Navy vet, UVM grad Edward Gilbert announces GOP run for Congress

By Guy Page

Edward Gilbert of Graniteville has joined Jimmy Rodriguez of Arizona as an announced Republican challenger to incumbent Democratic Congressman Peter Welch.

Welch, first elected in 2006, says he will run again this year. Other candidates for Congress are progressive/independent and marijuana advocate Chris Ericson and Pomfret native and Norwich University graduate Justin Tuthill (party affiliation unstated on his website).

Edward Gilbert

In his announcement, Gilbert notes that 2018 candidate Anya Tynio and others also may run. If so there will be a Republican primary on Aug. 11, regardless of the status of the puzzling candidacy of Rodriguez.

According to Ballotpedia, Rodriguez also announced for a congressional seat in Arizona this year, before withdrawing from the primary. Answers to a candidate survey show him as a married, a small business owner and offroad race car driver, and a pro-life Christian. He is soliciting campaign donations on numerous websites. It is unclear where, or whether, he now lives in Vermont.

According to, Welch has raised $465,000 and has $2.2 million cash on hand, and Rodriguez has raised $590,000 and has $566,000 cash on hand.

Gilbert, a 1986 Spaulding High School graduate, served in the U.S. Navy after graduation and earned a UVM degree Bachelor of Science in Information Management Systems in 1996. His campaign announcement calls for:

  1. An all-county prosperity plan
  2. Tax code simplification and tax cuts
  3. Relieving health care cost burden with updated medical technologies
  4. Policies supporting state colleges
  5. Reducing number of state employees (500, Gilbert says) earning over $100,000
  6. A new, more affordable education model including more online and home schooling, younger public school teachers, smaller school districts, and fewer highly paid administrators.
  7. No carbon taxes
  8. Shifting environmental focus from carbon reduction to wastewater pollution and Superfund site cleanup
  9. At least three televised debates involving challengers and  incumbents, who have “all the advantages of paid staff, they get full coverage by major TV televised media sources here in Vermont.” The debates would create “a level playing field” for incumbents and challengers to interact, debate and express their vision for 21st century Vermont.”
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5 thoughts on “Navy vet, UVM grad Edward Gilbert announces GOP run for Congress

  1. If you want votes state you are in favor of term limits. Voters are sick and tired of career politicians

  2. Now we’re getting some where!!!! Mr. Gilbert is just the kind of individual we ned representing our state. Be interested to learn what Peter Welch’s plans are when Senator Leahy FINALLY RETIRES.

  3. Boy, if he wins, what a relief that will be. For what Welch has done for VT was adding to global warming (Carbon Footprint) on the flights back and forth VT to DC. Don’t need a polished lawyer from MA. When Mr Gilbert steps up with a solid background and desired values, this might start the turn around of VT. and bring VT back to the state it once was. Mr. Gilbert hopefully eliminates one of the three and remaining two need putting out to pasture . Leaky Leahy is a disgrace and the Bern is too busy running for Prez twice and loosing when he knew the Dem powers wouldn’t allow him in their circles. But he got to be a multimillionaire, that was the real aim. Wasted money paying their salaries.

    For example:
    Since Leahy was elected in January 3, 1975 US Senator, that’s 45 years. If Senate salary averaged out at $150K per year (not counting other Gov perks-free medical, travel, etc) he was “paid per the taxpayer” $6,750,000. He probably made money for the EB-5 farce that screwed foreign investors. VT has a chance to do better upon this article news..

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