her pregnancy, the poll reveals.

Fifty-five percent of Americans consider themselves pro-choice, while 38 percent consider themselves pro-life, according to the poll.

The pro-choice and pro-life labels, however, are highly inadequate and don’t accurately reflect the nuances of opinions on abortion, Knights of Columbus Vice President Andrew Walther said on a phone call with media Tuesday.

Opinions on abortion don’t really reflect “a polarized electorate” in the U.S., Director of Marist Poll Barbara Carvalho also said during the phone call.

The Knights of Columbus partnered with the Marist Poll to conduct the survey. The poll’s data was collecting by surveying a nationally representative sample of 1,066 adults between Jan. 8 and 10.

The Knights of Columbus is a volunteer organization that does charity work in America, Europe and Asia.

According to the poll, 49 percent of Americans think that if the U.S. Supreme Court reviews and reconsiders a ruling on Roe V. Wade, it should allow states to restrict abortion access. Another 16 percent think the court should make abortion illegal.

Across party lines, 56 percent of Americans view the human fetus as a “unique life” rather than as a part of the woman’s body, according to the poll. Fifty-five percent of Americans think doctors, nurses and organizations with moral objections to abortion should not be required to perform abortions or provide insurance coverage for abortions, according to the poll.

“As in past years, this poll shows that the pro-choice label on the abortion issue is simply insufficient,” Knights of Columbus CEO Carl Anderson said in a statement, according to the poll. “The majority of Americans – in both parties – support legal restrictions on abortion.”

Seventy-five percent of Americans also oppose taxpayer funding of abortion abroad, according to the poll.

Upon taking office, President Donlad Trump reinstated the “Global Gag Rule,” also known as the Mexico City Policy, mandating that overseas organization receiving U.S. aid do not promote abortion. Former President Ronald Reagan first established the Global Gag Rule in 1984. Former president Barack Obama rescinded the policy in 2009.

The poll’s release comes ahead of Friday’s March For Life in Washington, DC.

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2 thoughts on “Poll: 75 percent of Americans support restrictions on abortion

  1. There should be restrictions on Abortions, they should only be allowed for Medical Issue with the
    Mother or Child or if rape or incest has happened !!

    But if you’re using an early termination because you got ” knocked up ” because of your stupidity
    or carelessness this day and age, your an Idiot…… your life is about to change !!

    • I say let the left abort all they want……….if you do not want a abortion then do not have one, period. However I resent the taxpayers having to pay for welfare for the women who have multiple kids for no reason but to live on our dime. These kids are worse off in the system then never being born in most cases and we should not have to support them because it is their God given right to procreate. Why are the father’s not paying for these children as it take two to produce kids? Maybe making folks accountable for their actions is a timely idea………

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