Newport business owner ordered to pay $850 for violating mask mandate

This article originally appeared June 24 in the Newport Dispatch News.

NEWPORT — Orleans Superior Court Judge Mary Miles Teachout today ordered former UPS Store owner Michael Desautels to pay $850 in penalties, as the Attorney General’s Office had requested.

In March, the court ruled in the state’s favor that the Governor’s Executive Order and the related rules established by the Agency of Commerce and Community Development were enforceable and that Desautels had violated the rules by failing to follow the requirement that employees wear masks at work.

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The amount of the monetary penalty was the sole subject of today’s hearing.

In its complaint, the State of Vermont alleged that Desautels was in violation of Governor Scott’s orders by working in the presence of others without wearing required cloth face coverings.

“I am pleased that the Court ordered the requested penalty,” said Attorney General Donovan. “I thank the vast majority of Vermonters who followed the science, sacrificed, and kept themselves and our community safe.”

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8 thoughts on “Newport business owner ordered to pay $850 for violating mask mandate

  1. True Agenda 2030 sycophant (mother of politically inspired Zephyr Teachout who is an up and coming made woman) who has long positioned herself and family to uphold the Clinton-Soros-Rothchild cabal, led by the most powerful intelligence-connected senator in Congress, Sen Leahy, and followed dutifully by all elected and appointed officials in our very small and incestuous and infiltrated legislative and governing branches.
    Vermont has been taken over – by the CCP-led dems – and that is according to plan.
    Everyone knows that if independent (HA! HA! Ha!) Vermonters allow medical tyranny, it will go anywhere.
    Nothing suspcious here. Keep moving. Nothing to see here folks.
    Except GLARING PARTISANSHIP by a sitting judge.
    Something stinks under the golden dome from our judiciary to our governor to our secretary of state’s office… ccp totalitarian communits toadies all.
    Won’t change until Vermonters can take a good look at our toady past of the worst of human agendas, in situ as we speak and NOT part of our past: EUGENICS.
    Active in Vermont as we speak.
    Aimed at the most vulnerable among us.
    …by any other name…

  2. Mary Miles Teachout. Perfect name for an activist leftist judge! I wonder if it’s just her stage name?

  3. IMO the leniency of the fine is an indicator that it was not serious to begin with. The govt now knows how far they can mandate the people and how far they can’t.

  4. This is what happens when the courts are up the government’s arse. This ruling was upheld by a kangaroo court and Donovan and Phlip Phlop Scott are laughing at what’s left of the REAL Vermonters. They’re playing right out of the Biden play book. Extremely sad for anyone who’s a conservative in this state.

  5. The mask mandate was and always will be based on junk science
    Any one pushing that junk science is an idiot!

  6. Way to go TJ (such a professional name for a professional job!) knocked this one out of the park oh boy! Wasted taxpayer money (which the VT AG is infamous for with their stellar cases!) for $850 shake down for an illegal crackdown. Embarrassing and disgraceful all at once.

  7. “I am pleased that the Court ordered the requested penalty,” said Attorney General Donovan. “I thank the vast majority of Vermonters who followed the science…”
    What “science” would that be Mr. Donovan??? True “science”, that which is not influenced by politics, overwhelmingly disputed the the effectiveness of prolonged masking.
    Mr. Desautels did not break any laws. The mask mandate was not introduced by legislators, debated, and then voted upon thereby becoming “law”. Hence, no law was broken and the “penalties” levied are invalid. It would be great if Mr. Desautels could find a lawyer willing to take this on and appeal it to a higher court. Good luck!

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