Pastor warns Vermonters about encroaching Marxism in America

Michael Bielawski/TNR

COMMUNISM IN THE USA?: Pastor Ed Wheeler spoke to concerned Vermonters on Saturday about how Marxist ideology has infiltrated various levels of American society.

RUTLAND — On Saturday, a pastor speaking at a symposium on Marxism lectured about the failed ideology’s influence on media, education, government institutions and other sectors of American society.

“They dominate so much of media — all your big TV networks and now even the social media and all those things are heavily dominated by Marxist evolutionary type thinking,” Ed Wheeler, pastor of Valley Bible Church in Middlebury, said during his presentation, which spanned six hours and covered various topics.

“Most of the government institutions by now are heavily dominated by Marxism, gobbling up and more and more of the competitive institutions instead of letting them maintain their integrity … they are doing their decision making for them,” he said.

The event, called “Americanism and Marxism Symposium,” was organized in part by Gregory Thayer, a Rutland resident and Republican candidate for lieutenant governor. The lecture took place in the Fox Room at the Rutland Free Library.

Wheeler said leaders within America’s largest institutions and industries are working to use fear of the pandemic to push measures that would otherwise be politically unacceptable.

“They had a purpose for the pandemic: To get rid of Trump, to rig the elections, to start imposing Marxism on the people — and we see this still playing out two years later,” Wheeler said.

He added that even the hospital system is corrupted by money tied to coronavirus policies.

“They’ve taken over hospitals just by offering them money if this many people die from the virus.  ‘You write it up and we’ll give you money for that,'” Wheeler said.

Hospitals have received government money for coronavirus cases and deaths.

He also said social justice institutions are infiltrated by Marxism. He pointed to the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been open about its support for Marxism as a major foundation.

Wheeler said that the public is waking up to the government overreach, and cited as an example the ongoing “Freedom Convoy” in Canada that has spread to convoys in multiple nations.

“Truth and scripture is on our side,” Wheeler said. “And people see it, these truckers, these people they sense something is false, that’s destroying them, and they are pushing back against it.”

One such convoy that is widely expected to pass through Vermont, VTDigger reported.

Wheeler also suggested that the true scope of the negative vaccine reactions is not getting full transparency.

“The worst possibility is that a lot of people are going to die,” he said.

The pastor recommended that local citizens engage with school boards, support alternative schools, support electron integrity, and support pastors who speak out on social issues.

“We have to have a lot of solutions and actions and they have to be practical,” he said. “They have to be something that we can actually do, like go to a school board and speak up.”

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12 thoughts on “Pastor warns Vermonters about encroaching Marxism in America

  1. Pastor Wheeler speaking out and I applaud him. If only others in his vocation would do the same and be as couragous. Those who preach the word of God while following goverment mandates and encouraging parishoners to do the same are not worthy of the robes or the title.

  2. I agree with Pastor Wheeler.

    But I’d quibble a bit that what’s happening is entirely Marxist. I think there’s a good bit of fascism in there, too. What’s happening I don’t think is being generated by the Marxists; it’s being generated by the Great Reset folks who are in the process of implementing a fascist/socialist world order. They’re orchestrating this, not the Marxists. They’re using Marxist language and ideology to persuade certain factions of the population, but their aim is far more over-reaching. Marxism is a cog in their Great Reset wheel.

    As Malone says, it’ll be ”A two-tiered economy, with profitable monopolies and the state on top and socialism for the majority below.” I think Malone is spot-on and his essay is an important summary of where we are and where we’re going. “Public-private cooperation” is a main theme of the Reset folks, but as evidenced by the Canadian trucker protests, they have no intention of listening to the real public. One imagines that Trudeau, schooled by WEF’s Schwab in his “Young Global Leaders” program, got the memo from Schwab: do not give in.

    • Keeping in mind that Dr. Malone is an ongoing PAID employee of the Dept. of Defense by his own admission. He only gets to speak as he does because he has permission, and he is, apparently, NOT in jeopardy of losing his job at the Defense Dept.
      He has the Blessing of the Department.
      Qui bono?
      And where does the CCP fit in?

      • I’d argue that Malone has had/has contracts with the DOD and is not really a paid employee– he said he “works for the DOD from time to time”– and he probably has friends there, too; those who believe in liberty aren’t completely excluded from government. I’m not at all sure that he has the blessing of the DOD as a whole or anyone in this administration. Is the DOD using his expertise? Yes. Are some powerful people there who agree with Malone protecting him? Perhaps. I’d argue that Malone is certainly in danger of losing future contracts with DOD. But he does not “have a job” there.

        If Malone is really working for the other side, as implied, then I’d argue that he’s doing a poor job of it. My sense is that he’s a decent, honest human being who wants to do the right thing and feels obligated to speak out; that doesn’t mean he hasn’t embedded himself in the past in the institutions and agencies that he now feels have betrayed us.

        Regarding the CCP, of course they back Schwab and his Great Reset. They’d love to see America and the rest of the world follow their model of digital dictatorship wherein everyone has to comply with the social credit system and is constantly monitored for compliance– and that’s exactly where all this is headed. Who gains? The people running the show gain: the Great Reset folks and the CCP, and who knows, maybe the CCP plans to swallow the whole thing once Klaus does their work for them. The elites gain, and it probably wouldn’t matter so much to the CCP elites if everyone were in a Great Reset brand of new world order so long as China maintained complete control over its people, territories, and interests. Of course, with the WEF endorsing CRT and its Marxist overtones, the CCP can see nothing wrong with where this is heading.

        They want to divide and confuse us. Be careful.

        • “No, but I DO work for the DOD, from time to time.”
          Ongoing, paid …whether he is an employee or contractor is unclear. Ongoing. He hasn’t stopped. DO, in present tense.
          No equivocation there.

          There’s a whole cadre of physicians who still believe viruses exist, of which he is one. That he also works for the DOD is a HUGE red flag.
          I won’t be ignoring it, and will continue to seek my own counsel, and trust my instincts.

          As to the word salad around the CCP… I don’t need to know how evil it is.
          It just is: EVIL.
          And its in situ in Vermont.
          The Epoch Times has done a great job of exposing this.

          • Virtually all of the doctors who are fighting for the truth– Malone, Kory, Marik, Tyson, Fareed, etc.– believe that viruses exist. They believe that Covid-19 exists. I got Covid. I believe it’s real and if it’s not a virus, exactly what is it? Explain.

            I don’t think the debate over whether or not viruses exist is that relevant in these trying times. We have bigger fish to fry.

    • @ JIM, I encourage you and others to join GAB (free speech platform-Uncesored) there are so many encouraging/righteous video’s LIVE from the truckers convoy. Completely peaceful (MSM won’t air it so you know it’s spot on). They KNOW what’s on the line and they’re not backing down. We need to do the same, it’s now or never sadly…

  3. It’s long past time for a call to reason in regard to the effect Socialism/Communism is having especially on our young people.
    Thank you Pastor Wheeler for your efforts at enlightenment!

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