Now head of impeachment trial, Sen. Leahy already deemed Trump guilty

U.S. Army National Guard/Michelle Gonzalez

UNFAIR TRIAL?: Senate President Pro Tempore Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., will oversee an impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump despite making numerous public comments indicating he already believes Trump is guilty of the charge.

U.S. Senate President Pro Tempore Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., was sworn in Tuesday to be the presiding officer in the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, despite saying weeks ago that Trump is guilty of inciting violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

“President Trump has not simply failed to uphold his oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, which itself would be sufficient to warrant his impeachment and removal; he has emerged as the greatest threat to the Constitution and to American democracy in a generation,” Leahy said in a statement earlier this month.

The Vermont senator, who hasn’t denounced BLM and antifa riots, characterized the forced entry into the Capitol building as “domestic terrorism” and attempted to tie it to Trump.

“Uniting our country happens not through rushing to forgive and forget an act of domestic terrorism. It happens through utilizing the constitutional powers granted to us by the Founders to protect our democracy. We must act together now not just to hold President Trump accountable, but to ensure that no future president, no matter their party, places at risk our democracy in service of their own selfish, illegal, and authoritarian ambitions,” he said.

Such statements ensure that the president is not headed for a fair and impartial trial when the impeachment hearings begin in the U.S. Senate on Feb. 9.

Commentators are already pouncing on Leahy’s biased role, calling it a rigged show trial.

“If the pending impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump was going to be viewed as anything but a partisan attack on a political enemy, the chance went out the window Monday with the announcement that one of Trump’s most vocal critics in the upper chamber is going to be the man running Trump’s show trial,” wrote Joe Saunders for The Western Journal.

Commenters on social media have also taken notice of Leahy’s biased views.

On Jan. 6, hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters peacefully gathered in Washington, D.C., for the “Save America” rally. A few hundred vandals, however, stormed the Capitol building and committed acts of violence, leaving a significant stain on an otherwise peaceful demonstration.

Leahy supports the impeachment trial — designed to remove Trump from office — even though Trump is already out of office, and a private citizen.

“We can do it even after Trump leaves and it could be done in a way that he would not be able to hold office again,” Leahy said early in the month.

Nonetheless, this week Leahy said he is the right referee to preside over the trial.

“When I preside over the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, I will not waiver from my constitutional and sworn obligations to administer the trial with fairness, in accordance with the Constitution and the laws,” Leahy said in a statement.

A conviction of the former president is unlikely to occur in the Senate, as 45 GOP senators on Tuesday took a position during a procedural vote that impeaching a former president is unconstitutional.

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Image courtesy of U.S. Army National Guard/Michelle Gonzalez

31 thoughts on “Now head of impeachment trial, Sen. Leahy already deemed Trump guilty

  1. Leaky Leahy won’t think he’s so powerful once 45 runs him over the coals about HIS involvement with EB-5 and the kingdom con

  2. Leahy and Sanders make me ashamed to be a Vermonter.
    Donald Trump did more for this country in 4 years than everything that our two senators did in their entire political career for Vermont. Leahy must be angry that he wasn’t asked to be an extra in the last Batman movie. They could have used him as an additional villain called the “LOSER”

  3. I just watched a video of Leahy’s opening remarks to the Senate on the faux impeachment. There’s no point in mincing words. Leahy is a dishonest man.

    • Cathy O’Brien’s TRANCE FORMATION OF AMERICA features the man in all his self-interested, depraved glory. Of course he wants to take down the man taking down pedophiles and destroying the tunnels (DUMBS) that made it possible.
      Hard to read but its the blueprint for how the deep state operates now, and how the most powerful man in Congress allegedly holds and keeps his power.
      All alleged.
      I’m healthy, happy and planning to live another 50 years, btw.

  4. WOW,

    An EB-5 grifter and grafter, presiding over hairdo/no-mask-Pelosi’s, kangaroo “impeachment” farce, of which the outcome in the US Senate is pre-ordained, i.e., NOT GUILTY.

    What ARE the Dem/Progs thinking?
    Divide the US even more?


    Biden, a man with a pen.

    Biden is just an uninspiring functionary, sitting at his desk with mask, trying to look serious/presidential, while mumbling gibberish.
    He is a genius in disguise.
    Somehow, he was credited with 81,000,000 million votes, without even campaigning.
    Every day, the invisible Biden handlers are telling Biden to “get out his pen” to sign a stack of executive orders to:

    1) Open the borders to let in the illiterate, unskilled illegals to get more Dem/Prog votes
    2) Halt the Keystone XL pipeline, which eliminated about 50,000 jobs for years
    3) Join Paris, which will cost the US $TRILLIONS
    4) Stop drilling for oil and gas on federal lands in Utah and many other states; Biden creating shortages to benefit expensive, variable, intermittent wind and solar.
    Look outside, no wind and no sun to-day.
    5) Whatever else his handlers can dream up to “undo/erase Trump”.

    In the evening, Biden may tell his admiring wife, over a sumptuous dinner, he is very tired, because he has been:

    1) Very busy changing the US and the world
    2) Fighting climate change, 24/7, already for ONE WHOLE WEEK

    The whole charade is off-the-charts ridiculous.
    Do the invisible Biden handlers really believe the WORLD will use less oil, because of halting Keystone XL?

  5. Leahy’s goal is to give Trump a fair trial….
    And then Hang him…
    (That is how a Democrap views true law)

    • Is the fact that all but four or five Republican Senators have, prior to the trial, already determined that Trump is NOT guilty, any less unreasonable?

  6. Pat Leahy – longest-serving sitting senator (that has to be some sort of oxymoron) pledged that his rulings at 45’s impeachment trial would be fair.

    Fair, as defined by Patty, would be to present 45 & his 74+ million voters the digitus impudicus.

    What will Vermonters end up with when our resident blue dog doesn’t leave the hospital?

  7. An equivalent to Senator Leahy replacing Chief Justice Roberts and presiding over the Trump impeachment trial would be the late attorney Johnnie Cochran replacing Judge Ito and presiding over the OJ Simpson trial.

    And the Democrats say they will insure with social justice for all…….As Democrat Bill Clinton would say…..It all depends on what the meaning of “all” is.

  8. If you think back from the 90’s and look at the divisiveness of the country up to today.

    You will find that it doesn’t matter who was president, the division got great and greater.

    Look at what is being done in the first couple of weeks of the new administration. Is there healing? Are people being censored? Are companies being ruined because their owners spoke out against corruption or even questioning that their may be corruption? What about insider deals? Game Stop any one?

    All the division is planned. It will continue to escalate. Why? Because in subverting a country, they must have division. They want an insurrection, that way it can be “normalized” which is a Soviet Term to speak of replacing those in control with military and leaders who do their bidding, not those of the people. In this case we speak of our New World Order nirvana people…’s nirvana for them, they would control everything including the people to enrich themselves.

    Plan on more division. Sexuality, race, gender, rich & poor. American fighting American is the goal. Divided we fall.

    This is not the wisdom upon which Western civilization was founded. This is not love your neighbor. This is not striving for a more perfect union.

    This fill thy pockets with tax payer money. This oligarchy of the four…..This is a love of power and money.

  9. Leahy will be happy to further divide the country because it is the only way these socialist, elites can create the world for them and their families. It is sad but unfortunately we could see this coming from the state to the country. Progressives and socialist will do what ever it takes for power. They do not believe in rule of law or the constitution. They make it up as they go!

  10. “I once held freedom in the palm of my hand, I thought it would always stay but I was a fool a Socialist tool, I threw it all away, I threw it all away.”

  11. So the number 1 VT stooge and one of the most partisan democrat
    hacks is going to preside as a unbiased judge of a
    kangaroo court impeachment against an American citizen?
    First he isn’t a SCOTUS honcho judge, second you can’t impeach
    a citizen only someone in office. Third they don’t have the votes for a 3/4 ruling.. and most important they did this for 4 yrs and got nothing and still will get nothing when do they learn?.. these leftist corruptocrats don’t work for you and me, they only work for the SWAMP…

      • Mike,

        OMG, forensic examination of each ballot would scare the hell out of any Election Official.

        That is why ALL of them are resisting repeated requests/demands by LEGISLATURES IN SWING STATES

        It is like a DNA analysis of dirty linen.

  12. Who determined that the best substitute for the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court should be Leaky Leahy?

    Hopefully the Senate will also provide a ‘Leahy to English’ interpreter, because I can never understand more than a third of what he mumbles.

    • Some of the folks living in VT did, they continually vote for this do nothing creep who is technically a U S Senator, but is actually more of a space occupier. I say some of the folks, because there are also consistently those in my corner who have never voted for him.
      He took Sen George Aiken’s seat, but is no George Aiken. George Aiken served VT very, very well right up to the time he retired.
      George Aiken knew most every farmer in the state on a first name basis. That was George Aiken in a nutshell, he made working for his constituency his business. A far cry from what we have now,

  13. So now the party who’s always screaming about “our democracy” and our constitutional duty violates another tenant of the Constitution, the separation of powers. Now they can transition between the legislative and judicial branch as easily as they can switch their gender identity. Hey, Leahy explain to us where in the Constitution you are allowed to preside over impeachments.

    • What I want to know is how can he represent Vermont as a Senator when he lives in VA. How can he reside over the Impeachment trial when he is nothing, this person should be in a nursing home, away from normal people. This person has been against Pres Trump from day one. He claims to be unbias, will give a fair hearing and he claims to be a Constitutionalist….. Now if you believe any of this BS I have some ocean-front land in Frankin County for sale and I’ll give you a great deal.. Leahy can have his other 2 amigos come and sit on the beach with him…They have so much in common.. All 3 are liars, corrupt, socialists democrats and should be impeached..

      • Well Donna, here’s how. He has a run down farm house on Notch road in Middlesex. Around parade season during normal times, his office boys, girls or x types stop by to clean out the cobwebs. The senator and his wife take a ride by the old place then travel to Montpeculier and book the most expensive room at the Capitol Hotel and conference center. Their they have all the amenities fit for royalty including a well stocked bar downstairs. As long as the good senator has an address here, no one cares. The same goes for Bernard, of Brooklyn, NY. He has so many houses now that he can’t decide where to go so he stay near the shrimp cocktail circuit in DC or wherever the lobbyists are at the moment.

  14. Just ask the people who bought GameStop, is it a fair system?

    Perhaps more people will wake up and discover a rigged system.

    And look Vermont is once again a leader in rigged systems.

    EB-5, Vermont had the largest scandal in the nation and who was in charge of EB-5?

    Once again Vermont Senator Leahy.

    Let’s just sweep any criminal activity under the rug and anybody who even questions weather the system is rigged, will take down their website, close their business, put them in jail.

    Fascism is the vogue these days. Too bad, many of us were fond of our republic.

  15. With 45 Republicans supporting Trump, because the so-called trial is perceived as a railroad job, instigated by Pelosi and her cohort

    There will be a dog and pony show trial, “in living color” according to Schumer, but Trump will not be convicted by a long shot.

    The other five are RINOS.

    I guess, uniting the country will have to wait.

    Trump made a rousing speech to his supporters, more than 100,000 of them, who had spent big money to travel to DC.
    He told them to be peaceful.

    However, a few Antifa rabble rousers, and the like, DRESSED LIKE TRUMP SUPPORTERS, were at the Capitol while Trump was speaking.

    They egged on the others, and then it got out of control.

    Some Antifa, such as well known Sullivan, were recorded, on video and audio, yelling “we did it, we did it”.

    They were arrested, but released without any charges, even though they unlawfully entered the Capitol. He said he was observing/sight-seeing.

    Some Members of the Capitol Police opened doors and led the protesters into the ROTUNDA, on video. They gawked at the splendor they had paid for.

    In the meantime, Biden is using a pen for each Exec Order signature.
    I guess, the pens will be saved for his library, in a room called “THE PEN ROOM”

  16. Vermont’s Pat Leahy, another stain on Vermont, this babbling fool that’s now
    Senate President Pro Tempore……. he really thinks he’s a ” Political God ” and
    knows all…….. Why do you think, the Chief Justice said ” No “, he knows it’s a
    sham and wants no part of it

    I like the way Leahy spouts about what Trump did against the Constitution, and
    apparently, Pat this pillar in the constitutional world along with his other gaggle of
    fools don’t follow it either, as where does it say you can impeach a civilian ??

    I thought Vermont’s three stooges were bad enough, but look who they are trying
    to defend in the WH…………….. God Help Us !!

    So let’s see, we have a political impeachment on a civilian, and we have no Chief
    Justice doing the proceedings, bitter democRATs look more foolish every day, and
    Pats leading the way………so pathetic !!

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