Paul Dame: Friday’s unaffordable carbon tax

This commentary is by Paul Dame, chair of the Vermont GOP.

This week the Democrat-controlled Senate is preparing to burden Vermonters with a new tax, and they are about to do it with zero Republican input. I wrote a few weeks ago that Senate Pro Tem Philip Baruth had broken longstanding tradition to unfairly and inappropriate stack the deck in the Senate to ensure that there was not a single Republican on the Natural Resources Committee when they put forward a new carbon tax. According to the committee schedule the die is cast for this massive new tax to get rolled out this week.

Senate Bill S.5 is the remix of the old vetoed “Clean Heat Standard,” but since Democrats love to advance the same old, broken ideas — just under new terms for better branding — they are now taking the Orwellian approach of calling it the “Affordable Heat Act.”

Paul Dame, chairman of the Vermont GOP

But the fact is that the Unaffordable Heat Act will be twice as expensive for Vermonters as the failed Clean Heat Standard. First of all, it will pressure Vermonters through multiple means to buy a brand new heating system. Depending on the system, it could cost Vermonters an out-of-pocket expense of upwards of $20,000 to come in to compliance with the new standards. This could include buying a brand new heat pump. Many of these systems have limitations in the kind of cold weather we had last week with temperatures at -20. Ironically they can also cause users to consume more electricity in the summer when peak loads are already high, because they also double as an air conditioning system.

Chairman Chris Bray opposes some of these figures because they count the cost on the front end. He made it clear in his remarks that he expects Vermonter to go in to debt and borrow money to make the necessary upgrades. This could actually make the project even more expensive over time in an environment that has seen rising borrowing costs.

In addition to a four-to-five figure upfront cost, some stakeholders are estimating that Vermonters could be paying 70 cents to possibly a dollar per gallon extra for home heating fuel. This comes on top of an additional nearly doubling of fuel prices, spurred in part by a national energy policy that has left energy developers hesitant to explore and develop to bring in new supply.

The movement of this bill, and its nearly guaranteed passage on Friday, is anther example of why single party rule does not produce the best outcomes. Democrats are intentionally choosing to relegate any opposition to token testimony, and barring any Republicans from the committee so that they can’t influence the agenda, testimony and actual legislation until it comes out on the Senate floor with a pre-arranged 5-0 vote.

Democrats do not want to see an exchange of ideas; they are once again imposing their will on the people, and won’t permit a discussion of sound reason that might slow them down on their way.

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  1. Fascism: A political system in which an authoritarian government does not own businesses and industries, but strictly regulates and controls their actions, output and rights – while forcibly controlling and suppressing citizens and their thought and speech via stringent laws, intimidation and even violence. Fascism is the manifestation of the regulatory state, centralizing power in the government rather than diffusing it among the people.
    – I recently read rhetoric in support of replacing your gas stove with electric. I don’t remember the exact figure, but, as incentive, we were told that we would save about $850 over the expected lifetime of the stove. I cook two meals a day on a ‘fifties Norge gas stove. Which shows no sign of approaching demise. I would, according to the promotional calculations, save about six dollars a year. No thanks.

    • Yes a $6 a year savings will hardly cover the burnt out electric burners.@ $40 per set. I have a cheapo kenmore gas stove that’s worked flawlessly for more then 40 years. I will NEVER give it up for a stove I can’t cook on when the electricity is out and burns my food if I’m not standing over it all the time. This folly of unaffordable heat standard is 100% on the heads of the demsocialist who are doing nothing to benefit the state. Maybe the stupid sheep voters will wake up one day when they can’t afford to live here either.

    • Sorry, Francisco- your $6 a year is decades away, because you’ll need to install or have installed wiring to power that fancy new electric range….Guess the wizards that make the cost calculators forgot to add that part in…

  2. Another instance of lobbyists for heat pump manufacturing, home insulators, and the solar panel industry making dem legislators rich for their votes.

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