Paul Dame: No parent is safe while Democratic-controlled legislature is in session

This commentary is by Paul Dame, chair of the Vermont GOP.

The Democratic Party has lost it’s middle and has elevated its most extreme members to the Legislature. Ten elected Democrats have sponsored a bill that would permanently remove the rights of every parent to be involved in irreversible health care decisions for children of any age.

House Bill H.659 would allow children as young as 6 or 8 years old to take hormone blockers or participate in “other treatment” against the consent of their parents. No Age restrictions. No qualifications. No appeal for parents.

Paul Dame, chairman of the Vermont GOP

This bill is a reminder to every Vermonter that no parent is safe while the Democratic-controlled legislature is in session. Democrats around the country have been incredibly aggressive in eroding the rights of parents to make decisions for their kids until they become adults. That’s what turned the Virginia governor’s race around last year. But now this push to further separate children from the oversight of their loving parents has found a home in Vermont’s Democrat and Progressive Party. In fact, two of the 10 sponsors are currently running fundraising efforts on this very issue after we started circulating a petition to oppose the new bill.

Regardless of whether or not Republicans stop this bill before the end of the session, the fact it has 10 co-sponsors demonstrates to all Vermonters that these legislators want to assume that every parent in the state is guilty and untrustworthy when it comes to making life-alternating decisions for their children. It’s becoming clear that Democrats think parents are the problem

The Vermont Republican Party stands for the rights of parents to protect their children until they are old enough and mature enough to decide for themselves. Adults age 18 or older have freedom to do what they like to their bodies as long as they hurt no one else. But until that time when they can fully understand the risks involved, we still trust parents to make those decisions.  In the incredibly rare instances of parents not providing good care, we have a process that allows both sides to be heard before a judge. These Democrats want to take away even that bit of due process.

Over the coming weeks we will be working to oppose these most extreme elements of the Progressive Democratic Coalition and recruiting reasonable Republicans and common sense conservatives to challenge them this November. Is it time for you to step up? Or should we continue to allow Democrats like these to run unopposed this year? Maybe next year they will have 15 sponsors instead of 10.

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7 thoughts on “Paul Dame: No parent is safe while Democratic-controlled legislature is in session

  1. So if you want people to vote Republican, you should properly identify the enemy so you can fight the enemy together.

    They want to you to call the enemy a democrat, that way they will NEVER join your party! This is basic uniparty games.

    The real enemy is the marxist, the NWO pimp, They are not American, they are not Vermonters, yet they are completely setting the Agenda, agenda 21, Agenda 2030…..literally they are writing the agenda.

    Build Back Better is not an American slogan. It is not Biden’s slogan. You’ll notice it is preached by all those who are puppets for the new world order.

    Who’s subtitle is “You’ll own nothing and be happy”, see they leave out you will be their tenants, tenant farmer, free laborer, and they will own everything. When did slavery come back into fashion?

    • or you could just call out the Disney’s that works too, they seem to flock together, hang out socially and all…..

  2. No one is safe up here anymore in the entire region of New England.
    It’s painfully clear that we are all on the “California Plan” to destruction.

    It’s also painfully clear that there is no genuine opposition party or we wouldn’t be here right now.

    Here in America, we can either vote for Socialism or vote to Stop Socialism.
    Think of how many votes over the past 100 years have been cast to stop socialism and look at where we find ourselves today.

    The entire reason we are dealing with this housing crisis is because so many people are running from Democratic controlled [destroyed] cities are emptying out as people literally flee.
    And look at what this is doing to New England.. and to the native population of New England.
    Many of our own best people are now living down in the South.

  3. 98% of the idiots in the legislation are out of staters. Who are nothing but liberal democrats. Remember little David who stole from the state and laughed about it.. he’s from Boston Mass.. one of the biggest pot growers in Vermont. All these fools moved here to take over and make Vt into the state they left… If you all would pay attention whenever Vermont gets money from the government these Legislators give themselves and their friend’s money first to fund their own pet projects. Screw Vermonters.

    • Follow their history, training and education. I think you’ll find a common thread. Vermont is being used as the first colony of the United Nations, Build Back Better. Own nothing and be happy!….they are all following he agenda (21, 2030) and the united nations leadership, not scientists and freedom loving Americans.

      We have been subverted. Subversion is a very, very sneaky tactic, where by people are slowly and patiently put into control to get the reigns. It would be like a the Boston Red soxs using their A! team to infiltrate the NY Yankees, one by one, untll the big game and then suddenly the throw the game when needed.

      This is what is happening. We’ve been subverted. And both sides have been involved, it’s all part of the uniparty. The uniparty, corporatists, marxists, NWO pimps, pick your title, they all work for the same goal, just different flavors……they have these fake fights and positions neither side wants to change.

      What do both side NOT want to change?

      Health Care
      Lobbyists influence
      Reduction in Spending
      Tear down of Us Government
      Tear down of Family
      Tear down of worship of God
      Housing, ownership and affordability
      Drug problems
      Mental Health

      Notice how when either side has complete control, they somehow forget that big thing they all were fighting for right until they got into office?

      Unitparty Games…..

  4. Title should have included no Children are safe with Democrats in charge
    as their at the end results of those decisions. Democrat isn’t the party it
    was Democrat now is a Socialist/Progressive/Nazi, intent on running or
    should I more truthfully say ruin all your lives. Misery loves company and
    these leftist sapiens are ozzing with it and want to make sure you are too.
    For people of Vermont, who are supposed to be Independent, to elect these
    leftist rule makers over and over is ludicrous. Show there aren’t many actual Vermonters left or they are not voting….

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