Phil Scott fumer-in-chief over low ratings for Jan. 6 hearing TV coverage

By Guy Page

At his June 14 press conference, Phil Scott got about as angry as the low-key governor ever gets in public. He’s teed off that more people aren’t watching the live, televised hearing of the U.S. House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Calvin Cutler of WCAX asked Scott [1:16:27 on YouTube video] if “you’ve had the chance to watch any of the Jan. 6th hearings, and if so, your thoughts on what you’ve seen.”

That’s all it took.

Phil Scott for Vermont

Gov. Phil Scott

“Yes, I have been watching,” Scott said. “I haven’t watched every moment, every minute, of the deliberations, but it’s been eye-opening, learning more every single time I watch about what unfolded.

“I wish more people were watching, to be honest with you. We have what, 330 million people in the country, and I believe we only had 19 million watching. This was an assault on our democracy. This was an insurrection.

“And I think they’re laying out the groundwork pretty well. We’ll see as they continue to to lay out what actually happened, and how it happened, how it was orchestrated, who paid for it and so forth.

“What does it say that there’s only 19 million people that have watched it? I mean, what does that say about, maybe, apathy across the nation?

“Again — this was an assault on our democracy. This was an indisputable insurrection. So I hope more people tune in, more people listen, so that we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past, and that we can uh we can move on from this.”

Gov. Scott didn’t say which channel he watches. However, he can scarcely miss it when he turns on the television. Most of the hearings have been wall-to-wall on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, C-SPAN and other major news outlets. Even Fox News has aired some of the live hearings. The Select Committee also has its own live-streaming page, with the added bonus feature of a tip line. “Chairman Thompson is interested in any information regarding the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol,” the tip line page says.

The next hearing will go live at 3 pm Thursday, June 23. On June 13, the second night of the hearings, the top-rated cable news program was Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, which did not air the hearings.

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

Images courtesy of CSPAN and Phil Scott for Vermont

46 thoughts on “Phil Scott fumer-in-chief over low ratings for Jan. 6 hearing TV coverage

  1. Be sure you see the videos the fbi is keeping from you too phil, like the one where those 20,000 lb doors were opened from the inside, or the busses of “trumpers” getting off and putting on “trump gear” oh, and the one where Epps coerced the crowd to go on in, and the one where capitol police actually opened the doors for them,,,,yeah, I’m just glued to my seat too,,,,,not, funny how no republicans were allowed on this dog n pony show too ain’t it. The games are over, justice is coming.

  2. Conjoined twins Blue-pilled John and Red-pilled Jim Freitag roadshow continues, as if the Freitag boy(s) don’t already carpet-bomb enough TNR acreage with equally longwinded WOT sophistry and disturbingly deceptive rantings – sockpuppet comes to mind lol

  3. It has become crystal clear that the elite leftist power-hungry dreamers are determined to take control over our education, culture, and institutions…..and have. Over the past half-century, they have successfully infiltrated our schools, universities, churches, the media, government, big corporations, and even medicine. This is quite shocking to most average Americans because it defies logic. The elite’s arguments of radical change, often masquerading as moral, to persuade supposedly intelligent educators, media moguls, and the like to join their forces are riddled with holes and hypocrisies quickly dispelled by any average Joe with common sense. So how do they convince the likes of Harvard professors to then indoctrinate their charges with lies and mistruths clearly following a road to socialism, ultimately communism since supposedly they must know better?
    More importantly, what does the average American do when he and millions more feel an election has been stolen? Joe Biden lost two attempts at potential runs for president. The first was riddled with a scandal and he had to withdraw. So now, on his third try, at an age where they dared not test and report on his cognitive ability, when he picked a VP who was so unpopular, she had no choice but to drop out of the race, when he and his son were obviously corrupt, at a time when he decided to remain in his basement and not campaign while his opposition campaigned”bigly,” and drew amazing crowds, when millions went to bed assuming Trump was elected, we are supposed to believe that Biden got the most votes in history? Of course, people want to show their disapproval. When you already know from the Russian Hoax that the DOJ, the FBI, and the CIA have gone over to the dark side, what else can you do? This one-sided investigation simply adds further frustration but nothing can compete with the sense of loss of a President who cared about our citizens and borders…..the energy sector more than an ideology. Afghanistan’s fiasco, supply chain mess, and the position of policies (MMT) creating the highest tax in history called inflation might not have ever occurred.
    True the Vote released actual videotape of organized illegal ballot drops. They have identified 242 traffickers who made 5662 trips in a three-week period between the hours of 12 AM and 5 AM unloading hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots. States with corrupted ballot drop boxes were PA, MI, WI, GA, and AZ. These states showed more illegal votes from their drop ballot boxes alone than Biden’s winning margin! From this research, a well and carefully researched documentary was made and recently released. Rasmussen Report finds 77% of all voters who have seen this film, 2000 Mules,
    say the film strengthened their conviction of systemic, widespread election fraud in the 2020 election.
    Maybe Scott might be persuaded to download this film. Rasmussen noted that even most democrats have been convinced.

    • Your cynicism is understandable. Our founders were fully aware of the frailties of human nature and particularly conginzant of the desire by individuals to obtain and preserve power. It is for this reason they divised the system of checks and balances that has served us so well.

      The ulitmate test we have of truth is when people testify under oath and are subject to criminal penatlies if they commit purgery. This is why the hearings are much more relevant than commentary from either side or point of view documentaries like 2000 mules. Trump’s Attorney General William Barr, under oath, denigrated evidence of voter fraud presented in 2000 mules calling it “singularly uninpressive”.

      The Attroney General’s office which invesitgated claims of voter fruad President Trump brought to them, as well as Trump’s own cyber-security expert, found no evidence of voter fraud that would have changed the election in any of the contested states. Over 50 court cases, many before Trump appointed judges, also found no merit to the election claims presented them. Finally mutiiple hand count of ballots cast confirmed election results. One may not like the result, but the hallmark of our Republic is the peaceful transfer of power based on certified election results. This is far more important than any one man or any one election.

  4. These Hearings ( not a trial) remind me of the Watergate Hearings around 50 years ago. Both are about a President’s abuse of his power in an attempt to stay in office. Both Presidents, Nixon and Trump had significant accomplishments, but their legacies will be forever damaged by their actions in threatening the integrity of our Republic.

      • Keith,

        What I have been listening to is the actual hearings and the testimony under oath by numerous Republican officials who supported and voted for Donald Trump but would not lie or violate their oaths of office for him. It is worth watching and listening too and judging for yourself. As someone believes in the rule of law and our Constitution, the testimony and evidence is very troubling, as were the Watergate Hearings some fifty years ago.

        • Come on now, Mr. Hypocrite (aka Freitag).

          When Nixon was busted for Watergate, he was forced to resign from office. I watched those hearings.

          But when:

          Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress during the Fast and Furious gun deal.
          Nothing happened.

          IRS Commissioner Lois Learner perjured herself when she said the IRS didn’t discriminate against conservative non-profit applications and then plead the 5th amendment after her statement.
          Nothing happened.

          National Security Administration head, James Clapper, perjured himself when he testified that the NSA didn’t collect data millions of Americans.
          Nothing happened.

          Hillary Clinton actually paid a fine for financing the fake Steele Dosier that the FBI, under James Comey, falsely used to get a FISA warrant to investigate Trump and others, which lead to the useless Mueller investigation.
          Nothing happened.

          And CIA Director, John Brennan perjured himself when he denied knowing who commissioned the Steele Dosier.
          Nothing happened.

          The point is, what you’ve been listening to is meaningless without due process.

  5. Gov Scott, I am appalled that you have not learned by now, that the people usually have it right.
    Because of this, you are having a tantrum in that you cannot handle anything with Donald Trump’s name on it, or even a perceived connection.
    Shame shame shame.
    I cannot believe it came to this; then maybe………..

  6. We didn’t watch scotty ’cause we learned after the 4yr Russian collusion hoax
    and 2 failed impeachment trials that this was just a 3rd attempt to knock
    Pres Trump off the 2024 ballot.. purely staged by for the D’rats with the help
    of their adoring media and fake news cohorts. You on the other hand are stuck
    on stupid voting for the imbecile incompetent potato that’s ruining the country as we
    speak… We also know that antifa and fbi were present that day egging what little
    violence that did happen on.

  7. Oh, Scotty boy… You are mad that people aren’t watching the J6 hearing lies, (Not once has it been mentioned about the DC police officer who killed Ashli Babbitt..) No, we aren’t watching these Bullsh$t lies just like we didn’t watch your weekly Bullsh$t lies for almost 2 yrs..We don’t trust democRATS nor RINOS like yourself. Scott is nothing but a coward, a puppet that the out of staters under the golden dome control. The only ones who voted for him are the democrats. He voted for Killary and creepy Joe and he calls himself a Republican..

  8. This entire hearing process is a democrat political sham.
    The television time would be better used showing reruns of “Rocky and Bullwinkle” and would be much more interesting. Probably more truthful as well…

    • The Republicans are regretting not having had full representation on the Committee, after they realized the selective editing and omitting of the presented “evidence”,

      That means Democrats had full control over what witnesses to call, and what questions to ask, etc. Even the most naive person readily sees this would lead to an UNBALANCED report, meant to slime, slander, and distract, rather than illuminate.

      330 – 19 = 311 million Americans decided this was a Dem/Prog hatchet job not worth watching.

      This is an indication of the Tsunami to come in November 2022.

      Dem/Progs have lost all credibility after the god-awful, socialistic mess they made of the economy in just 1.5 years

  9. I take this J6 committee about as seriously as I see Scott as a leader, both are a joke !!

    This committee is just a biased ” TV Sitcom ” where is all the real evidence not just sound
    bites, but the Governor is getting his eyes opened watching……. how pathetic.

    What happened to the rules set forth by the speaker ?? you know nine democrats and five
    republicans selected that needed to be picked by the minority leader ???

    The Circus Is in town in DC and they are playing at the J6 hearing…………..

  10. Of course this news, out today…is banished by the Media….did you see it, Gov 🙂

    “Investigators: Pelosi Responsible For Jan. 6 Security Breakdown At U.S. Capitol”

    And Gov. Phil….did you know Nancy Pelosi is refusing to show, disclose, all the contents of….her phone, email and text messages surrounding Jan 6? WHY????…. Something to hide maybe.. That does not fit the “narrative”?

    In the OLD DAYS in USA…when a committee like this threatens CRIMINAL prosecution…a person used to be allowed evidentiary “DISCOVERY” for their case and defense….But no discovery is allowed by this Jan 6 Committee….it’s one-way-guilty- street…. theirs. You might as well be in China , Russia or pre war Germany 1938..

  11. Did I miss his outrage about the attack on the WH in 2020, or how the libtards are terrorizing SC justices and their families, or the staff from the Colbert breaking the law by going through the capitol building unsupervised without permission trying to harass republican members?
    Phil you’re not even pretending to a republican anymore like you did in the past.
    And now the anointed one Nolan is pretending to be a republican to get elected.
    I am done with the Vermont Progressive-Republican party. I’ll let the uninformed keep supporting it.

  12. RINO Scott is opposed to all gun rights, as evidenced with his “precautionary” signing of the law banning large capacity magazines. We need to find a real supporter of our constitutional right to bear arms to run for governor before he does more damage. Same goes for Leahy’s Senate seat and Welch’s House seat.
    Not a single democrat supports our right to bear arms, even though it is even more specifically defined in the Vermont Constitution. We need to back a real 2nd Amendment legislator, not the ones already aligned.

    • RINO Scott is opposed to all gun rights, as evidenced with his “precautionary” signing of the law banning large capacity magazines. We need to find a real supporter of our constitutional right to bear arms to run for governor before he does more damage. Same goes for Leahy’s Senate seat and Welch’s House seat.
      Not a single democrat supports our right to bear arms, even though it is even more specifically defined in the Vermont Constitution. We need to back a real 2nd Amendment legislator, not the ones already aligned.

    • Dano,

      What is a real shame is that some Republicans in the Srping of 2021 chose to block a 9/11 type commission to examine the causes of the riot on January 6. It had been worked out that this commission would have had 5 members of each party and equal power in the ability of issue subponeas. The purpose of the commission would have included “an investigation into the preparedness and response of the United States Capitol police”. If this bipartisan commission had been allowed to go forward, Nancy Pelosi would surely have had to testify under oath.

  13. The first unarmed insurrection in the history of man. I saw lots of families, American flags and thousands of Americans doing what we should all do which is protest the election when it’s stolen under the guise of a plandemic. Illegal election law changes, drop boxes, mail in ballots to everyone, ballot harvesting, corrupt election bosses at polling places and questionable machines able to be connected to the internet just like a cellphone.

    And here’s Joe Biden telling you that they have put together the most inclusive voter fraud team ever:
    Was this a slip of the dementia prone president or was this the first time he ever told the true. Watch the short video. Sometimes the true just slips out and he didn’t even realize it. Come on man, the election was stolen and probably not the first. John Kenedy had help in Chicago too.

  14. Seems like the comments above hit the nail pretty well on the head, many people know it is a one sided farce with no contradicting testimony and only highly edited videos by an ex TV producer for CBS and NBC. The committee itself is in question since it is reportedly not drawn up as the House Resolution stated with 18 members from both parties represented as chosen by the majority AND Minority Party LEADERS. This committee is one sided impeachment committee ‘hearing’ 3.0 ! Vermont seems to be the only State where a Democrat is calling himself a Republican Governor

  15. He’s not at all concerned about the many people being held in jail for well over a year, without being charged, without a trial.

    He perhaps needs a referesher course.

    A) We are not a democracy.
    B) We are a constitutional republic
    C) There is some great documents, one of them is called the constitution, another the bill of rights.

    Clearly, this is an example of how Vermont’s educational system has completely failed in civics.

    He also might consider learning the difference between propaganda and investigative reporting, and how to identify each.

  16. Eff Benedict Scott. Nobody cares about the fiction that the Marxist party of America concocted to cover up the real insurrection that took place November 3 rd. at the ballot box.

  17. Welp, I think it’s pretty funny.

    We all get what is going on and we’re having no part of it.
    They see this -and we’ve got them all in a tizzy..

    You know they’d like to press our laughing faces right to their TV shows of lying propaganda but they can’t yet figure out how to dump that Koolaid down our throat.. this frustrates them and makes me laugh because it’s us that are winning..

    When you have a nation full of people that get how discredited (and evil) this entire administration is- it to the degree that we are now ignoring them all.. this is what winning looks like everyone!

    What this is really about is yet another attempt to smear Donald Trump so that he can’t run for President or to make people not want to vote for him– they think, but we are not having any of it.

    We know better..
    The Alinsky tactics can’t work if we don’t listen.

  18. The sad part is that our Gov. has apparently NOT read the State or Federal Constitution. You should not agree to uphold anything that important without reading it. Hmmmm, should I list the various clauses, our rights, as well as those not listed are? I find it down right sickening that these people say that they are for the Constitution, but refuse to look at complete evidence including stuff that is not being shown during this travesty of American Justice. Is this what is considered fair, truthful and honest? By whom, because the story we see outside of the propaganda networks is the FBI had a lot to do with this. That the Speaker was offered increased security and turned it down or that FBI informants and agents were present in the crowd. No, you choose to ignore this information or you are being told to ignore said evidence to promote a better fascist state. Remember this was done 100 yrs ago Germany’s Reichstag Fire in 1933, as an example , Progressives change their names to liberal democrats and just kept doing what they were. Where is the outrage over NAZI scientist being freed and sent to the US under Operation Paperclip. I will not even get into how our Government ,including Vermont, partook in illegal human experiments , the most recent is the Killer Covid shot which science other than Fauci has said is maiming and or killing people and lets not forget sterilizing women AND men. If you have no clue about this stuff , maybe just maybe you should start reading our laws, like The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 which you are taking part in with your lack of information speeches full of, propaganda. Oh, this is NOT A DEMOCRACY. Either the Country or the STATE is a REPUBLIC

    • @shannon here’s few more: FM 3 -39 40, operation mockingbird, operation north woods, operation Popeye, project my ultra, HAARP

  19. Scott has become a commie. Everyone with a working brain knows the hearing is BS. That’s why real American’s ignored it and they ignore the democrats and most of the time RINOs like scott.

  20. It is always best not to be afraid of informaiton that may go counter to what we believe. Even if we might not like what we hear.

    These hearings, which primarily feature Republicans involved in the process that led up to the riot in the capitol and what happened on January 6, are well worth the time spent for those who believe in the Constitution and our Republic. One can then challenge what is being presented, but the hearings certainly give much material worthy of thought and consideration for all who love our country.

    • Mr. Freitag, yet again, presents his usual logical fallacies – that those who don’t give credence to the committee’s one-sided presentation are ‘afraid of information’, don’t ‘believe in the Constitution and our Republic’, or don’t ‘love our country’.

      The fact of the matter is that we can’t ‘challenge’ what is being presented by this committee because the representatives who support adversarial cross examination are prohibited from participating in the process.

      The question is, why are people like Mr. Freitag afraid of the exculpatory evidence being censored by this kangaroo court?

      • Mr. Eschelman with his usual logical fallacies, tries to make the case simply because I believe the hearings are “worthy of thought and consideration by those who love our country”, means that I somehow believe all others are afraid of information or don’t believe in the Constitution and our Republic or don’t love our country. Nothing could be further than the truth. I am simply suggesting actually listening to the hearings might be of value whether you agree or not with what is being presented. In my view, listening and trying to understand all perspectives is part of what it means to be a well informed citizen.

        What is really sad is that some of those with knowledge and evidence of the events of the events leading up to January 6th and the riot at the capitol either refuse to testity under oath or if testiying took the 5th amendment to avoid incriminating themselves. If they had exculpatoy evidence about this attempt to block the peaceful transfer of power, which is the hallmark of our democracy, it appears they are afraid of presenting it uder oath.

        What is also a loss for those interested in finding the truth, is shortly after the riot that enough Republicans in Congress were able to block the formation of a 911 style totally bipartisan committee to look into the storming of the capitol. The creation of such a committee with all sides being fully and equally represented was unfortunately rejected. These are now some of the same people now complaing that the current House Committee is less than fair.

        • Have you seen what the ANTIFA and BLM thugs have been doing all over the country???? THOSE are riots ! To equate the capital protest as anything but a setup is just silly and this hearing is a joke. I have heard of 100s of “witnesses ” who cannot, because of the rules of that committee set in place, testify, not because they are afraid.. Heck they would not even let more Republicans on the committee even though the rules said they must. They had people arrested for not showing up, kind of like Eric Holder did during the Obama years (not showing up that is). See my comments on this article. Remember in 2013 the Government gave itself permission to lie. The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act was put in to do exactly what is happening now.

        • No, Mr. Freitag, you didn’t, at first, write, “…the hearings might be of value whether you agree or not with what is being presented.”

          You wrote, “It is always best not to be afraid of information that may go counter to what we believe.” You wrote, “These hearings… are well worth the time spent for those who believe in the Constitution and our Republic” and are “…worthy of thought and consideration for all who love our country” … suggesting that those, like me, who believe the hearings are ‘a waste of time’, are ‘afraid of information’, don’t ‘believe in the Constitution and our Republic’ and don’t ‘love our country’.

          You wrote it, Mr. Freitag. I didn’t.

          • Please note that Mr. Freitag’s change in tactics continues to deflect away from the hearing’s complete absence of legal discovery and the adversarial cross examination inherent in constitutional due process

        • John doesn’t get it. The ‘news’ is showtime! It’s clown-show time.

          This is what it’s degenerated to. The legacy media is manufactured news to sell a narrative and a fiction to the good people of this country, so that they can ‘build back better’ a world wherein the elites are in control and the mindless plebeians who are so trusting of their ‘save us’ government will do whatever it takes to protect them– the elites– from those who love liberty.

          An army of propagandized minions has been created and they get their marching orders from ‘the news.’ They’re unable to use logic and reason to see through the clown-show to the real evidence and the real facts because they’re hypnotized by ‘the narrative.’

          Plain, irrefutable fact: we have numerous videos of police letting protesters in or else peacefully standing by while protesters peacefully walk around in the Capitol building. How did that happen, and how is that an ‘insurrection’?

          Enlightenment in these troubled times means simply realizing how completely and utterly corrupt things have become. The irony is that our own people, the people of this country, have been mobilized (by ‘the news’) against those who would kick the bums out and take back government ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ without the huge corrupting influence of endless amounts of cash.

          The January 6 committee hearings are nothing but a manufactured clown-show whose purpose is to turn Americans against anyone who wants true reform, and to ensure us that we can burn and loot all summer if it’s for a ‘good cause’ and the media will call that ‘peaceful’ (that’s the narrative!) but turn against the mainstream manufactured narrative and you’ll find your butt in jail for a year and-a-half and counting, and the media will paint all those who question the noble legitimacy of the current administration as crazed white supremacists.

          Pretty soon they might even set up a Disinformation Governance Board so that dissenters can be imprisoned as threats to the Noble Established Order.


  21. Why does Governor Scott ignore the right to confront your accusers, guaranteed in the ‘Confrontation Clause’ of the 6th Amendment of the United States Constitution? Where is our constitutionally guaranteed adversarial form of justice? It’s one thing to hope more people watched these hearings. It’s another, entirely, to ignore the fact that they are anything but judicially relevant (i.e., they are a waste of time).

    • Hi Jay,
      The Governor is just following the script they gave him.. as usual.
      If you notice, they are all chiming in now- pretty much about the same stuff.
      This is the material that Rush Limbaugh used to create his montages out of.. remember those everyone?

      • We all know Scott isn’t very bright, which is why so many Democrats continue to vote for him. Asking him to opine on Constitutional rights shows exactly how obtuse he is.

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