More Vermont House candidates join John Klar coalition

By Guy Page

The number of candidates for statewide office affiliated with the gubernatorial campaign of John Klar now totals about 25 — with more to come.

While it remains to be seen whether Klar can win his Aug. 11 primary challenge of Gov. Phil Scott, the Brookfield lawyer and addiction recovery coach has accomplished what few Vermont candidates for governor in living memory have done: recruited and supported more than a score of candidates. Running amid a pandemic that has rendered obsolete many standard campaign techniques, he’s achieved this without a big political donor or machine, or even an office, unless you count his high-mileage car.

Journalists consider an event “news” if it’s uncommon, interesting or important. By this standard, the coalescing of two dozen unknowns under one insurgent political banner is political news in Vermont — something both VPR and WCAX tacitly noted by sending reporters to cover yesterday’s press conference on the lawn of the Vermont State House, home of the Vermont Legislature, which Klar refers to as  “the bloated tick.”

“We now have a situation where we’re all working for them,” Klar said. “The money is transferring from us to them. They’re not working to enrich our prosperity, they are diminishing our prosperity to enrich their own.”

From left to right, Stuart Beam of Springfield, Jacob Holmes of Hartford, Charles Wilson of Lyndon, Sherri Prouty of Rutland, and Lynn Dike of Bristol.

Standing behind Klar yesterday were many political newcomers, including Stuart Beam of Springfield, Jacob Holmes of Hartford, Charles Wilson of Lyndon, Sherri Prouty of Rutland, and Lynn Dike of Bristol. They have much in common: they all live outside the Chittenden/Washington county power bubble, are new to politics, and are willing to run and serve.

All five of their names will appear on the Nov. 3 general election ballot. Republican State House candidates aren’t fighting each other in primaries (only Williamstown has a House primary, and there are none for the Senate seats).

Stuart Beam, running for the Windsor 3-2 (Springfield) house seat, was born and raised in Bellows Falls. He joined the army but after an injury, moved to Springfield. Stuart has been a farmer and truck driver most of his life. Last year he retired after 40 years of driving trucks across the U.S. and Canada. He  has started farming again. Stuart is married with four children and has been an active member of his church for 28 years. When asked yesterday why he’s running, he said, “I just want to help people.”

Jacob Holmes (Windsor-1 House seat) was born and raised in Hartland. After receiving a BA in psychology from Castleton State College, he served in the Vermont Army National Guard for six years. He graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with high honors in Criminal Justice. He’s a cop with the Woodstock Police Department. He says his “focus will be on supporting law enforcement as well as emergency personnel whose main goal is to keep the community safe.”

Charles Wilson (Caledonia County Senate) is a former farmer and retired house painter living in Lyndon. He and his wife still operate a small business. He’s concerned about eroding First and Second Amendment rights, overregulation of dairy farms, and “the rights of the unborn taken away without mercy.”

Sherri Prouty (House seat for Rutland City Ward 5-4) has been married for 27 years, raised 4 children and has 3 grandchildren. (She says she doesn’t think she’s related to longtime Vermont senator Winston Prouty.) She has worked in law enforcement as an officer and school resource officer, supported soldiers, veterans and their families in the Vermont National Guard, assisted citizens with job placement with sustainability, and owned her own business.

“We need tax incentives for our business community along with a strategic plan to bring businesses to the various regions. We need to support systems that help people become successful, productive community members, through investment in job skills and training to develop our workforce. We also want our citizens to stay in Vermont when they retire, not move to another state,” she said.

Lynn Dike (Addison-4 House seat) is the oldest of nine children. She started her nursing career in 1969 as a nurse’s aide, continuing her education when able, and graduating from Norwich University in 1986. Working most in Nursing and Rehab centers, she has also taught LNA classes, childbirth classes and ended her career as an RN. She moved to Bristol in 1992. She and husband Lloyd grow huge vegetable gardens and make apple cider in the fall and maple syrup in the spring.

Rally for police planned for this weekend

A rally to support Vermont law enforcement will be held 11 a.m. July 25 on the Vermont State House lawn. The main organizer is the son of a Vermont police officer who believes it’s time to honor those who protect and serve with a positive display of citizen support. He reports that interest around the state is very high. Mark your calendars.

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20 thoughts on “More Vermont House candidates join John Klar coalition

  1. John Klar is working hard and if he is the republican running for governor in the general election I will support him. However he needs to be more honest as he goes. He did not recruit these house candidates. I know this because I am the Windsor county republican chair and recruited and guided one of these people through the process of getting on the ballot. John should have enough going on his own where he shouldn’t have to lie about something like this. County chairs have a tough time recruiting candidates and so having Klar take credit for their hard work is wrong and untrue.

    • This is the second time you have disparaged John Klar. Do you have a direct quote for the so called lie? Did you hang out out with John every minute to know for sure that he hasn’t encouraged some of these people? Sounds like you are a Phil Scott guy to me. “Lie” is a strong word and you obviously aren’t supporting anyone you accuse of lying or you wouldn’t have to write it here. Dem/Progs just love people like you as you denigrate one of your own. Nice Job!! (Sarc)

    • They seem to hanging out on many photo ops with Mr. Kale, they seem to be getting some state wide press with Mr. Klar and in the Lt. gov debate at least one person said they were part of a larger group, assuming it was a group within the Republican Party since all the candidates were part of the republican debate, one person maybe not so republican.

      John has gotten more press and more articles published state wide and national than all the other candidates combined.

      If we all worked together instead of tearing down anyone showing a modicum of success we might have some wins in our column.

      Fighting is a sign of serious pride, not neccessarily better ideas.

      • Look in the mirror much? Takes some serious pride to tell others what they should do. So I guess it’s not ‘fighting’ when you routinely accuse others of ‘fighting’? Not a fan of Wrongthink or censorship and would like to know who is.

        • Yes I definitely struggle with pride. Are we lifting up all candidates? Yes I have been rather harsh on certain Rino’s guilty as charged.

          Fighting and pride is a general statement, which is generally true. We do need to lift each other up within the conservative side, that isn’t disparaging, just commentary.

          Chances are I will continue to speak out against those who do not defend our constitution, nor our country. It has been a struggle to give up my hold and love of state and country to a higher power, Yes, I’ve definitely struggled with pride. Like seriously, what is my commentary going to amount to? Just babble.

          • Not about selfrighteous strawman arguments of defending constitution, love of country and state – likely majority do esp on TNR or wouldn’t post, read or comment.

            Possible cure for ‘struggle’ w/pride: get off highhorse and stop disparaging others might help. Recently claimed everyone here cannot get off couch or put down smartphone – so just a bunch of lazy couch potatoes and smartphone timewasters – and if so who cares? How do you know and what are *you* doing. Suspect we’re all pretty busy I know I am.

            How do these type of comments or barking orders contribute or lift anyone up.

    • So you state you would vote for him but at the same time are calling him a liar so people don’t vote for him. Good try but very obvious.

  2. What concerns me is the lack of coverage given conservative candidates. See my question below.
    VT Digger, for example, just characterized Republican lieutenant governor candidate Meg Hansen with this opening.

    “Meg Hansen does not want you to underestimate her. Coming in at just around five feet tall, with bulbous cheek bones and almost shockingly flawless skin…”.

    Vt Digger’s initial characterization is nothing short of despicable (typical of a ‘news’ organization that constantly publishes Danziger’s repugnant political cartoons). I support Ms. Hansen because she’s a well-spoken, free market constitutionalist (as the article finally describes, if readers can get past its condescending opening salvo), not because of her skin or her cheek bones.

    While I can’t wait to see Danziger’s cartoon characterization of Ms. Hansen as her campaign gains traction, I hope TNR readers and commenters scrutinize the progressive press and take the time to tell TNR readers what they find. After all, TNR is the only online news report still allowing extemporaneous comments.

    • It’s really nice to see people working together. How refreshing. Go John! Great luck with your coalition, you’ve got a great platform.

      Isn’t it interesting how VT Digger the supposed cheer leader for minorities and women talks about her looks first, rather than her brains, speaking ability and kindness?

      Go Meg! Was a pretty good piece regardless, excellent from Digger.

      Wishing you all the very best in this primary.

    • Jay, I read that article and agree with you fully. How about the fact that they don’t want us commenting just before an election as they remove the comment section from articles? It seems like the Digger mission of all liberal, all the time wasn’t working in the comments section so they had to come up with an excuse to dump it. The Danziger scribbles are an affront to anyone with any sense of decency. The man has the worst case of DTS ever or Digger pays handsomely to denigrate the president continually. His latest already removed has trump huddled amounst federal troops telling them he will pardon anyone who shoots a protester. It is a disgusting representation of who and what Digger is or else they would stop it. They will not last and without their liberal/progressive funders they are nothing!

      • That VTDigger has turned into an appalling place.
        If it was printed on paper you’d find it on the floors of the cow barns.

        You are doing the state a favor to not give them your clicks.
        Let it go down the drain. It’s a big part of the states problems.
        You need real news not lies and propaganda.

        • Mountain Times is just as bad as VTDigger. The only thing they had going for them was the astrologer, but she recently left that paper.

      • And a five year old could draw better than him – caricatures suck – rarely looks anywhere near like who he attempts to portray. Can’t draw worth a damn but he’s in one of the Derangement Syndromed paid trolls so he’s in the club.

    • Because VTDigger doesn’t have the integrity of a fruit fly and is a left wing PAC for left wing candidates and agendas. They are not honest and use censorship by omission which works well for the willful ignorance of the left.

  3. Wonderful panoramic 😀 Good luck and Godspeed to all Thanks folks we need more ppl like you!
    KLAR2020 Go John!

  4. Great news for Vermont, time to try and clean the statehouse of the cancer
    we have within ………………Liberal Democrats !!

    Vermont’s needs conservative legislators before the state is buried in debt
    that we will never recover from.

    Send the flatlanders packing, no more agenda politics over it citizens !!

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