Podcast: Second Amendment rights during coronavirus pandemic

Virginia Allen | The Daily Signal

States all over America are mandating that nonessential businesses close, which is forcing lawmakers to decide which businesses should be deemed “essential.” In states such as New York and Massachusetts, gun stores already have been told to close their doors. In Texas, on the other hand, the attorney general has said gun stores may remain open during the pandemic.

Cam Edwards, editor of the news and information site Bearing Arms, joins The Daily Signal podcast to explain why gun shops should be considered essential businesses and how the coronavirus has affected firearms sales.

Plus: We share an interview with Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, who explains the mission of his organization and how communities can combat gun violence without restricting Second Amendment rights.

Listen to the podcast below.


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Thayne Tuason

7 thoughts on “Podcast: Second Amendment rights during coronavirus pandemic

  1. I know of a gun store that a few weeks ago sold 2.4 million 9 mm rounds and 10 pallets of .223 rounds. There was virtually no common ammo left on the shelves. So, it is obvious that someone thought it was as important as toilet paper.

  2. Gun shops essential business???? Are you kidding me????? Some how I find equating food stores and pharmacies to gun stores to be a reach beyond any stretch of one’s imagination. And I have no problem philosophically with the 2nd Ammendent.

    • For all of the education you’ve been afforded by other commenters regarding the free, unrestricted rights of citizens in ownership and use of firearms as outlined in both the U.S. and Vermont Constitutions, it’s patently obvious you just don’t care, and attitude that all Democrats and some Republicans share with you. Therefore, your voice needs to be ignored.

      • And also take note that your so-called experts are now telling us not to patronize supermarkets. Another gaping hole in your contentions.

  3. As all gun control is un Constitutional,it was a failure from the start. The anti Constitutional Left seems to be the largest group to suddenly discover their natural/civil right, the 2 nd. amendment.

    Hopefully they will put the Leftist Kool aid down and take the opportunity to educate themselves in the founding documents and safe gun handling and use

    • Strange how none of them have the guts to place ‘This is a Gun-Free Home’ sign up. Apparently they mistakenly believe their armed neighbors will rush to help.

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