Parents’ Rights in Education put on ‘hate list’ as detransitioner comes to Vermont

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PARENTS RIGHTS ARE HATEFUL?: According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, groups like Parents’ Rights in Education are hate groups.

Parents’ Rights in Education has been put on a Southern Poverty Law Center “hate list,” but the group says it is gaining more popularity and credibility with the public as a result.

Suzanne Gallagher, executive director of the parents’ rights group, recently posted an interview she had on Fox News.

“We stand for parents’ rights in public education,” Gallagher said at the start.

She responded to reports that her organization has been labeled a potential “hate group” by organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization largely known for its left-wing political advocacy.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center is a far-left progressive organization,” Gallagher said in the interview. “And they use their divisive biased platform advocating for K-12 public school sexualization, indoctrination, medical mutilation, and castration of minors. And they do this all without parental knowledge or permission.”

She added that to be selected as one of the “hate groups” that the SPLC will be monitoring “just means we’re doing our job.”

Gallagher suggested that labeling groups may actually promote violence

“They just list groups because they want us to be a target,” Gallagher suggested. “Because that is what actually will result. We don’t care because we see ourselves on the right side of this issue.”

She noted that the labeling actually “gets the attention of our allies and supporters.”

Detransitioner comes to Vermont

The smear hasn’t prevented Parents’ Rights in Education from speaking their truth. The parents advocacy organization is hosting a detransitioner to speak out against gender drugs and surgeries.

Walt Heyer will speak in Vergennes on June 20 about his experience trying to become a woman. After years of trying, Heyer changed his mind and detransitioned. For eight years Heyer was “Laura,” a transgender female. The experience did not work out well.

“It was wrong for me to turn my body over to surgeons, [and] to turn my body over to hormone therapy,” he said in a YouTube video that tells his story.

Heyer’s experience in becoming a de-transitioner began with getting involved in his local church. He said he longer believes that a person can legitimately transition from one gender to another.

“You can’t keep pushing this idea that this is right when it’s not right,” he said. “Your gender and your sex are absolutely fixed at conception and they are unchangeable.”

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  1. In so happy that parents are speaking out to protect these kids from being warped and brain washed and mutilated. I was lost a bit when the detransitioner’s main statement that it was the church that changed his mind. I feel you will lose a lot of people with that campaign. I want to hear testimonies about the trauma that hormone therapy, and body mutilation does to an individual. That’s facts. I don’t want to hear about seeing the light, or Christian conversions. I know I’m not alone in this.

    • Whether or not you want to hear about it, it is his testimony. It is a fact for him. Who are you to question it?

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