Neil Johnson: Taxing Vermont to prosperity

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Neil Johnson, of Waitsfield, who was a 2018 candidate for state House in the Washington 7 district.

In a state that is short a few hundred million this year, whose citizens are crying for relief of being burdened by the government having both hands in their pockets, how could more taxation bring relief? Since Vermont is controlled by outside forces that are having a negative influence on our state and citizens, taxing pornography, PACs and lobbyists is our way to prosperity.

Pornography is purposely used to confuse people about their sexuality. Pornography is not free speech — it is base entertainment at best. Posting millions of videos of people having sex is not productive, but defies nature, common sense and truth.

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Let’s tax PACs and lobbyists. Taxing would be good for revenue, good for our state, and good for our citizens and republic. Vermont could tax its way to freedom and lead the nation by doing so. What should we call this tax?

PACs and lobbying firms are not people; they cannot vote. However, one person can form a lobbyist organization and influence our little state with their money — on top of that they don’t even have to be a resident. A classic example is Bloomberg. From the other side, the classic example are the Koch brothers. These people can’t even vote in our state, yet they have more political influence than our entire citizenry. This is the insider track that keeps people in power, as the lobbyists make sure they get what they want.

Governments are funding nonprofits that do the bidding of lobbyists. We have the classic example of Planned Parenthood, with $700,000 dollars. Planned Parenthood then funds the socialist wing of our Vermont Democratic party. Planned Parenthood even says they are watching how all their representatives are voting.

We have the Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC), which has shared the same board members of the Vermont Conservation Voters, and both organizations are “nonprofit.” The VNRC is comprised of mostly lobbyists. The Vermont Conservation Voters grade our representatives on how they vote on environmental issues. These environmental issues just coincidentally are the same ones the the VNRC are trying to vote on. VNRC has lobbyists go work for government, and government employees and elected officials go work for the VNRC. It’s an interesting revolving door in our state.

Think about this: If you’re wondering why you pay more for gas and health care in Vermont, the answer is lobbyists and PACs. If you’re wondering why you cannot find an affordable home or place to rent, the answer is lobbyists and PACs. If you’re wondering why we cannot come up with sane school funding, the answer is lobbyists and PACs. If you’re wondering why Vermont has an unaddressed drug/alcohol problem and is pushing to become a leading drug dealer itself, the answer is lobbyists and PACs. If you’re wondering why gas is more expensive than in neighboring states by 40-50 cents per gallon, and why your tax money is funding nonprofits, the answer is lobbyists and PACs.

In short, if you’re wondering why Vermont is unaffordable, the answer is lobbyists and PACs.

Socialism and the NWO run on power and money. Socialism is a first cousin to crony capitalism, a system whereby those in control of money pay, bribe and influence their ways to keep power and fund activities. Good ideas do not need bribes or money to make people do them.

So, let’s tax PACs and lobbyists. Taxing would be good for revenue, good for our state, and good for our citizens and republic. Vermont could tax its way to freedom and lead the nation by doing so. What should we call this tax?

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13 thoughts on “Neil Johnson: Taxing Vermont to prosperity

  1. PAC’s don’t matter, except that they are loud, vocal, organized….and they have ALL the MEDIA behind them….they are all tied into each other – from the liberal/progressive/environmental sides….. theiir Grass Roots Activism. But ALL their activism and lobbying mean NOTHING…unless they garner the VOTES and attentions… in the LEGISLATURE – to push forward that progressive, enviro and social agenda. If the LEGISLATURE was not so “in love”, so connected to these liberal PAC’s….and the Legislature did not vote for every policy or program these PAC’s put forth…then the PAC’s would dissapear, if they don’t have voting buddies in the legislature. SEE? It is the LEGISLATURE that controls the fate of VT, not PAC’s. And the future is not very bright.

    • PAC’s and lobbyists buy all the media, fund all the elections. They pay for all the advertising, which completely funds Vermont Digger, who completely controls the narrative and even comments!

      If PAC’s and Lobbyists didn’t matter they wouldn’t be funded with BILLIONS of dollars. Rich people get results with their money, it’s rarely wasted.

      Not only that, they fund non-profits and NGO’s to do their bidding. And now towns and government also fund these with your property tax, which if you don’t pay they will repossess your home!

      Vermont has a land gains tax that stopped land speculation in it’s tracks. Up to 90% tax on the first year. If we had a graduated tax. $10,000 =10%;above $30,000 80% tax.

      Suddenly Vermont would be free. Free from the corruption of outside money running and ruining our state.

      And porn, they are teaching our kids, look up yourself, that familial sex is the rage, who came up with that garbage? Step sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers sleeping together.
      Tax it, $9 a day, no freebies.

      If you listen to those officials from other countries that are trained to subvert other states and countries, this is their method. Tear down the family, infiltrate gov./education/religion.

      Here is the money train. Time for derailment. Doesn’t take much money to buy a little state.

      VT Digger, wouldn’t print it.

    • With this plan, The VNRC million dollar yearly budget would become.

      Current Budget New Budget (after whore tax) State Revenue
      VNRC $1,000,000 $207,000 $793,000
      Plan Parent* $700,000 $148,000 $553,000

      * example of money given to Planned Parenthood, which moved it to it’s PAC….which was funded by tax payers, which funds the entire socialist/NWO wing of the Vermont democratic party. I thing they were given 700K+ but this illustrates the point.

      Think about Bloomberg, scum bag who’s buying everything. Koch Brothers too. Maybe it should be called a scumbag tax…..

      • It totally messed up the alignment….and I can’t edit or fix it. had columns all lined up, can the editor help? Please?

  2. Happy day, at last someone has come up with a grand tax plan which is directed at worthwhile targets. These folks have spend heck knows how many dollars conning legislatures into passing all kinds of dumb and unsustainable programs resulting in an inordinate tax burden. Problem is the lobbiests will convince their friend in Montpelier that such a tax would place too great a burden on them and curtail their noble works.

  3. Vermont’s tax burden has only one cause, it’s called Liberal Democrats Agenda,
    feelgood foolishness is all they know……………

    If you want to save Vermont, then we need a complete revamp of Montpelier, as
    all they know is, if they dig a financial hole, taxes with fill it. You work and they will
    spend it.

    We need to have a balanced budget, no new taxes until the debt is removed, most
    Vermonter’s live within there means, the Government should do the same !!

    Vote this inept fools out

  4. Let’s call it the ‘JanStep’ tax, for Jane Knodell and Stephanie Seguino. They recently posted an opinion column talking about innovative ways to fund the budget gap. As ‘economic professors’ at UVM, I would assume they’d be all in.

    Note to Jane & Steph – please don’t comment here, because I missed the 24 hour deadline to comment on your diatribe on VT Digger. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s only fair, right?

    • After reading their breathtaking foolishness not too difficult to see how we got here – and that fools can be educated *facepalm*

      • Imagine what students are learning in their classes. Two ‘economic professors’ who’ve never built anything, never run anything, never repaired anything and have nothing to offer society except regurgitating failed theories on economics.

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