Ocasio-Cortez promotes Green New Deal with Democratic Socialist utopia video

By Michael Bastasch

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released a video depicting a where the Green New Deal turns the U.S. into a democratic socialist utopia, complete with a bullet train from New York City to D.C.

The video depicts a future where the Democrats take the Senate and White House in 2020 and enact a Green New Deal that ends up creating a “society that was not only modern and wealthy, but dignified and humane too,” Ocasio-Cortez says in the video.

Ocasio-Cortez says Americans need to close their eyes and “imagine” a Green New Deal society before it can happen. Meanwhile, energy experts and economists are skeptical the Green New Deal is possible or even desirable.

“We need to be able to close our eyes and imagine it,” Ocasio-Cortez says in the seven-minute cartoon. “We can be whatever we have the courage to see.”

Ocasio-Cortez introduced the Green New Deal in February, bungling the bill’s roll-out and creating confusion over her signature legislation. Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey introduced a companion bill in the Senate.

The Green New Deal calls for achieving “net-zero” greenhouse gas emissions in 10 years through a massive green energy build-up, including high-speed rail and retrofitting every building. The bill also calls for universal health care and job guarantees.

The video comes after the Green New Deal fell flat in Congress. The Green New Deal bill got zero votes in the Senate when it was brought to the floor, and parts of it were rejected by House Democrats during a committee hearing — including a “no” vote from Ocasio-Cortez.

Ocasio-Cortez teamed up with Justice Democrats, anti-capitalist author Naomi Klein and The Intercept, a news organization. Ocasio-Cortez said she’d been collaborating “for months” to get the video finished.

Part of the video focuses on Ileana, who Ocasio-Cortez calls “a true child of the Green New Deal.” Ileana gets a union job restoring wetlands in Louisiana as part of the Green New Deal — at this point there’s a labor shortage because of how massive an undertaking the Green New Deal is, says Ocasio-Cortez.

(Somehow all this work, including dismantling pipelines, is accomplished without gas-powered construction equipment.)

Ileana eventually becomes a teacher, then gets elected to Ocasio-Cortez’s seat in Congress. Ocasio-Cortez is, of course, recounting all this while riding high-speed rail from New York City to Washington, D.C.

Of course, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, according to Ocasio-Cortez. Sometime in the future, Hurricane Sheldon hits southern Florida and “parts of Miami went underwater for the last time,” the congresswoman says.

However, Ocasio-Cortez says Americans were “lucky” to have enacted a Green New Deal and moved away from fossil fuels when they did — though climate models show the Green New Deal would have no material impact on projected warming.

“But as we battled the floods, fires and droughts, we knew how lucky we were to have started acting when we did,” Ocasio-Cortez says.

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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Senate Democrats

4 thoughts on “Ocasio-Cortez promotes Green New Deal with Democratic Socialist utopia video

  1. This article sums up some of the implications of the NGD

    The CO2 fraction pro-RE folks think you should worry about.

    1% (parts per hundred) = 10,000 ppm (parts per million).
    The increase in CO2 from 0.028% (pre-industrial) to 0.0405% (today) is calculated as follows:

    (280 ppm / 1,000,000)*100 = 0.0280%
    (405 ppm / 1,000,000)*100 = 0.0405%

    We could say CO2 has increased by (0.0405-0.028)/0.028 * 100 = 44.6429% (which is “catastrophic!”, per pro-RE folks.)

    Alternatively we could say CO2 has increased by 0.0405 – 0.028 = 0.0125% of Earth’s atmosphere (this is such a tiny number no one can even imagine it. By itself, it could have only a minor impact on global warming).

    These numbers are a factor of 44.6429 / 0.0125 = 3571.432 different.

    The correct way to calculate the % (percent) change in CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere is one of the great scientific challenges facing the climate science community today.

    Our very survival and whether to spend 85 TRILLION DOLLARS to proceed with the GND depend on our scientists, politicians, etc., getting this right!

    • Watson! How many gallons of new water would it take to raise the sea level to have these disasterous losses of major coastal cities??

      #of square miles of ocean X ……????????????????????????????????////// !!!!!!!!!!!


  2. “because it certainly isn’t her unintelligent pronounciations.”

    But her mindless banter is what the millennial hipsters all relate to. Sad state of affairs for
    a continuation of the United States of Freedom down the road and what we accept
    as “higher education” with results like her. She is cracking from all the negatives she gets on facebook/twitter/etc. so I dont’ see her lasting to long which would be a shame. She’s a hoot to have
    around proclaiming leftist idiotology for the world to see..a little offset for all the RINO’s we have
    to put up with.

  3. I would love it if I could close my eyes and imagine that folks as unintelligent as Ocasio-Cortez have a wonderful life way, way outside of politics. She, and her cohorts, have no common sense of the real world.
    It is surely one thing to have a vision for this country (which is so necessary and I applaud) but it is another thing to have that vision come out of whole cloth and be totally unresponsible and unworkable.
    From what I can see, the only reason she is being repeatedly reported on by the media, is she is so photogenic, because it certainly isn’t her unintelligent pronounciations.

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