Opinion: U.S. Congress proves it’s a rigged, uniparty dictatorship

This commentary is by Neil Johnson. He is a resident of Waitsfield.

This week the American public is seeing in full colors how our country has been taken over. It’s quoted that this hasn’t happened until the last Civil War, which could be a foreshadowing of things to come.

Neil Johnson

The press has us focused on the two sides battling and the 20 “insurrectionists” or “terrorists. They have our countrymen fighting each other because when they are enemies, they are easy to control. Yet we see people who are supposedly mortal enemies on the floor talking with each other in a jovial, business-friendly manner. See, they all have the same boss, the uniparty, which goes by many names.

The people of the United States elected 432 people to represent them in Congress, yet even before they start their first day at work they are completely controlled, unable to vote their conscience, or the for the people who voted them into office. They must vote the party line.

Here we are in America, home of the free, land of the brave, and look what’s happened in the People’s House. Eleven times the representatives voted exactly how their handlers told them to. Even the 20 “troublemakers” have changed their votes, as would happen with anyone looking for a sane solution, not controlled by their slave master and realizing they are democratically elected to defend our republic.

Our two choices given make us think we have a choice in our future. This is also a tactic used by second-grade teachers with their students. They give the student two choices, both of which the teachers want. We get stuck with the lesser of two evils once again.

In Vermont we are a bit more sophisticated. We’ll have planners offer the town to vote on three proposals — one doesn’t work, the other is too expensive, and the one they want makes the most sense. But nobody really wanted that in the first place, it was the free grant money that paved the way for a stupid idea that nobody asked for or wanted, nor would any sane person spend their own money on it. Yet it gets passed and the administrators, elected officials and crony capitalists all fill their pockets. The same Is going on in Washington, D.C., on a grand scale.

We have been given by the uniparty two choices for speaker of the house, both of which don’t work for the people, and most certainly are under the complete control of their handlers, just like the 412 people we elected in Congress that keep voting the exact same way, 100%, 11 times in a row.

Sadly, what this shows today is we don’t have a democracy or a republic, except for 20 people sent to Congress. This is plain for all to see — our elections are rigged, our government in Washington, D.C., is clearly rigged.

We the people only need to change our direction. When we all love our neighbor as ourselves, things come into harmony. When we realize we are all flawed, all terribly broken, that we are not right, that pride has not taken over all our senses, we won’t fall.

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15 thoughts on “Opinion: U.S. Congress proves it’s a rigged, uniparty dictatorship

  1. The many concessions McCarthy had to make, in writing, will finally bring some sanity to legislating.

    Here are just two:

    1) No more multi-$trillion omnibus bills of 4000 pages no one reads, but add $trillions to the federal deficit, year after year.
    Now the rule is one topic per bill

    2) If McCarthy, a dyed-in-the-wool, establishment fixture, does not behave, only one member is needed to call for a vote to oust him.

  2. Kevin McCarthy On Trump

    “I will urge Trump to resign after Jan. 6th”.

    “The President bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters”.

    “Some say the riots were caused by Antifa. There is absolutely no evidence of that,” McCarthy said. “So conservatives should be the first to say so”.

    And this is the guy we got for Speaker of the House.



  3. The Republicans in the house are just carrying on in the way observed by Thomas Frank: “Republicans campaign on the premise that government is bad for you. When elected, they proceed to prove it.”

      • Laura, my advice is to do what the Brits did for Liz Truss and buy a head of lettuce. Don’t use it; just see if it outlasts McCarthy’s reign as Speaker. He’s giving control of the Rules Committee to the people who hate him. They will do everything in their power to obstruct him in every way possible. It’s what they did to make John Boehner give up and quit, but this time they’re organized and have made the right preparatory moves. I say he’ll be out by April.

        The enjoyable part is that whoever is elected Speaker has to cough up $25.8 million for the privilege (the money goes to the party’s Congressional Campaign Committee, which usually funds the campaigns of incumbents). So, when McCarthy is dished, the next one will have to cough up another $25.8M.

        • Re: “… elected Speaker has to cough up $25.8 million for the privilege… ”

          Can you substantiate this claim?

  4. Great to see these brave few make a stand for the rights of American citizens. 20 against 200, 10% against 90%. Just as it was when only 13% of the colonists were in favor of separating from Great Britian and 87% wanted to remain as subjects of the Crown.

  5.  A friend of opposite political beliefs commented that these twenty representatives holding out voting for Speaker of the House are doing it for the money. Donations are coming in. That may be and for all members of both parties.. My belief is not so cynical.The debate for Speaker of the House gets right to the heart of our Republic. We are seeing a small group of the whole insist their will into the Whole. This Instead of a majority just choosing what to do and doing it as the whole. It is Very similar to the States fighting for power within the Federal Constitution during the debates and its writing. This is why we the United States of America are not a Democracy. The majority cannot flog it’s will onto the people as a whole. We are individuals and we all add to our entirety as a Nation. From one person,to two, to a family, to a neighborhood, to a town, a city, a state and finally Our Federal Government. We are witnessing the genius of Our Founding Fathers and Our Founding Documents. The emotional slogan one vote per person being a pure Democracy always falls to tyranny of the majority. This is why we have a Republic. The mob does not rule. Even the individual has a say. 
    Gerry Mittica 

    • Gerry you nailed it.

      The people of the group of 20 were largely new elects sent there to change things- and we can see they did their level best and saw great success.
      We should all be proud of them.

  6. Part of the PLAN……hold up Congress from doing their job as planned; and give administration time to finally give attention to one of the most destructive crises in our nation today…….the border

  7. Instead of vilifying 20 Republican holdouts, we should be listening to them.

    Lest we not forget about half the nation understood what a scam Covid19 was as it was being presented to us- we knew that vaccines were untested, not needed and harmful.. and look at who was right.
    We were right about this- and we are right about the need to end all that did that to us.
    It’s time to bust up business as usual in the Swamp.

    Further, I think what these 20 people are doing is fascinating.
    We are seeing things work as they should.
    In 1855 it took 133 votes to finally elect the Speaker.
    Imagine if in everything they did there was true, passionate, legitimate debate and not deal making- largely behind the scenes.
    This is not chaos at all, it’s people doing what they were elected to do.
    It’s noteworthy how many people today don’t even understand what they are looking at.

    Maybe it’s time to be brave and step out of your bubble and listen to people rather than parrot non-stop media talking points designed to brainwash the public into supporting the tyrannical, clearly evil government that has fallen to being two sides of one coin. This is not Constitutional at all.

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