Paul Dame: Stop the Mystery Tax (taxation without representation)

This commentary is by Paul Dame, chair of the Vermont GOP.

“No taxation without representation” was one of the many rallying cries used in our nation’s fight for independence. Our country was founded on the idea that the will of the people were the supreme authority, and their consent was required before being deprived of their property through taxation. But now Progressive Democrats in Vermont have undermined this fundamental American value by voting for a new “Mystery Tax” which will be implemented by an unelected board that is not accountable directly to the people of Vermont.

Paul Dame, chairman of the Vermont GOP

I call this a “Mystery Tax” because everything about it is virtually unknown. No one who voted for it can tell you how much it will cost, what the impact will be, or if it will actually work. Everything is a mystery even to the so-called experts!

House Bill H.715 also known as the Clean Heat Standard would increase the cost of every manner of home heating fuel (natural gas, propane, kerosene and heating oil) and put greater burdens on Vermont’s local mom & pop fuel dealers, many of which have less than 10-15 employees each.

This bill has already been passed by both houses and was delivered to the Governor’s desk yesterday. Since we don’t have 50 Republicans, House Democrats have enough votes to suspend their own rules and move this bill along without the usual waiting periods. All the more reason we still need more people to run for office during the Red Wave coming in 2022!

Our best hope now is a veto from Governor Scott who has indicated that the bill does not have his support. But after that we need to put pressure on just a few Democrats or Independents to sustain his veto of this new tax.

We have prepared the following ads to warn constituents from around Vermont about this new tax and sign our petition to oppose it.

To see the full list of over 90 Legislators who voted for this check out our Facebook post here.

Time is running out! The Governor only has a few days to veto the bill, and then the House & Senate could decide to overturn his veto and put this new tax into law permanently. The next few days could be our last chance to stop this undemocratic, unaffordable and unaccountable new tax!

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4 thoughts on “Paul Dame: Stop the Mystery Tax (taxation without representation)

  1. Paul Dame,

    Please explain why so many Republicans were ABSENT during the vote.

    No party discipline? Wow

    What are we to expect in Nov 2022?

  2. The Legislators were elected to the legislature as the People’s representatives, as their Proxies, per US Constitution.

    Legislators have a duty to act as Proxies

    Passing the buck to appointed bureaucrats to steal money from hard-working Peter to pay benefit-collecting Paul does not qualify as being constitutional.

    The Legislators voted to abdicate their responsibilities as the people’s elected representatives, i.e., they should resign, or be impeached, or be replaced in November 2022..

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