McClaughry: The Biden, Pelosi, Sanders $3.5 trillion bill

By John McClaughry

Daniel Henninger, a Wall Street Journal columnist who I admire, had this to say recently about the likely effect of enactment of the Pelosi-Biden $3.5 trillion domestic spending bill.

Wikimedia Commons/Matt Johnson

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

“This is not just a bill about spending numbers,” Henninger writes. “It is a do-or-die effort by the now-progressive party to enact four new lifetime entitlements — universal prekindergarten, universal child care payments, universal paid family and medical leave, and two years of community college. No one has been clearer about the stakes than Speaker Pelosi, who describes it as a ‘once in a generation’ effort. She’s right.”

Henninger goes on to spell out the effects of this prodigious spending on the federal government’s frightening debt expansion — a debt now greater than the value of the entire U.S. economy.

This enormous spending will necessarily cut back spending on national security and defense and other more justifiable federal programs. And it will make millions more Americans dependent on receiving cash and services financed by selling bonds — how long this can go on is a crucial but as of now indeterminate question.

Vermonters should take note that the $3.5 trillion entitlement expansion bill is the lifelong dream of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who astoundingly has become chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. He didn’t pull off the socialist revolution he favored in his radical youth, so now he’s trying to figure out how to make billionaires pay for it. Lots of luck.

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

Images courtesy of Gage Skidmore/Flickr and Wikimedia Commons/Matt Johnson

4 thoughts on “McClaughry: The Biden, Pelosi, Sanders $3.5 trillion bill

  1. It is much better to look at the BIG PICTURE, starting with China.

    Remember, it was Bill Clinton who “welcomed” China into the WTO, plus agreed China would have the status of a “Developing Nation”, just like India, etc., plus the UK gave Hong Kong to China.

    China and India differ like night and day.

    China already mines almost all rare metals consumed by the world.
    China has an open door to Russia’s mineral wealth, and now, also the mineral wealth of Afghanistan.
    China aims to be No.1
    Dem/Progs telling China what to do are being laughed at.

    In the meantime, the US overseas-MILITARY bases are being put to use to house illegal Afghanis, many of whom with fake, or no documents.

    They will be distributed to swing states to tilt them forever towards centralized command/control by Dem/Progs.

    Coddling of unwanted “refugees”, is dividing the US in various ways. Dem/Progs can get way with it, because they perpetrated a hugely fraudulent 2020 Election, as will be abundently clear, as soon as the Arizona forensic report will be published.

    NOTE: Here is an example of preparing 286,000 mail-in ballots-in-envelopes, in BethPage, Long Island several months PRIOR TO THE 2020 Election, for use in Pennsylvania, just in case, Trump would be too far ahead.
    The US Media and the USPS (Pelosi famously promised $20 billion before the 2020 Election to “buy cooperation”) were mis-used by Dem/Progs to steal the 2020 election, with universal ballot mail-in ballots, and universal ballot harvesting, to grab absolute power over the US government.
    Read the URL

    When Dem/Progs continue to have total command/control of the federal government, there will be all sorts of:

    1) Dem/Prog, MANDATES for teachers and others to abide by, such as making pupils and others pay homage to CRT, BLM, Antifa, open borders for illegals.
    2) Wasteful Build-Back-Better shenanigans, including GREEN-NEW-DEAL-style scarce-mongering to “fight global warming”, i.e., tilting at windmills.

    The same command/control impacts will be true for the rest of the US.

    The Dem/Progs plan for businesses to be over-taxed/over-regulated, i.e., castrated to weaken it, so they will be subservient to Dem/Progs. That will cause the US to become incapacitated. China, etc., will smile and eat even more of our lunch.

    The Dem/Progs know the power of the US Media.
    Dem/Progs do not like the US Media being such a dangerous/powerful rival.

    The US Media will get their turn in the barrel, so they too can be screwed over by the Socialist/Communist Dem/Progs currently running the US Government.

    After just a few Biden-in-the-basement months, Dem/Progs have managed to cripple the US economy into ruination, such as divisively goosing illegal immigration, to unprecedented heights, to alter the US demographics in favor of Dem/Progs

    Handing these extremist-Dem/Prog folks $3.5 TRILLION, primarily for far-reaching social programs, plus $1.2 TRILLION, primarily for “infrastructures”, plus whatever else, to play their ill-fated/wasteful, Build-Back-Better games, would be suicidal for the US.

    A united effort is required to take back the House and Senate in 2022, to derail this un-American freight-train.

    Obsequious, RINO-run businesses will be threatened as well.
    Hopefully, they too will see the handwriting on the wall.

    NOTE: The GREEN NEW DEAL will have no effect on World or US climate.
    Water vapor controls the climate and CO2 has no significant influence, as stated in peer-reviewed papers.
    The sun matters, because it provides the energy to drive the water vapor into the atmosphere.
    In other words, the non-condensing GHGs are passive, and do not affect Earth’s temperature, because they are always rendered ineffective (relegated to a minor role) by the vastly larger warming by water vapor.
    The increase in temperature over the decades mid-1970s to 2011 was caused by an increase in water vapor in the atmosphere. It was NOT caused by an increase in CO2.

  2. Biden’s Gift to Terror: STUNNING infographic shows the MASSIVE new arsenal the Taliban now possesses

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    The Taliban has been bragging and taking photos with the vast trove of weapons and gear they now possess thanks to Joe Biden, as you know. But the extent of the news arsenal has been hard to grasp. Until now.

    Biden has created an army. He’s turned the Taliban into a national armed force with advanced weaponry, armor, vehicles, and aircraft. How extensive?

    Take a look at this infographic from The Sunday Times.


  3. No John,

    The federal government will print $3.5 TRILLION of long term bonds. Some will be sold on the market, most of them will be bought by the federal reserve bank, with money created out of thin air; all is legal!

    Then the federal government, read Dem/Progs, will have money to sprinkle throughout the economy to suffering folks who vote Dem/Prog, and for “universal” this and that.

    All that will be made possible by Pelosi’s universal mail-in ballots, to repeat fraudulent elections forever, a la 2020.

    Interest rates are near zero, I.e., reduction would be meaningless, unless you want to go negative, I.e., pay people to borrow money, as is done in Denmark.

    Welcome to Dem/Prog NIRVANA, BUILD BACK BETTER, spending increased money on goods and services that were not yet produced, I.e., more $$ chasing too few gods and services will cause high inflation

  4. You talk about the ” Three Stooges “, these are the masterminds behind putting your
    kids and their kids in debt for eternity.

    You know if Socialist Sanders is involved, it’s going to be wasted money !!

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