Parents with cell phone video cameras exposing LGBTQ insanity in public schools

By Gabrielle Okun

A New York public school teacher was suspended Tuesday with pay after using a “genderbread” person handout to explain LGBTQ terms to middle school students, one parent discussed the situation over Facebook live video Sunday.

Jacqueline Hall, a health teacher at Cambridge Central School who is suspected of teaching students about being transgender, was suspended Tuesday. Hall attempted to teach seventh-graders about gender through the use of a “genderbread” person handout, which caused an outcry from parents, reported Fox News.

Hall was suspended after Sirell Fiel, a parent of a 7th grader, notified the school that his 11-year-old son brought home a packet discussing gender identity, reported WRGB Albany. Hall also brought in a member of the Pride Center of the Capital Region, an LGBTQ group for 7th and 10th graders. The speaker gave the 7th graders a four-page handout that gave definitions on homophobia, intersex, polyamory, pansexual, bisexual and cisgender.

“Genital reconstruction surgery, is that really something an 11-year-old kid should be learning and knowing about? No. I don’t think so,” Fiel says in the video.


“It’s not your right to take the innocence of my kid,” he added.

The principal claimed that the school knew a speaker from the group was coming to talk, but they did not know the full extent of the discussion. The speaker was “subsequently uninvited,” said Superintendent Vince Canini. Canini shares similar concerns with the parents regarding the incident.

“Transgender kids are coming out younger and younger,” said Martha Haven, CEO of Pride Center of the Capital Region. “If you love kids, you want them to have the most information possible. If a parent has a problem with the presentation, that’s the parent’s problem,” she added.

Haven also said that this was the first time they ever received an objection despite going to schools for over 12 years.

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8 thoughts on “Parents with cell phone video cameras exposing LGBTQ insanity in public schools

  1. Maybe we should leave this for last year of high school? As an elective? Maybe instead we should teach our kids the basics like ‘The Three R’s’ (remember?) We are quickly racing to the bottom world-wide in education that our kids can actually use. Instead it’s all this liberal garbage.

  2. All this is doing is confusing our kids and that is child abuse as I see it. When I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s we were boys and girls and we knew what we were. In high school I remember one girl who was a lesbian and I knew of no boys who were gay. And believe me we kids knew. We didn’t concern ourselves with gender and did not ostracize the girl who was gay. As a matter of fact she had gone to junior high with some of my high school classmates and she sat at our table at lunch. The LGBTQ, etc., etc., etc., “management” is not helping our children at all. Their goal is to gain recruits for their unnatural agenda. By getting to the children younger and younger, it is easier to make them question their gender. Some young boys play with dolls and a lot of girls are tomboys. Doesn’t mean they’re gay, transgender, etc., but it sure is easy to get into their brains at that age. We had two young girls in our small town who were more boy than girl when they were growing up. No one questioned it at all. Today they are both married with children. One of them has three boys. She likes being a mom to all boys, she can relate, but she’s not transgender. Also, I think parents who insist their young children “be” transgender should be counseled. I know there have been cases where very young boys or girls are sure they’re the opposite gender. I think this could be a possibility because young children have no point of reference for that sort of thing and what they say and do comes from a more innocent place. But invading our schools in order to force the LGBTQ minority agenda to make it more majority is totally irresponsible and the schools should be held accountable for allowing it. In their efforts to appear magnanimous and compassionate they are looking like fools with no direction whatsoever. And they’re making our schools dangerous places. If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything is definitely the mantra for our schools these days. Criminal!

  3. Reminds me of nazi Germany in the 30’s. “Don’t worry about your children, we’ll educate them on everything they need to know”. Teaching kids that queer is OK is not my idea of “everything they need to know”.
    They can throw out anyone who believes different than they, but somehow, that right doesn’t apply to us. Whn do we get the right to throw their a$$es out of our hometowns?

  4. This gender destroying indoctrination makes a good argument for education tax credits for use towards schooling of a parent’s choice. Public school is NFL-ing itself out of relevancy.

  5. LGBTQ insanity , nope is called indoctrination !! In this article Martha Haven, CEO of the
    Pride Center ( No Pride Center ) states “Transgender kids are coming out younger and
    younger” yes it’s called indoctrination towards children, child abuse pure & simple !!.

    Liberals and there foolishness …………..Sad !

  6. What would make a parent send their children to a government school? I cannot imagine wasting 12-13 years of our boys life in a government school that has nothing as a foundation. Blind leading the blind. 12-13 years is a lot to give up. Too much.

    • Totally agree but many cannot afford private education for their children or have the ability to homeschool. That’s why school choice is so essential. And will be more so in the future if we don’t get our schools under control. We can start by kicking out the teachers’ unionst. They’re becoming more communist every day.

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