New Hampshire among states with highest labor force participation

By John Suayan | The Center Square

Data released by the U.S. Department of Labor show that work force participation in New Hampshire rose again, this time up to 68.6 percent.

That participation rate the highest in the Northeast, besting Massachusetts by a full percentage point. It is also the highest among any Top 10 per capita income states.

Taylor Caswell, Commissioner of Business & Economic Affairs for the State of New Hampshire

“The significance is the New Hampshire economy’s ability to continue to pull workers off the sidelines and into employment is striking and a remarkable outlier,” Greg Moore, state director of Americans for Prosperity in New Hampshire, tweeted. “While employers complain of workforce shortages, it’s really not because there is a large group of people sitting idle.”

The labor force participation rate is calculated by dividing the number of people actively participating in the labor force by the total number of people eligible to participate in the labor force, then multiplying by 100 to get the percentage.

Taylor Caswell, commissioner of the state’s Department of Business and Economic Affairs, said the latest increase in labor force participation is a testament to the prosperous local economy.

“New Hampshire’s economy is the product of low taxes, access to high-paying jobs, and an exceptional quality of life,” Caswell told The Center Square. “We continue to see very strong data trends in labor participation and net migration.”

According to the commissioner, New Hampshire now ranks among the top 10 states nationally – and is the only state in the Northeast on that list – for attracting a millennial workforce.

“This is very much a rising tide lifts all boats situation, as along with these strong indicators, we continue to see wages rising and companies looking for more workforce,” Caswell said.

Caswell further stated that for New Hampshire to continue experiencing an upward climb economically, it must “focus heavily on workforce training, connections between academic institutions and employers, and driving the narrative of [its] exceptional economy, strong education systems, and lifestyle assets.”

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  1. What is the Vermont participant rate?? 50. 60 percent?? With 200,000 individuals on Medicaid, that’s one third of the population!!

    • Nice idea but MOST folks don’t have the fortitude to put their feet on the ground and actually go through with it. Only those that actually want to improve their life will take the step and put VT in their rear view mirror.

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