McClaughry: The worst democracy-shredding bill ever

By John McClaughry

Last week we learned that the Vermont Senate is now likely to consider what I have called the worst democracy-shredding bill ever.

Here, in plain English, is what House passed Global Warming Solutions Act (H.688) would do.

It fatuously repeats the enviro mantra that “industrialized countries must cut their carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050, which is necessary to achieve the Paris Agreement’s goal of keeping the increase in global average temperature to below 2°C.”, a statement that nobody in the Legislature can come close to explaining.

It then says we must slash carbon dioxide emissions by not less than 80 percent from the 1990 greenhouse gas emission level by 2050, pursuant to the state’s Comprehensive Energy Plan that Gov. Peter Shumlin decreed but nobody ever voted on.

How will this be done? The act creates a probably unconstitutional special council to direct the secretary of Natural Resources to do whatever needs to be done to make Vermonters stop emitting carbon dioxide. Then that bureaucrat will push through a flood of rules governing every aspect of our lives that reduces carbon dioxide emissions, probably excepting breathing. Nobody will vote on this either.

The bill allows the Conservation Law Foundation to bring lawsuit after lawsuit to get judges to mandate even more stringent rules.

This bill is a total abrogation of democracy, a guaranteed economy wrecker, and a shameful attack on our liberties. It should be taken out and burned.

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

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12 thoughts on “McClaughry: The worst democracy-shredding bill ever

  1. The fact that these policies are made to drive people into poverty and helplessness with being herded off our land and being rationed, spied upon, and controlled by a centralized unelected globalist NGO consortium formed by and funded by people like Gates and Soros and the robber baron and banking families is just beyond most people.

    They have been conditioned to ignore the elephant in the room for decades while being inundated by mind-numbing propaganda. There are some people who miraculously still treasure their human rights, resilience, autonomy, and Constitutional rights that acknowledges that rich sociopaths *will* try to take over the world, so hey, it is your duty to guard against that, but some are rooting for their own shackles and aided to positions to enforce fascist policy by the richers.

    Often motivated by the implicit deal to hold onto a little bit of privilege by cooperating with their oppressors, like house slaves.

    Malcom X gave a great speech on this:

  2. A significant amount of CO2 emissions would obtain if the VT politicians and bureaucrats stopped exhaling.

  3. The legislators of today should not be mandating the rules and regulations of the future. We have too many rules and regulations now. Our legislators are not gods. They have no idea what people in 2050 will want or need. Our legislators should fix the problems of today. That’s more than enough work for them.

  4. Regrettably, my wife and I are joining the legion of life-long Vermonters who never thought they’d leave this beautiful state, but now intend to retire elsewhere in the not-too-distant future.

  5. I believe that our complete Government Structure in VT would drive their clown
    bus of a cliff if a globalist told them too.

    The Paris accord, what a joke 90% within this gaggle of fools that will never hit
    anything to what they agreed upon or even close to what they said they would.

    Wake up people, they only care about an agenda.

    • As long as Vermonters send folks with this naive agenda, nothing will change. In fact, ithings will get worse.

  6. Unfortunately, our problems come from the voters in Vermont as much as the men and women behind the curtain under the Golden Dome. It is the voters who put these people in office. After years of economic decline, increased under funded obligations, excessive tax and fee increases and pie in the sky grand schemes to heal the planet, the voters in Vermont have been the enablers. For some illogical reason voters are practicing the definition of crazy. They keep voting for the Dem/Prog party expecting a different outcome or the like misery.

    I fail to believe that most Vermont voters are financially stable enough to endure the continued struggle to just live here and keep their heads above water. Perhaps these voters are so busy trying to survive they just can’t learn anything, read anything or understand anything about their government. One party rule, which includes the current governor (or RINO) barely holds the legislature a bay becuase he is the first governor to lose the veto power due to the super majority making all the trouble for the rest of us. I’ve been trying to understand as you can see.

    As a 6 decade Vermonter, born and raised I can’t take it much longer. We are losing our rights, our businesses, our children, our finances, we are have tattle tales and scolds calling the government on us, a supreme court that is silent and an attorney general releasing criminals and arresting business
    owners. And that’s the short list. Is anyone awake out there who votes. Are you so dumbed down that you just can’t be bothered? Are you so afraid that you can’t come out to vote at a polling place but you can go to Walmart? My only logical reasoning brings me to Rod Serlling. We must have entered the Twilight Zone, the idiot apocalypse or the voters of Vermont are just plain crazy.

    • “Unfortunately, our problems come from the voters in Vermont as much as the men and women behind the curtain under the Golden Dome. It is the voters who put these people in office”

      Perfect statement, I wonder how we can re-educate the voters to think before they cast their ballot.

  7. Would be usefull if our leaders had the good sense to recognize VT has the population of of a medium-sized city.

  8. What is required is to remove every Democrat from the House and Senate. For the past 40+ years they have consistently and predictably raised state expenditures way beyond the capacity of the collective taxpayers ability to pay for it. We need fiscal conservatives to rein in the spending! No more liberal pending sprees! The free money is running out!

  9. Our citizenry of less than 600,000 folks are expected to make a huge difference in in the so called Global Warming/Cooling climate change debacle. Who are these idiots in charge? Do they not realize if we were all dead we would not even make a difference in the global climate. Incredibly stupid people in our state government.

  10. Our state house has become a ship of fools w/our governor Comrade Scott as captain – depressing to say the least.

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