McClaughry: On ‘Planet of the Humans’

By John McClaughry

Some readers of my commentaries may recall that back in September of last year during “Climate Strike Week” I discussed a documentary by left wing filmmaker Michael Moore, titled “Planet of the Humans.” I quoted Michael Donnelly, who has long been a part of Michael Moore’s entourage. Donnelley, like Moore, is a strong believer in the apocalyptic climate crisis.

I quoted Donnelley then as saying “Planet of the Humans” is “the most dismaying Eco-documentary of the century.” He couldn’t understand “why we climate change activists are losing.” His conclusion after seeing early parts of the documentary was that “we have been following corporation/foundation-financed Democratic Party-tied misleadership.”

He concluded, “Renewable Energy is not our salvation. It is a myth that is very lucrative for some. Feel-good electric cars are actually powered by coal, natural gas … or dead salmon in the Northwest.” (That seems to be a reference to Big Hydro.)

“None of these technologies existed nor could they exist, without fossil fuels. The grid cannot even operate without fossil fuel-derived steam-generated baseloads,” he said.

Then comes the dagger: “We have to hold the bad actors on ‘our’ side’s feet to the fire, as well, if we are to survive this one.”

The film shows Bill McKibben Al Gore, Richard Branson and Robert Kennedy Jr. speaking to environmentalists, and then clips of them speaking to industry about all the profits to be made.”

Now the film is available free online at

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Montclair Film

8 thoughts on “McClaughry: On ‘Planet of the Humans’

  1. Michael Moore’s film has multiple flaws. For example:

    —He didn’t present his arguments in a logical sequence,
    —He didn’t explain all the nuts and bolts sufficiently,
    —He skipped over multiple serious adverse consequences of renewables,
    —He didn’t sufficiently endorse nuclear,
    —He can’t resist including Left-wing rants (e.g. about capitalism), and
    —He failed to advocate the most effective solution:
    our energy policies should be based on real Science!

    (Instead, currently our energy policies are literally written by special-interest lobbyists — like Bill McKibben — and they are devoid of real Science!)

    Despite the movie’s shortcomings, this is a laymanized version of a complex issue. In that regard Moore had a simple message that came across quite well:
    due to conflicts and incompetence, environmental organizations/leaders have not been giving the public an honest assessment of renewables.

    That is an extraordinarily significant revelation to most people — particularly since it comes from a very credentialed Left-wing source.

    I’ve heard from a surprising number of environmentalists who are very disillusioned about the environmentalists’ hypocrisies revealed in the film (just read the comments below the film). We need to build on that reality!

    Please pass this onto open-minded parties.


    john droz, jr.

  2. I’ve done a 180 on Michael Moore. It takes a big person to look at both sides of an argument and put your name on something you know is going to irritate most of your former supporters.

    I think this film should be mandatory in our schools to show how we all can be misled by those we trust the most.

    We are seeing it happening again with this Corona virus.

  3. Anyone who tries to sell the idea of no fossil fueled power is a technological idiot who should should be forced to live for a year with power only when the sun shines or the wind blows. — they they can tell us how it all worked for them.

  4. I watched this movie this morning. I am not a Michael Moore fan. I am confused as to why he, of all people would make a documentary completely destroying the left’s argument for so called sustainable energy. All for a future without fossil fuels. I believe he has done an excellent job of ripping the scar off from this travesty. So many who have signed on to the billionaire’s solution to faux sustainable energy will be horribly scared from this dose of truth. The wealthy class has no moral when it comes to making the next million or billion. The use of fossil fuels to mine all the minerals needed for solar panels and monoliths, to excavate the land and haul tons of concrete and truck all the parts and components to build energy systems that still require the main electric grid is so foolish it boggles the mind. They lie to our children, scar them and use them as tools to spread via the media. They use terms like biomass which means cutting down our forests and burning them for energy. The forests of the earth are the carbon eating, oxygen producing life blood of the planet. One statement in the movie claimed that if all of the trees in the USA were burned for biomass they would only provide our energy needs for one year. I still don’t like Michael Moore but he has hit a home run in terms of destroying the myth that big corporate money fuels the lie, The environmentalists have been hiding their funding sources. The best part of the movie is that it demonstrates that Al Gore, Bill Mcgibbons and others like the Sierra clubs are all nothing more than whores to the dollar no matter what damage it does to the earth.

  5. The sky is falling, The sky is falling ……Again !!

    Now we have this blowhard Michael Moore trying to support his fantasy flick,
    I guess him and his other ” doomsday gurus ” with the likes of McKibben, Gore,
    Branson and Robert Kennedy Jr as they all fly around in there private jets spewing
    their rhetoric………………

    Well maybe the world will end as we know it, and the CCP and it’s Wuhan virus is
    finding away and they won’t stop !!

  6. This is tantamount to an autobiographical film about someone’s awakening to the realization the earth is not, after all, flat. It defies belief that Moore could ever have deluded himself into not knowing these obvious realities. Believing the earth was flat would be easier.

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