Pediatricians sue Biden administration for requiring doctors to perform trans surgeries against beliefs

By Mary Margaret Olohan

Medical professionals are suing President Joe Biden’s administration over a mandate requiring doctors to perform transgender surgeries in violation of their religious beliefs or medical judgement.

Represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom, the American College of Pediatricians, the Catholic Medical Association and an OB-GYN doctor specializing in adolescent care filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee at Chattanooga Thursday against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“The law and the medical profession have long recognized and respected the biological differences between boys and girls and the unique needs they each present in health care. Forcing doctors to prescribe transition hormones for 13-year-olds or perform life-altering surgeries on adolescents is unlawful, unethical, and dangerous,” ADF Senior Counsel Ryan Bangert said in a statement.

“President Biden’s Health and Human Services department is grossly overreaching its authority and, in so doing, putting children’s psychological and physical health in danger,” Bangert said. “Our clients are rightfully objecting on medical, ethical, religious, and conscientious grounds to this unlawful government mandate to provide gender-transition procedures.”

The two medical associations represent 3,000 doctors and health care professionals, ADF said in a press release.

“Doctors should never be forced to perform a controversial and often medically dangerous procedure that goes against their best judgment, their conscience, or their religion, especially when it involves vulnerable children experiencing mental and emotional confusion,” ADF Senior Counsel Julie Marie Blake said in a statement.

“To force doctors to engage in experimental medicine that poses a risk to patients—or face huge financial penalties, withdrawal of federal funding, or removal of their ability to practice medicine—is an extreme violation of doctors’ constitutional rights and certainly not in the best interest of the patients they serve,” Blake continued.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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2 thoughts on “Pediatricians sue Biden administration for requiring doctors to perform trans surgeries against beliefs

  1. Some adults who ‘transition’ suffer a loss of sexual satisfaction iow better off in that respect w/o surgery, can become deeply depressed and suicide rates are high. For an MD or pediatrician to be forced to ‘treat’ such a child, knowing what they know about children, their profession and recognizing consequences is irresponsible and should be outlawed. Pedo Joe is protecting the pedo lobby.

    Parents who object to the child’s ‘choice’ face loss of custody.

  2. I was under the impression that the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Colorado cake baker established that a person-for-hire could invoke their First Amendment protections of their religious liberties to not be forced by civil law to do work that violates their religious beliefs. This firmly prioritized an individual’s religious freedom over public accommodation and employment law. The activists curiously only seem to want to target Christians. I dont hear about any lesbians going to a Halal bakery making the same requests from an Islamic baker. An observant Christian medical practitioner participating in an “affirmation surgery”, essentially a genital mutilation, may be violating their religious beliefs as well as the Hippocratic Oath tenet of “first do no harm”. No one should be forced by their employer to participate in such a farce, any more than a doctor should amputate a perfectly functional and healthy leg on the request of a mentally confused patient, for fashion sake. There have been individuals who have requested such amputations, claiming they wish to “identify as disabled” (Body Integrity Identity Disorder), and physicians have refused to accommodate them citing the Hippocratic Oath as a defense. It is insulting to be lectured to about being a “science denier” when it comes to COVID or climate change by someone who believes that a human can transform their gender with dress style, mental imagery, artificial hormone treatments or surgery. “Transgenderism” is a delusional mental disorder, and you dont help someone suffering from a delusional disorder by harmonizing with their fantasies. If someone thinks they are Napoleon, you dont benefit them by bowing and addressing them as Mr. Bonaparte.

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