NEA backs LGBTQ group that encourages hiding student gender changes

By Reagan Reese

The nation’s largest teachers union is backing an LGBTQ group that recently came under scrutiny for encouraging educators to keep students’ gender transitions a secret, according to a Tuesday press release.

The National Education Association (NEA) pledged its support to GLSEN, an organization focused on expanding LGBTQ rights in K-12 education, after the organization’s 10- year partnership with Target resurfaced following the retail corporation’s release of LGBTQ pride merchandise that includes “tuck-friendly” swimsuits, according to a Tuesday press release. The union called recent reports that GLSEN advises educators to hide gender transitions from their parents “harmful” and false.

“This week, after Target announced it was pulling some Pride merchandise from stores in response to extremist threats, GLSEN and other leading LGBTQ+ advocacy organizations released a statement calling on the business community to rise up against anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric,” the press release read. “Since then, right-wing media outlets have spread harmful and vicious lies about GLSEN — and these intentional and heinous attacks have spurred an onslaught of hateful messages and threats to their mission and the physical safety of their staff.”

GLSEN’s “Model Local Education Agency Policy on Transgender and Nonbinary Students” notes that unless a student has otherwise given permission, “staff or educators shall not disclose any information that may reveal a student’s gender identity to others, including parents or guardians.” Before disclosing any information to parents, the educator must discuss with the student who they will be informing about their change in gender identity.

Transgender and nonbinary students have the right to keep their gender identity private, GLSEN’s website stated. Educators should consider creating a “confidential” gender support plan to document who the student is “out to” and if, how and when they want to “come out” to their parents.

GLSEN has recently come under fire after it was revealed that the organization works with Target which donated at least $2.1 million to the LGBTQ organization. Target is facing backlash for its “Pride Month” collection which includes rainbow onesies and children’s products that feature drag queens.

“GLSEN and the NEA are united in our commitment to the wellbeing and success of our LGBTQ+ students,” Becky Pringle, the president of the NEA, said in a press release. “Our common work on behalf of students is grounded in racial justice, disability justice, and gender justice and the fundamental belief that all students deserve dignity and respect.

GLSEN and the NEA did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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4 thoughts on “NEA backs LGBTQ group that encourages hiding student gender changes

  1. You can tell a legslaror by the laws they write, support and allow without protest. You can tell a tree by its fruit.

    Seems we have a tree full of pedophiles and groomers in Montpelier, we need to do some timber stand improvement and take out the nonproductive diseased trees. The forest will be better for it, the little seedlings coming up in the world even more so.

  2. What is it really about? Are we being conned in broad daylight?

    What is going on in Vermont, why aren’t we making it safe for our children?

    Did parents say, you know school board, we need more story books of how to teach our children to give head, that’s what we really need in Vermont. There’s not enough sexuality presented in society, so we’d like to schools to pick up the slack. Hey, while you’re at it, can you have adults come read these books, do stripping routines, presented by people pretending to be a different sex? I’m really concerned my child won’t get into college if they don’t know how to sexually satisfy adults, all genders and perhaps some other kinky stuff.

    Why do we allow interfamilial porn in Vermont? At the very least why aren’t we taxing it?
    Are Vermonters asking for this?

    Why are we legalizing sex work?
    Was this Vermonters first need? Are Vermonters asking for this?

    Why did we change our constitution to allow the state to control the sexuality of our children?
    Was this what Vermonters were asking for?

    So when I talk with all my Vermont friends, yes the first thing they say, “Hey we need more interfamilial porn, we need legal sex work, we really need some laws for those minor attracted people to reach and fullfill their dreams!” Like never.

    Yet what is Montpelier doing and why?

    Here’s an interesting video, saw it awhile ago….still relevant.

    When Yuri Bezmanov spoke about subverting a country, one of the things he spoke about was confusing the populace about their sexuality. At the time I thought what a dumb idea, how could someone get confused?

    Now I respect it for the evil genius that it is. We are being played. Connect the dots.

    Where’s the VTGOP? Where are the clergy?

    We need to stop drinking this Kool-aid, because it’s bat guana crazy.

    • if a stranger did the same things they are doing in Vemont schools, to your child; they would be locked up for pediphilia and be on the sex offender list. they would have restraining orders to keep away from schools. Let that sink in for abit.

      Our children are not safe in Vermont schools.

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