Northeast Antifa tweeted ‘anti-fascists’ from Mass, NH, VT, Maine ‘mobilizing,’ Ngo claims ‘threatened armed violence’

By Harold Hutichison

A conservative group at an Ivy League college was reportedly forced to take a planned event virtual after reported threats tied to a left-wing protest group, according to journalist Andy Ngo.

The Dartmouth College chapter of Turning Point USA (TPUSA) was hosting Ngo and Gabriel Nadales, a former member of the left-wing group, to discuss Antifa at a Thursday night event before the college canceled it due to concerns about security, the Post Millennial reported.

“In light of concerning information from Hanover police regarding safety issues shared late in the afternoon, similar concerns expressed by the College Republican leadership, and challenges with the student organization’s ability to staff a large public event and communicate effectively (including dissemination of the visitor policy and a prohibition on bags in the building), the College requested that the Extremism in America panel be moved online,” Diana Lawrence, a spokeswoman for Dartmouth, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

An email from DCNF with follow-up questions, including one asking what steps would be taken to ensure the conservative student group would be able to engage in protected expression, was not returned.

“I remain hopeful that they will be able to protect them, but last night they sent a message that they are willing to be swayed by extremists,” Samuel Lee of TPUSA told the DCNF. Lee added that the student group learned of the shift at the last minute via local police.

The presentation by Ngo and Nadales was hosted on Dartmouth’s Zoom page.

“Prior to the event, Antifa groups and accounts threatened armed violence,” Ngo posted on Twitter.

He also posted screenshots of posts from what he described as “Antifa accounts” detailing the calls for action.

“Anti-fascists from Mass, NH, VT, Maine; anti-fascists from all over New England will be mobilizing January 20th, 2022 at Dartmouth College to disrupt & prevent fascist propagandists like Andy Ngo from normalizing their reactionary beliefs on college campuses in the Northeast,” a post in a Twitter thread from Northeast FASHWATCH said. The group’s post included a photo taken of Ngo after a 2019 attack that resulted in an overnight hospital stay.

The group celebrated the cancellation of the in-person event in another post on Twitter.

Prior to the posts from that account, there were other efforts to disrupt the event, which was advertised on Eventbrite. Nearly 24,000 registrations, many of them “spam,” were made for the event, a field representative for TPUSA told DCNF.

A number of emails from media outlets were among those used for fake registrations. A Trump re-election campaign rally in Tulsa was also flooded with similar fake registrations, which was celebrated by Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, according to a June 2020 Daily Wire report.

“This is the first time the New England territory has seen something of this magnitude,” Lee told the DCNF. He told the DCNF that the group took steps to address the fake registrations when the spamming started and contacted Eventbrite but had received no response and eventually changed how they handled reservations for the event.

“Eventbrite works hard to protect its community of ticket buyers and event organizers, and is taking immediate steps to investigate and address the situation,” a spokeswoman for the online event company said.

Antifa has a history of being accused of using violence against conservatives or those opposing left-wing causes. In 2021, alleged incidents included another attack on Ngo, an assault against protestors outside a Los Angeles spa, an attack on a prayer meeting in Portland, Oregon, and forming a mob outside the D.C.-area home of Republican Sen. Josh Hawley on Jan. 4 of that year.

Hanover PD did not respond to a request for comment from the DCNF.

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26 thoughts on “Northeast Antifa tweeted ‘anti-fascists’ from Mass, NH, VT, Maine ‘mobilizing,’ Ngo claims ‘threatened armed violence’

  1. Look at what Vermont is nurturing, fostering, feeding, educating…..

    If you can tell a tree by the fruit on the branches, what would Vermont be?

    There is an internet network, very few understand how powerful it is, how many people are involved and influenced by.

  2. Tolerance does not attenuate violence. ““To force, nothing but force can be successfully opposed.” – William Lamb, 2nd lord Melbourne. e.g. Nacht der Langenmessers

  3. MAYBE ALL THESE ANTIFA FASCISTS…….will all gather in one place at Dartmouth….and we can organize something like a “dropping” of some sort from an airplane or big drone overhead…???

    SPLAT all over the place…….A great opportunity, I say.

  4. Antifa, what a joke. Pajama boys living in their parents basements. I know in the Mad River Valley there is at least one self avowed “antifa” clown. Just look at what happened in Kenosha. The “protesters” were made up of criminals, and as far as the Kenosha Kid event is concerned, they got exactly what they deserved. When the SHTF they’ll get a taste of their own medicine and go running home.

    • I’m in the Mad River Valley too! There are several more…..there are probably quite a few in our state would be my guess….1000? 3,000?

      10 per town…. on average?

      Look in our colleges, bet you find many more, they are indoctrinating them.

  5. Extremists, on all sides, must be opposed and when they use violence to try to get their way prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    Those who promote violence as a way to achieve their ends should also be prosecuted when their words lead to physical harm to others and especially to law enforcement.

    • NOPE. Too late, John. You “decent people” have tolerated too much outrageous and criminal behavior…….in fact you ought to admit your guilt for that……

      • Dennis,

        As one strongly believes in the rule of law, has worked with law enforcement and has also been involved in supervising young people doing restitution, I am not sure what you mean by tolerating too much outrageous behavior. Definitely not my style.

        I understand your frustration, but do you really feel it is alright to put yourself above the law even if it comes to injuring and killing police officers whose sworn duty it is to uphold the law? I sure hope not.

        We have in America, the longest running democracy in the world. It allows for people to choose who they want to represent them. Our Constitution is worth protecting from Antifa or others who would use violence rather than the ballot box to get their way.

        Those, like Antifa or any others, if they try to use force to keep others from speaking or engaging in any other Constitutional rights should be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We should not have it any other way.

        • Well the evidence is pretty much history, they are not going to be arrested. The summer of riots all over America proved that. There will come a point when just trying to be nice will end. I attended a gathering for the police at the state capitol in Montpelier. These savages were all around, playing loud music and getting up in peoples faces while their video people film trying to incite violence. They pulled them in from Massachusetts with some from Vermont. Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.

        • John,

          Just how many Antifa thugs have been arrested and faced any serious prosecution? They are a violent tool of the left and are protected by leftist in every branch our government. The Vice President Kamala Harris donated to and promoted a Go-Fund-Me page to post bail and pay court costs and fines for Antifa members. Terry Mcauliffe, a powerful Democrat, past chairman of the Democrat National Committee, who was just defeated in the gubernatorial race in Virgina, has a 27-year-old son who was arrested for arson during an Antifa riot. The arrest went completely unreported in the national media. There is good law and there is bad law. I don’t give a damn about “The Rule of Law”, I care about justice!

          • Richard,

            I am a strong believer in law and order. Anyone breaking the law and especially extremists who try to get their way through the use of force should be punished to the full extent of the law.

            The fact is that time and time again, extremists on the left and right who perpetrate violence due real damage to their cause. This is particularly true in Vermont where we have a long culture of direct democracy and are used to working through difficult issues with our neighbors at Town Meeting.

            I am also very supportive of law enforcement. Those who want to take the law in their own hands will end up coming against those whose sworn job it is to enforce the law. A good friend who grew up in Barre and whose father worked in the sheds, had his own son, who is a Metro D.C. police officer severely injured by extremists on January 6th.

            It would be wise to think long and hard about the consequences of advocating and using violence when there is the alternative of using
            the rights enshrined in our Constitution and our democratic system to achieve the goals we desire.

          • Re: “I am a strong believer in law and order. Anyone breaking the law and especially extremists who try to get their way through the use of force should be punished to the full extent of the law.”

            Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

  6. These people are cowards. I know people that have gone this way in past 2 years and NONE of them know what a fight, let alone a war is. Let their ignorance and hate be seen and recognized. Let their associates be publicly known. Let them attempt to strike the first blow and then acquaint them with our bootheels. An America on the shoulders of its true citizens will prevail.

  7. It’s coming Willem,
    “Rasmussen Poll: Rank and file Democrats want the unvaccinated confined, tracked, punished and even put into camps”.

    Please tell me how we are to “Co-Exist” with people that think this way about fellow Americans?

    The Democrats that think this way have been conditioned to not even see the non-believers in their Covid scam as human and that right there my friends is how they got people to load other people into box cars to be sent to gas chambers.
    Pat Buchanan wrote about this conditioning happening to the Left the left way back when they were freaking out in the streets because we had the audacity to elect Donald Trump. Now look at them all.

    • Laura,

      If you are not a Dem/Prog, you belong to the “ despicables”, which are to be sent into oblivion, so Dem/Progs can take over the government and implement THEIR version of centralized, socialistic command/control of every thing, in the name of their lates foil, i.e., COVID, and FIGHTING CLIMATE CHANGE

      It is many years overdue to vote out those folks, by going en masse to the voting booths in November 2022.

      Do not let Dem/Progs steal your future for their self-serving games.

    • It doesn’t matter what ‘rank & file’ Dems want – they know they’ll never get it. Not without an absolute bloodbath.

      The one thing that distinguishes us from Europe, Australia , etc. is the fact we’re still armed, and the last two years has driven that point home. They fear us, which is a good thing – and the only thing stopping them from pushing too far.

  8. This is a great way to confuse the Soros-funded domestic terrorists, and those of us who don’t like government contracted corporations making policy decisions for us.
    I’m an ANTI-FASCIST. I am NOT in ANY WAY associated with Soros, and I plan NO violence of any sort at any time, anywhere.
    I don’t want those people to be making money off me, profiting from my beliefs or choices, and I certainly don’t want my government to be a part of that.

    The REAL definition of FASCISM, is here, and in our times, is being exercised by the Progressives:
    Definition Of Fascism
    A political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.
    A tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control.
    Examples: Early instances of army fascism and brutality. || — J. W. Aldridge.
    A way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government.
    Very harsh control or authority.
    A political system headed by a dictator in which the government controls business and labor and opposition is not permitted.
    Data from

    We pretty much are LIVING under a fascist government, including right here in Vermont, and are doing the bidding of telecomms, big pharma, and oil, gas and coal. THEY want to frame us who object to them deciding how we are to live, and what to put in our bodies, as the enemy.

    George Soros is the enemy and has enough money to create astroturf groups like ANTIFA and OCCUPY and EXTINCTION REBELLION…in service of the great communist divide and conquer agenda that unseats freethinkers absolutely…i.e. those of us who are perfectly capable of making our OWN choices and holding ourselves accountable for them…you know, what being an adult USED to stand for.

    Antifascists are actually the true seers who SEE Marduk’s minions destroying the world.
    Astroturf groups who sow mayhem and chaos…work for Marduk’s minion, Soros.
    If are for freedom, you are against fascism. The word for that is antifascist or antifascism.
    Learn your history folks.

    • Kudos. Well expressed. Historically, Antifa was, in fact, anti-Fascist – but that meant they were in opposition to competing Fascist political policy groups, not that they were opposed to Fascism and not that they themselves were not Fascists. They still, obviously, are. If it were Fascism they opposed, they’d be attacking Biden & Company. Violence, mayhem and intimidation have always been hallmarks of Fascist movements, totalitarian control and suppression of dissent always their goals. It’s not surprising we have them – they’re common in European nations – It is, however, very troubling that they are getting strong support from the Biden administration.

      • Communists who utilized the anti-fascist moniker to thwart Hitler’s National Socialist party. Their founder was developed and supported by Stalin. Tyrants of a different stripe or the other side of the same collectivist totalitarian coin. They are evil incarnate and should not be underestimated. The modern incarnation of these thugs finds their roots in the red brigades and other neo-Marxist terrorist organizations. Most recently they’ve colluded with avowed Marxist groups in Syria while concurrently also working with ISIS. On the west coast they have strong links to narco-traffickers south of the border and participate in the illegal drug, weapons and human trafficking trades to support their “revolution”. Federal DOJ has demonstrated a keen lack of interest in this monstrosity going so far as to state “it’s just an idea”. An idea that propelled 1 billion dollars’ worth of damage and murdered over 30 people over the riots of 2020.

  9. I grew up in the Netherlands during NAZI times

    I am familiar with those ANTIFA SHENANIGANS

    Those kind of intimidation, disruption and violence tactics ultimately led to KRISTALL NACHT, AND THE MASS SLAUGHTER OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE, AKA HOLOCAUST.

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